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Hey, oh hey!

As you can see, I'm always writing. 

But, I don't write solely for my own blog. A good story deserves to be told and there are plenty of platforms out there where I share my voice. I write for Medium regularly as well.

Here are some of my pieces featured on other sites!

Lena Waithe and The Met Gala
Here's how I romance myself
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I am an introvert dating an extreme extrovert, here's how we make it work
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Magic City Classic
8 Black Women whose Minimal living will make you 'bout that life
7 Beautiful Poetry books you should read in your next bath
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Ledisi to Headline BAI Gala 
Alfre Woodard: Lifting the Burden
Laverne Cox: Hero in the Struggle
The New BTAN to launch in Detroit
16 Pink Manicures for Non-Girly Girls
16 Starbucks Secret Drinks for Summer
15 Times Pokemon Go was our RL Fails
12 reasons curvy girls should wear OTK Boots
4 Stages of Shopping at Primark
Unexpected Ways to Dress your White Tee Up
11 Ways to Wear your White Tee at Work
15 Easy Ways to Slay a White Tee and Jeans
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15 Super Chic Dashiki Looks
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POTUS neatly gathers Trump
The Best Quotes from FLOTUS DNC speech
5 super chic Black Owned Brands you've never heard of
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What happens when you're like the "guy" among your friends 
The 3 Worst Things You Can Do When Black People Experience Police Brutality
Dozens Dead and Hundreds Wounded in Bastille Day attack
How adding Pokemon to fashion ads makes them better
Attacks against police officers 
Alton Sterling killing raises questions about police brutality
Why is everybody freaking out about men's shorts?
4 of the Worst Things White People Can Do When Black People experience police brutality
Zendaya shuts down Twitter rape jokes
9 Products you can borrow from your woman
Staples takes down Kris Jenner with one Tweet
How to Style Shorts for Work
Two big reasons not to wait on those expensive matte lip kits ever again
The American Red Cross learns how racism is "not cool"
Law and Order Director sentenced in Child Porn case 
Why every American should hear the Jesse Williams BET speech 
What Brexit means for the US
#NotAllMen not a response for #NoWomanEver

Want me to write for your site? Shoot me an email with the deets.

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