Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Find: Green is the New Black

I've been really in a zone with my color choices lately. In addition to the mainstays of black, white, nude and grey, another color on my list is olive green. This tougher shade has just enough of the color without giving off a leprechaun feel. 

Here are my top picks in this shade, all pre-fall ready and priced at $50 or less. 

Happy Friday!
Friday Find: Green is the New Black

Topshop dress

Summer shirt

Uniqlo short sleeve tee
$12 -

Green coat

Green skirt

$28 -

Uniqlo cotton skirt
$12 -

Qupid ankle strap shoes
$15 -

White tote bag
$20 -

Flap purse

Green shawl
$6.25 -

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Happy Friday loves! Let's send July off with a bang! 

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

#ThrowbackThursday: All the times you slept on Maya Rudolph

If you've ever watched Saturday Night Live, chances are you've seen this woman; Maya Rudolph. Quick witted and hilariously sarcastic, the daughter of singer Minnie Ripperton and composer Richard Rudolph, Maya originally craved a music career, but comedy just stuck. Now after a great SNL run, hilarious roles in films like Bridesmaids, and more poignant ones like in the movie Away We Go (one of my favorite movies of all time btw), Maya is showing no sign of stopping, or shying away from making us laugh.

Yep, chances are that you know this

But do you know THIS one?
Figured you didn't. Fact is that Maya Rudolph is one of the most underrated style stars of our time.  

Let me prove it. Here are a few of my choice favorite looks.

And now for some highlights of Ms Maya's style.

This woman kills in the LBD. The proof is in the snaps.

And don't get me started on the black and white, yowzah!
Mid dressing a baby bump was an issue, it never looked like it. Maya does it well both casually...
And formally...

And when it comes to a red carpet, she simply slays. 
Maya is living proof that you can have it all: a devoted relationship, 4 great kids, a career that inspires, and daily laughs, all while simply being authentically you. 

Maya shows is that sometimes, the most gorgeous girls aren't the pin ups in the bathing suits. Sometimes, the most gorgeous girls are those well rounded, balanced women who run meetings, raise the kids, and can make you laugh and swoon simultaneously...
Now, isn't that funny.

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Happy Thursday beautifuls!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Happy National Lipstick Day

(Photo from We Heart It)

Today is National Lipstick Day and unlike the other obscure National days, this is one of the ones I actually like. Lipstick is as ingrained into culture and history as Chanel's Rouge Allure onto a white collar. It's fun, it's famous, it's fierce, and it's oh so femme. 

In honor of what could be argued as one of the oldest and most iconic cosmetic, I have wrangled up 16 facts on our beloved lippie as well as included son of my own favorite lipsticks. Enjoy. 

MAC Lipstick- $16

1. The first manmade lipsticks are said to have appeared around four to five thousand years ago in Ancient Mesopotamia when women there ground precious gems into dust to decorate lips. 
2. The Aztecs used beetles to make red lipstick.
3. Ancient Egyptian women loved lipstick so much as it wasn't only a beauty product but a status symbol. They were even buried with it.
4. Speaking of the Egyptians, the entire culture was said to have used a form of lip gloss regularly to protect their lips from heat and wind of the desert climate.
YSL Lipsticks- $36

5. Queen Elizabeth believed her own DIY lipstick could ward off death. It’s rumored  she was wearing 1/2 an inch layer of her lip concoction when she died.
6. Suffragists wore lipstick to symbolize freedom from oppression whenever they marched for voting rights.

Sonia Kashuk- $9

7. We actually get the term “generation gap” because of lipstick. By 1920, approximately 50 million (majority of whom were younger) American women were wearing lipstick on a day to day basis much to the dislike their mothers who still believed it was indecent.
8. Another term, "Kiss of Death” is a term we get because of lipstick. Originally, it was believed this term came about due to the “femme fatale” phenomenon in fiction, but it's actually because in some ancient civilizations, poisonous materials were unknowingly used in lipstick production. 
Urban Decay Lipsticks- $22

9. The 1st "swivel up" lipstick tube debuted in 1923
10. Clear lip balm is currently the most popular lipstick product in the modern make up market.
11. What we now know as "Lip Gloss" was introduced to the American public in 1930 by Max Factor.
12. The first long-lasting lipstick in the late 1940s by Hazel Bishop.
NYX Soft Matte Cream- $6

13. By the 1950s, 98% of American women wore lipstick. More women were wearing lipstick everyday than brushing their teeth. (96 percent.)
14. Statistics show that lipsticks sell better on gloomy or rainier days. 
15. Lipsticks do more than beautify and hydrate the lips. They are also great for your posture. Several studies show that women who use lipstick daily have a better posture in the later in life. Due to daily standing in front of the mirror, women who wore lippies daily maintained better balance and strength than those who did not.
16. A study done in the 1990's showed that 1/3 of the Anerican Female population owned 20 or more lipsticks.
NARS Lipstick-$27

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Happy Wednesday loves!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday Shoes Day Trend Alert: Lace Up Pointy Toe Flats

(Photo from We Heart It)

There is a new show trend in town, one with sass and class all wrapped into one strappy flat. 

These shoes are poised to be one of the biggest trends for the coming change of season. They are ultra chic and (compared to the heels only phase we just left) are super comfy, a double win in my book. Why not make the wins the trifecta by picking and one of these (or several of these) lace up flats for $50 or less. 

Happy ShoesDay!

Tuesday Shoes Day Trend Alert: Lace Up Pointy Toe Flats

ALDO ballerina flat

Therapy pointy toe flat
$44 -

Topshop flat shoes

Flat shoes
$42 -