Monday, February 29, 2016

Throwin' Shade: Aviators Under $30

Spring is upon us, and with its return, warmer weather (HALLELUJAH!) and sunnier days. Meaning: it's time to update your face's favorite accessory, your shades. 

My advice? Choose some sunglasses that are classic, cool, and always in style. A pair of aviators. And today's feature? This slick and sleek style for less. How much less? How does $30 and under sound? Thought so! Enjoy gents.

Throwin' Shade: Aviators Under $30

Reclaimed Readables, February 29th

Happy Monday loves!

This week's #ManCrushMonday Readables feature a complete guide to suit fabrics, why you should consider wearing a suit even when you work from home, your morning routine elevated, a former Oscar lover talks the Oscars now, a podcast on how Steph Curry makes other NBA players look bad, creating a closet space, a 60's inspired bachelor pad, grooming fails that ruin your style, Amazon's dapper clothing line, and how to dress when it's not-quite-spring.

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Apartment Therapy: How to hang stuff up without a closet, industrial loft 60's inspired bachelor pad
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Sunday, February 28, 2016

All the stuff you can do other than watch the Oscars

Hey people! Happy Sunday!

Tonight is Oscars Night. A lot of us will be protesting the Oscars by not watching this due to the very suspicious virtual shut out of women and minorities from nominations. 

(Photo from Variety)

An article written in Variety by Tim Gray clarifies the severity of the blatant omission of qualified Oscar contenders, saying "Last year’s Oscar nominations drew howls of protests for their lack of diversity. This year, it’s even worse. “Creed” was written and directed by the black Ryan Coogler and starred a black man, but the only nominee was a white man. “Straight Outta Compton” had a great acting ensemble of mostly young, black unknowns, and was directed by the black F. Gary Gray. But the film’s only nomination: for its screenplay, written by two Caucasians."

Gray clarifies how dire the situation is,  later in his article, saying " Surprising omissions from the actor race this year included Idris Elba for “Beasts of No Nation,” Will Smith for “Concussion,” Michael B. Jordan from “Creed” and the many young actors in “Compton.”".

While I haven't decided if I won't be watching, (it will be hosted by one of the mouthiest yet educated comedians in the business, Chris Rock), should you decide not to watch, here's a list of other things you can do tonight to make it a productive, yet fun evening: 
-Organize your closet (Spring is coming after all).
-Polish your jewelry
-Meal prep for the week
-Take a hot bubble bath
-Curl up with the spring fashion editions of your favorite magazines
-Online shopping
-Online listing (seriously, a good closet purge led to the quickest money I've ever made, guys) 
-Catch up on some sleep (it is Sunday after all) 
-Laundry (you know you've got to get it done)
-Rip all of your CDs to your hard drive and get them on your MP3 player (because who wants to keep all those CDs in their car anyway)
-Binge watch your favorite show (you know you need to catch up)
-Make some quick cash by doing a few online surveys
-Pinterest (because it will teach you stuff, entertain you, and take up your time all at once.)
-Watch all the Leo Dicaprio movies (as many times as he's been snubbed, he's almost in the same boat as us)
-Have a movies watching party for all the films that should have been Oscar nominated but weren't (although it might only make you angrier)

That's all I got for you loves today. What are your plans for Oscar evening? 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Kawaii Not: What's Kawaii Fashion and Why you want to try it

(Photo from We Heart It)

I have a confession: I. Love. Kawaii fashion. The colors. The crafting. The creativity. I love it. And while most of it is simply not my own taste, there is so much I appreciate.

Kawaii is the Japanese word that translates to "cute". Kawaii fashion, while it can be cutesy, doesn't have to be. There are ladies who choose to look doll like while there are ladies who choose androgyny, and at the same time, there are ladies who dress like monsters or ghosts.

(Photo from We Heart It)

But don't call it a costume. To these women and men who aspire to the Kawaii aesthetic, how they dress, unlike a lot of popular American style, isn't to mask anything but instead to express who they feel that they are internally. For example, here we have something called a "power suit" that many choose to put on to feel powerful, as if power can be exuded from a garment. Kawaii participants, however, dress in bright colors or all black because that's how they feel. In essence, it's not the clothes or the colors or the crafts that make them feel anything, but instead expose everything they feel about themselves.
(Phot from We Heart It)

Another interesting difference between popular American styles and Kawaii: a good portion of Kawaii elements are handmade by those who wear them. In fact, there is huge encouragement of DIY culture within Kawaii, making their looks all the more authentic to themselves. While we here support DIY, ask 10 people on any given day on the street if anything they are wearing is handmade, and my guess is that at least 9 out of 10 will say no.

