Friday, October 31, 2014

Blackface is ALWAYS a good idea...

Despite all the hub-bub and chatter throughout the last 15 years, every single Halloween, it happens. Some white person is going to paint their face brown or black for their own amusement in an effort to "complete the look" of their Halloween costume. And despite all the people who point to our president and say otherwise, the aforementioned is proof that we still live in a very "ethnically challenged" society. 

With all that being said, I say to all of my Caucasian pals who want to paint their faces brown a resounding "Go for it." Why not? 

I mean, cmon, deep down inside, you actually think it's funny. I mean, look here are 2 celebrities from just last year who thought that this was just completely acceptable:
The one in the "crazy eyes" costume is Julianne Hough and the one looking like a modern day minstrel is Allesandro Dell'Acqua. And don't they just look amazing. If famous people, with all their assistants and people working for them can do blackface without anyone saying anything to them about this being wrong, then yeah it must be funny.  

Here's another snap from the Utah Jazz's Twitter from last year:
Oh yeah, their publicity team was spot on for this one. Once again, hilarious. 

Be honest! You know you think it's hilarious. You probably also think it's hilarious to paint your face dark to pretend to be a "character", like last years super popular Trayvon Martin or this year's big hit (no pun intended) Ray Rice. 
So funny right?!?

Just a side note: it's actually not funny. Nobody is really laughing with you (except maybe people who are just as mentally and socially inept [by the way, you most likely don't know what that means. Email me and I will explain]) 

However there will be a few people laughing at you: that blogger (hi!) that happens to get her hands on your photo for, say, a post like this, exposing you to be a major idiot; the people who read and share said post; the people who stumble upon your Halloween pics on Twitter or Instagram or FaceBook (because we all know that if you're smart enough to still think black face is okay, you're going to also be smart enough to post it. Hey, a costume this "funny" deserves to be left in the Internet for longer than you will be alive, right?) I wonder who else could potentially see or find out about this shining moment in your life; any future person that may Google you, say a future first date or potential employer? So smile really big for the selfie or cellphone snap. This will be one to remember?

Wait? What do you mean it's not sounding like a good idea any more? Of course it's a great idea to do a black face costume, here's why: 

Reason #1: 
It shows is that you, at the very least, are completely devoid of any legitimate creativity. Think about it: there are literally HUNDREDS. OF. THOUSANDS of ideas for Halloween costumes, if not more. There are mature movie characters, celebrities, historical figures, cartoon characters, food, vehicles, home appliances, mythological creatures and every sexy version of an animal under the sun; and yet you choose this? 

Nice "Kim and Kanye"...because you can't be The West's without blackface, right?

Thanks, your lack of creativity makes me feel freakin brilliant about my own actual creativity (and intelligence for that matter), and all I did was put on some cat ears and a tail. 

Reason #2:
At the most, your Halloween costume selection just shows what you really are; a bigoted, ignorant, and dare I say, RACIST individual. Thanks for that too. Need to know where you secret members of the "Hate Everybody" club are and there is no better way than blackface. 

Oh what's that? You're offended? Your feelings being hurt by the girl calling you at best stupid and at worst a secret member of the KKK?


Anyone who thinks that the public murder of an innocent teenage boy, or domestic abuse, or slavery, or just an entire culture of people in general is something funny to be mocked and made fun of deserves to be offended. 

Maybe you should be offended enough to have some sense this year and be something a little less racially deprivation (again if you need an explanation, email me.). 

Might I suggest a jack-o-lantern? 

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

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Happy Thursday readers. 

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Real VS Deal: Cut Out Ankle Boots

Cut out booties are everywhere. Every brand is making their version (or a version inspired by someone else's version) and high end shoe designer, Sergio Rossi, was no exception when the brand created these lovely scalloped shoes. An instant classic, starlets like JLo and Garcelle Beauvais donned the show stealing cut out booties.
However, these babies will break bank with that pesky ol' price tag of $1045. Shop Akira came to the rescue of frugal fashionistas with their wallet friendly version, priced at only 31 bucks. 

Happy Tuesday Shoes Day!

Real VS Deal: Cut Out Ankle Boots

Open toe booties

Summer boots

Sergio Rossi nude shoes

Sergio Rossi nude shoes

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Easy Costumes You Can Find at the Thrift

Halloween is rapidly approaching and if you're anything like me, you have waited to THIS week to start crafting you look. You are looking around for the coolest, the most familiar, the stand out costume for the year, without the sticker price.

You're in luck. Some of the best costumes can be easily assembled using a few key pieces that are at your Thrift or Second Hand shop right now. Don't believe me? Let me show you.

Indiana Jones from Indiana Jones
A button down, some khaki pants and boots and that signature hat will do the trick. Grab a leather jacket and some brown rope to make Jones' famous whip and you re good to go.

Katiss Everdeen from The Hunger Games: This is probably one of the easiest looks in the bunch. A brown leather jacket, brown boots, a green tee and dark wash jeans are all you need. Braid your hair and DIY a bow and arrow and boom, your the girl on fire.

Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean:
Snatch up a bandana, a pirate hat (they should be on sale everywhere right about now), a white or beige button down, trousers, a large belt, and a random swath of fabric and beads, and you look smashing, savvy?

Django from Django Unchained:
Tan pants, brown boots, a green jacket, a brown cowboy hat and scarf make this outfit easy to complete and quick to recognize. 

Black Swan
A black tutu or even a vintage a-line dress, pink or nude tights, ballet shoes and some wicked eye make up make this look a scene stealer. 

