Monday, August 31, 2015

Tan Man

(Photo from We Heart It)

Tan shoes are not merely for the summer, but are wearable well into fall. Here are 11 pairs to keep u you dapper and comfy  from here until Autumn, each for $50 or less. Enjoy!

Tan Man

Monday Done-Day

Monday gets a major bad rap. It's the workweek's first day, therefore making it the worst some. To others, it's another day to further their own businesses, their goals, their dreams. I say be the latter type of person, and dress the part while you're at it. 

Happy Monday!

Monday Done-Day

Reclaimed Readables, August 31st

Happy Monday all!

This week's #ManCrushMonday Readables feature 10 fall wardrobe essentials, morning saving grooming hacks, serious dark green inspiration, 10 great watches for under $100, the complete guide to buying your lady flowers, coddle your sensitive skin the manly way, real talk on the upcoming fall transition, 4 of the best no iron shirts, and 5 dapper ways to wear your bomber jacket.

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Huff Post Style: 10 fall wardrobe essentials and morning saving grooming hacks
Suit Up Weird: Dark Green Inspiration
Adequate Man: The complete guide to buying her flowers
New York Mag: Coddle your sensitive skin like a man
He Spoke Style: Let's talk about that fall transition
Menswear Style: 4 of the best No Iron shirts
Style Girlfriend: 5 days; 5 ways to wear your bomber jacket

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Pre- Fall

What to wear when the temperature is not skyrocketing, it's Saturday, and there's nothing major to do. This outfit will keep you cool as well as keep you looking cool

Don't forget, all of these pieces are under 50 bucks apiece. So happy Saturday!

Saturday Pre- Fall

VILA sleeveless top
$17 -

Ankle boots

Red Herring black backpack
$38 -

Black hat

Round sunglasses

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Find: Pieces

This week's Friday Find was discovered while playing on Polyvore, and I'm so grateful for it! Here are all the gorgeous pieces being sold by Pieces right now for late summer, early fall, and all are $50 and under.

Happy Friday!

Friday Find: Pieces

Pieces black rayon dress
$41 -

Pieces turtle neck top
$41 -

Pieces knot top
$31 -

Pieces loose tank top
$20 -

$37 -

Pieces loose fit pants
$17 -

Pieces gray sandals
$42 -

Pieces rubber sole shoes
$18 -

Pieces crocs footwear
$38 -

Pieces pocket tote
$36 -

Pieces zipper purse
$29 -

Pieces vegan handbag
$46 -

Pieces chain jewelry
$14 -

Pieces pearl jewellery
$12 -

Pieces stud earring set
$9.13 -

Pieces wide brim hat
$41 -

Pieces navy blue scarve
$26 -