The Kawaii aesthetic essentially boils down to being your most creative self.

So, you inspired yet?

Cool beans. Like this style but don't want to go over the top? Here are some easy ways to infuse some Kawaii to your everyday style.

-Patterned Tights: You can find these all over the place, from high end brands to affordable stores like Forever 21/ H&M/ and Primark.

-Patterned Socks: Again, you can pretty much find these anywhere and in any pattern that stands out to you.

-Cell Phone Cases: Cutesy, funny, or animal/ mythological creature inspired cases are easy small ways to add a little Kawaii to everyday.

-Bag Pom Poms: These are insanely popular right now. But bag Pom Poms are perfect pieces to carry everyday that are both adorable and chic and can go on any type of bag from your standard back pack to your fanciest purse.
-Key Chains: Smiling flowers, unicorns, miniature dolls. Whatever small, adorable, or funny thing you find and appeals to you, snag it and Kawaii up your keys.

-Stationary: This one is easy! Color rich stationary is a perfect way to infuse just enough Kawaii into your everyday.
-Scarves: Who doesn't love a patterned scarf? What about one with a fun print like clouds, galaxies, or even eyes? Great ways to toss in some Kawaii.

So go for it. Create your own unique look with a few Kawaii pieces, and most importantly, have fun!

Here are some of my top picks for easy Kawaii infusion:

Kawaii Picks

Fishnet tight

Richer Poorer cotton socks
$11 -

Topshop heart jewelry
$9.02 -

Asking For Trouble jewelry
$5.55 -

Louise Coleman silk scarve
$140 -

Tech accessory

Iphone case

Oval sunglasses

Pink key chain

Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Clean

Inspired by the outfit worn in today's Readables, I've styled this deceptively easy to wear look. Monochrome looks are some of my favorites to style, and today I've kept it simple with a canvas of cream and one pop of purple.

I've taken the pants above and added them to a blazer and blouse in as close to the same shade as I could get them. A pair of sleek pumps and a classing bag finish the office look while a cozy coat in purple finishes today's style. Happy Friday!

Friday Clean

H M white blouse
$28 -

Long coat

White blazer

Jil Sander Navy white pants
$95 -

Reclaimed Readables, February 26th

Happy Friday beautiful people. 

Today's Readables feature stylist approved drugstore beauty products, tips for finding your ideal blazer style, expensive looking H&M home decor, how to shop on eBay like a champ, advice from the pros on finding the best vintage style, closet organizing tricks, and Blackish tackles police brutality.

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A Pair and A Spare: Finding your ideal blazer
My Domaine: 20 expensive looking H&M home pieces
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Thursday, February 25, 2016

TBT: 70's Sleek

In honor of Throwback Thursday, today's look is an update of 70's styling. I've paired a very drapey blouse with high waist wide leg pants. I then added a rustic chic open toe suede ankle boot to complete this work look. For cozy factor, I've chosen this warm coat in almost a rust color and added a pair of laid back yet elegant shades and a floppy hat. I finish the look with this wild yet structured bag for an office ready look to take over thursday.

TBT: 70's Sleek

MANGO brown coat
$42 -

Miss Selfridge pants

Leather shoes

River Island hand bag

Reiss hat
$97 -

Now On Sale

The closet clearing hasn't ended yet ( and probably won't for some time. It's still going strong and there's plenty of time to grab some great designer stuff and help me make space (the life of a chronic thrifter has made my apartment one big walk in closet).

Thanks to everyone who shopped and found something they love! Here are a few of the goodies that went out this week:
With that being said, there are a few things going within the next few hours! 

Going, going...
Lululemon Power Up Tank

Lululemon Striped Tank

Lululemon Black and Grey Tank

These sweet deals still have some time...
LeSportSac Pouch

Rachel Roy Bracelet

Kenneth Jay Lane Tube Hoops

Orla Kiely Address Book

And here is a sneak peak at a few of the next round coming soon to eBay:

Botkier Venice Pouch

Gucci/ Kate Spade Cases

Tiffany&Co Logo Bracelet

Vera Bradley lined Pouch

Coach Spring Kacket

LeSportSac Personality Pouch