Jay Gatsby from the Great Gatsby:
A sharp suit and tie, wrist watch, and shine shoes make this look quick and easy to pull off. Grab a champagne glass for extra flair. 

Carmen Sandiago:
A red wide brim hat, a red coat and black boots is all you need. Keep is spicy with a short black dress or pencil skirt or add a pair of black leggings or jeans and a black top for a more modest look to the crafty villainess. 

A red and white striped beanie matched with a red and white striped long sleeve top paired with circle glasses, light jeans and white sneakers is all you need. Add additional stuff for further flair. 

See? With some simple pairings and a bit of creativity, Halloween can be easy and fun when you know when your costume is the same. 

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Happy Monday readers!

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

How She Wore It: Multi-Pattern Dress to a Panel Discussion

I had been eyeing this dress since the collection look book had been released. About 2 weeks ago I nabbed it (on sale!) along with another Altuzarra dress. 
So when I was offered the opportunity to be part of a panel discussion on Digital Media and creating your business by friend and fellow writer, Kiarra Solomon (@by_kiarra) I knew exactly what to wear. So here is how I wore it:
I was very great full to be a part of this discussion and had the opportunity to meet fellow blogger Lissa Marie S. (@LissaMarieS) and radio show host Brittany O'Rourke (@smallthing2_agiant). To say that I learned a lot would be an understatement (not to mention these ladies were super fun to hang with!)
Had a wonderful time with these wonderful ladies. Looking forward to continuing in partnerships with these great women.
Event photos by Vernon Ray of CMP Photos (

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Friday Find: Real Vs Deal- Double Pearl Earrings

I am simply in love with the Dior Tribal earrings. A small pearl backed by a larger pearl make an unusual, interesting, yet classic statement. 

But what I don't like is the steep price tag that comes with these little lovelies. Fortunately, there are plenty of awesome companies offering fashion jewelry alternatives. 5 bucks? I hear you loud and clear. Here's your Friday find! Enjoy!
Real Vs Deal: Double Pearl Earrings

Mise en Tribal DIOR

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

#ThrowbackThursday: Donyale Luna

You cannot have a historic beauty inspiration list without having this lovely yet tragic history maker; Donyale Luna.

Donyale Luna was born Peggy Ann Freeman on August 31, 1945 in Detroit, Michigan. The youngest of 3 daughters, Donyale began modeling and her career quickly took off.

In 1966, Luna became the first black model to appear on the cover of Vogue Magazine with this cover:


Donyale also starred in several films, including Skidoo, Sálome (where she played the title roll), and The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus.

But years of drug use had taken a major toll on Donyale's life, ruining relationships and forcing her into an institution Donyale passed on May 17, 1979 in Rome, Italy at the age of 33 due to a accidental heroine overdose while in a rehab clinic.

Yet, Donyale remains a well remembered figure in fashion and beauty. 

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thrifty Tip #26: There's levels to this: Resale Shopping Terms

I love resale. The fact that I can make a huge score for pennies as to what the original purchaser made makes me all kinds of giddily. But resale can be tricky. Items can be worn, torn, or a very good fake posing as the real thing, and if you're not paying attention, you could end up with a dud rather than a deal. It's happened to me more than I care to share

So, in order to avoid a shopping shipwreck, here's a list of shopping terms to let you know exactly what you're getting:

New: Fresh off the runway and landed into the store. When new items show up at resale shops, what has typically happened are a few things:

1) The resale shop has a partnership with the brand. You will find this in stores such as Buffalo Exchange where items factory fresh will make their way to the shop and will be sold along side of older or used merchandise.
2) A shopper (like you, wonderful reader) will have purchased something, but for whatever reason, will not have used the item. The item finds its way to the resale shops, tags still on or in its original packaging to be sold.

Clearance: when stores need to make more room for incoming inventory, they place "older" newer items here.Clearance items in a resale show are a little different than your average store. When an item is marked clearance here, it's usually because the item hasn't sold for some time, is out of season, or has some form of defect (stain, tear, mark, missing buttons, etc). Items of ANY age can land here so keep your eyes peeled for real gems here.

Nouveau Vintage: Recently coined by Refinery 29, nouveau vintage would be those things that are too old to be in stores but not old enought to be called vintage. Those pumps you fell in love with or that Tiffany's silver set you saw 4 years ago but now have the funds to afford? Yep, right here. Typically, items up to about 9 years old fit in this category.

Vintage: Mom's Louis Vuitton? Dad's leather motorcycle jacket? Yeah, those would be in this category. Items up to 49 years old fit here.

Estate: clothing and items that are 50 to 99 years old. Granny's debutante pearls and pop pop's aviator sunglasses fit here.

Antique: any pieces that are 100 years older or more. In these cases (other than jewelry), these should probably not be worn but be in a collection or museum.

Hope this helps you in your resale journey, may you keep finding treasure!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday Shoes Day: Oscar De La Renta

Today, we mourn a genius, a brilliant and creative designer, who, by dressing decades of stars, became one himself. Oscar de la Renta not only made his mark in the world of style and fashion, he was one of the greats who shaped it into what it is today. Elegance, stateliness, excitingly ladylike, all are words that barely describe Oscar's works of art from fabric and thread. He passed away at the age of 82, work well done and a life well lived.

In honor of Mr. de la Renta, here are 12 different pairs of his beautiful shoes. 

Oscar you will be missed.

Tuesday Shoes Day: Oscar De La Renta