Monday, October 31, 2016

52% of White Americans Think Blackface is OK (and they it can ruintheir lives and careers in the future)

I know for most of us reading this that you've already celebrated your Halloween festivities over this weekend.

However, as shocking as it may to still have to say this in 2016, it needs to be stated that dressing as an ethnic group is completely inappropriate.

For the startling 52% of white Americans that still erroneously believe that offensive costumes, such as Blackface and Native American headdresses are ok, let me help you out.


It never has been.

And its one of the best ways to show the worst things about yourself.
Here's what your poor choice in Halloween Costumes show about you:

It is the quickest and most effective way to look like an ignorant (at best) or racist (at worst) person. Anyone with any common sense could tell you that dressing in blackface or in indigenous is offensive, tacky, classless, and just plain wrong. If you do it anyway, what does it say about you?

Not only that, it shows a complete lack of creativity. You mean to tell me, that with all of the movie characters, all of the story book characters, all of the imaginary character and hilarious costume ideas, and even some last minute costumes (here's looking at you Cereal Killer or 404 Costume Not Found people) that you had to choose to color your skin, or pick something completely offensive? If that is the case, you are completely basic at Halloween (and probably at life).

Not only that, but the consequences for wearing black face can be severe. Just ask Julianna Hough about that whole "crazy eyes" thing and what it did for her career or for how people actually relate to her for that matter. What about Jason Aldean (and his flippant unapologetic apology) when he dressed up like Lil Wayne and just had to paint himself brown? Think that's not going to stay with him?

Or the 5th grade teacher who didn't think his Kanye West costume would be complete without blackface if that decision won't follow him for the rest of his career. No, he may have not been fired from his current position, but, in our technologically and socially connected society, you can be that this poor decision will follow him from job to job.

What about this sorority girl who also dressed like Lil Wayne who had an entire investigation opened behind her blackface incident? You think her future employer won't simply do a Google search and discover her being foolish and racist for Halloween 2015?

Is that what you want? Or how about this frat boy this year (like today!) being expelled from the college he was attending for dressing up as Bill Cosby. (Note, its not the cheesy sweater or the character he dressed up as. It's the additional step of painting his skin dark.) You don't think thats not going to follow him into his future?

Is it really worth it to be so ignorant? Are you willing to put your career, your education, your dreams on the line, just for a very basic, uncreative, and, to be frank, stupid Halloween costume?

I implore you, white people who think this is ok to think of yourselves (because God forbid any of you think about how these cultures feel), think of your futures, think of your dreams, and avoid the blackface. It will only come back to bite you in the ass later.

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Happy Monday and Happy Halloween people!

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

How She Wore It: That 70's Feel

I usually try to step it up for Sunday worship at my church. However, on those rare and random months with 5 Sundays in it, I usually take it as an opportunity to choose a more comfortable look.

That, and the fact that today featured bright blue skies and a high of 78 degrees, weather typically very unseasonal for October in Philadelphia, I took today as one last chance to go out without a coat or even a jacket.

Choosing a flowy feminine blouse in vivid color and geometric patterns, I kept the rest of the outfit minimal, opting for dark skinny jeans, black lace up flats, and my current obsession, a vintage burgundy Kelly style handbag. I completed the look by adding on additional jewelry in geometric patterns and freeing the fro.

It wasn't until I put the whole look together that I realized how much, on a day reaching well within the 70 degree mark, and with the overall look of the outfit, how much of a 70's feel it had. The style and vibrance of the blouse, the freedom of the fro, the classic shape of the aviators, all of the geometric patterns, even the era the vintage bag was created, all gave major 70's vibes.

I would definitely call it a groovy Sunday.

Friday, October 28, 2016

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Happy Friday beautiful people!

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Circular Hardware Bags Under $50

Photo from Instagram
One major bag trend silent stealing the hearts of the fashion crowd is the circular hardware trend.

Minimalistic and simple, this elegantly easy trend of adding a metallic circle to a monochrome bag instantly adds an understated sophistication to almost any texture and size bag, making it look way more expensive than you have to admit.

While many top designers are harkening to this emerging trend, its still relatively a newer one. Due to the newness of this trend, there aren't too many bags (that I am comfortable forking over a rent payment for) that capture this trend. But, after some time, I've managed to find 7 such bags for well under $50. Don't worry, your secret's safe with me.

Circular Hardware Bags Under $50

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Blanket Scarves Under $20

It still amazes me how well a great scarf can stave off even the most bitter cold and simultaneously be a style maker. The sheer versatility of this fall/winter staple keeps not only your neck warm but the right scarf can instantly make any outfit cool.

It also amazes me how much a great scarf can cost! Take the major card trend right now, the blanket scarf. The average blanket scarf out there right now will run you anywhere from $45 and up. When I tell you I paid maybe $12 total for BOTH of the blanket scarves I currently own right now (thanks Primark) then you will see why anything much higher doesn't sit right with me.

So, of course, after a little digging, I managed to find some great blanket scarves for a much more accessible price. I've rounded up 10 gorgeous blanket scarves from well known retailers for under $20. Stock up, your cold weather wardrobe with seriously thank you.

Blanket Scarves Under $20

Tartan plaid shawl

Old Navy gray shawl

Old Navy red blanket scarf

Gray bandana

Modena shawl scarve

Tartan shawl

Pastel scarve

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Happy Hump Day beauts and beaus!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Why Every Curvy Girl Needs Over The Knee Boots (and how to wear them well)

Photo from
Autumn is in full swing. Leaves are falling, pumpkin spice fills the air and our mugs, leather jackets and sweaters are being taken out of their summer hibernation, and boots are the prime choice of fall footwear.

This year, the boot trend reigning is the leg engulfing thigh high and over the knee versions. Yet so many of us curvy girls are avoiding these pairs, fearing that the pairs either will be completely uncomfortable to wear, that the pairs won’t travel the ample curves of our blessed thighs, or worst of all, that the thigh high and over the knee boot trend is simply a trend curvy girls cannot wear.

I am here to tell you beautiful buxom broads that the three above statements are simply untrue! I have it upon good authority that these boots are not only comfortable, they are a must have for curvy ladies. There are plenty of pairs with enough fabric or give to lovingly hug our legs. And, most importantly, this is a trend that definitely should be embraced by us and looks amazing on us.

Don’t believe me? Let me prove it to you by showing you 12 buxom beauties rocking the sky high boot trend. These ladies not only show us that we can wear these boots, they show us what to wear them with to maximize our slay, courtesy of Pinterest. Check out my guide on styling these outfit makers and conquer your over the knee boot fears with a fierce look.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Cheap and Dapper Men's Socks

One area of men's fashion that doesn't get the attention that it should are men's socks. Socks are a great way to show your personality at work without stepping outside of the professional dress code. Pop on a pair that show your style, share your mood, or completely compliment your look. Not to mention how absolutely dapper when you go to cross your leg to expose a little bit of a punchy sock. Who doesn't love that. 

Here is a good helping for fancy and friendly footwear to get you started. Enjoy gents. 

Cheap and Dapper Men's Socks