Thursday, November 30, 2017

November No Buy: What I Learned

To say that this year’s No Buy was unsuccessful is probably an understatement. I did more shopping this month than any November previous. Albeit, the shopping was for other people and to restock The Reclaimed Resale. But there were more moments hanging not nowhere I picked up a little something for myself that I could have lived without.

But I have heard it said that nothing counts as a failure if you learn from it. And I firmly believe that.

Here's what I learned:
1) Don’t tempt yourself
I put myself in position to shop, whether for other people or not, and ended up spending cash. Now to be fair, it’s almost physically impossible to leave your house without spending cash. Almost. I managed to do it. I then took that cash that I would have spent at the end of the week and put it away.

2) Every little bit helps
While I may have dropped $10 on a new petite charm for my Pandora locket or $3 here and there at Starbucks, I did find myself moving aside cash strictly for my savings. It wasn’t any life altering amount, but it did leave me with a nice amount at the end of the month that I didn’t previously have.

3) Stop guilting yourself
So while I did spend more than I was supposed to, with each purchase, I felt a stinging pang of guilt. I started telling myself that i was failing this no buy (which was true) and that quickly moved to telling myself that I was a failure. And that is unhealthy.

I corrected this by purposefully fixing my self talk. I told myself I messed up, but i also told myself that I could still finish strong. I told myself I could make up for it. And, spoiler alert, I did. (We all talk to ourselves, might as well say something that will build us up.)

So, how much did I end up saving? A grand total of $448. Not bad for a person who botched the first 2 week’s of the No Buy. This year’s No Buy taught me so much about myself, about saving, and about commitment and being a person of your word. I feel like I have grown so much from this experience. As I wrap this year’s No Buy, I can do so with a little more wisdom, and a nice chunk of change for Christmas Shopping.

Thanks for following along!

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Happy Thursday beauts!

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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Happy Wednesday to ya!

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Trend Alert: Winter WaterProof Boots Under $50

With the season of snow, sleet, and frigid raid rapidly approaching, its perfectly fine to prep with now with office, brunch, and hangout ready pairs without shoveling out the dough.

Here are my picks for the coolest waterproof boots under $50 that won’t cramp your style.

Trend Alert: Winter WaterProof Boots Under $50

Sperry boots

Slip-on shoes

Igor black shoes

Crocs gray boots

Cold weather boots

Rocket dog boots

Y.R.U. mid-calf boots

Qupid lace-up ankle booties

Low heel booties

Slip on boots

Slip on shoes

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Monday, November 27, 2017

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Happy Monday good folks!

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Friday, November 24, 2017

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Happy Friday loves!

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Thursday, November 23, 2017


Thanksgiving is finally here. For some of us, that means dealing with difficult relatives, awkward questions, or nasty food. Survive the day with some serious hilarity known as the #ThankgivingClapBacks

Here are the best #thanksgivingclapbacks for your viewing and sharing pleasure. You're welcome.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Reclaimed!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, there is so much to be thankful for. I am super grateful for all of you who keep this blog an active and fun community, where various ideas and beliefs can meet, converge, and be respected. I am grateful I have the opportunity to share my thoughts, hopes, fears, fails and victories and a little fashion with each of you.

I am thankful for another year as your blogging bud. Here's to many more.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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Happy Wednesday beautiful people!

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Holiday Flats to be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is no time to worry about sore feet. The right comfy pairs are the perfect accompaniment for any Turkey Day look.

Here are a few flats to be thankful for, all under $50.

Holiday Flats to be Thankful For

Pink sneaker

Pom pom shoes

Pointy toe shoes

Bamboo black shoes

Bamboo shoes

Charlotte Russe d orsay flat

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Happy Tuesday loves!

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Monday, November 20, 2017

3 Easy Men's Outfits for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is this week.

Many of us are heading back home, to visit family, friends, or meet new people with our significant others for the holiday. That means packing. And that means packing smarter, not more.

Some of us will be staying home or visiting those who do not live far from these destinations for dinner Thursday.

Either way, we all still have to consider a big question: what are we going to wear? Most of us have multiple places to hit up this holiday (with Tupperware and foil in tow) and we want to know the right looks that will be both stylish and comfortable.

Here are three easy outfits using stuff you probably already own.

Fancy Dinner/ Meeting Her Family:

Some Thanksgivings are a little more fancy than others and require a step up from your usual binge eating days. For a more formal dinner, it's time to break out that trusty dark suit and button down. It is an easy way to look put together without too many fussy elements.

I also recommend this look if you are meeting a significant other's family. Why? Well, looking polished and serious when meeting a family never hurt. A good rule I put in practice when I go see Earl's family (even to this day) is whatever your boo tells you the dress code is, dress one step above that.

Family Fun:

When you are with your people, the last things you want to be are either too fussy or, worst of all, sloppy. Therefore the look you want is something that you can chill in, get a good food coma in, and that will look good in all the pictures your relatives be taking (you  know they do!).

There is something so put together about a nice long sleeve tee layered under a chunky sweater. For hanging with your family, I recommend a put together yet comfy look of boots, dark denim, a long sleeve tee with a sweater. It's a handsome look that will make mama and them proud without being too fancy. You are there to eat, after all.


You are hanging with your crew. It's time for drinks, jokes, Cards Against Humanity, some spades, and fun. So your look should be comfortable as well, but maybe not as polished as either of the above looks.

This is the hangout look. Your friends require you to bring your famous dish, the bottle, or something to the function. The last thing they are going to require is a stuffy outfit. The only things required to be stuffed for this event are the turkeys and your belly. A plaid/ flannel button down with a black tee and jeans does it. It's a comfortable cool look that is easy to rock without looking sloppy.

Whatever you choose to wear, I hope you have the happiest of Thanksgivings. Be safe, eat well, and enjoy yo'self!

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

No Shame in the Reselling Game

I have been reselling my old stuff online for about 5 or 6 years now. Starting with eBay and now mostly Poshmark, I have really been able to make some cash by getting rid of gently used clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry from my own closet. A few years ago, I started selling things, that weren't from my closet but gems none the less, I found at local thrift stores.

I didn't not realize that there was apparently some shame attached to this. Watching a sitcom recently, a comment was made about one of the characters now being so broke that she had to sell her clothes online. This statement gave me pause. I had been reselling goodies online for over half a decade. Was I doing something wrong? Was it some sort of social faux pas?

At one point historically, there was shame associated with having to sell your things. I remember one scene from the movie Titanic where Rose was arguing with her mother about her upcoming marriage to a wealthy man and her mother prattling on about how she would have to sell off all of their things if Rose did not go through with their marriage and the shame that would descend upon their family for it.

But that was over a hundred years ago. Times have certainly changed! There is literally no shame in reselling. The benefits are obvious. The sale of preloved items keeps great clothes and accessories out of landfills, thus is very eco friendly.

But beyond that, the online resale retail market is certainly not shameful. In fact, it's booming.

Online resale empowers business small and big. The larger online ateliers make millions of dollars each year. The reigning queen of this empire is The RealReal who has reportedly made over 173 Million dollars reselling luxury goods. ThreadUp, a literal online mega thrift store has made $131 Million to date. My favorite resale platform, Poshmark, has already made over $85 million in the mere short years its been active and growing.

The money being made on these platforms have certainly has trickled down. One woman literally made millions from her own eBay account. One 28 year old man literally shops at Walmart and makes millions listing his finds on Amazon. Another young woman makes $100K just from listing her finds her Poshmark.

These entrepreneurs are proof there is money to be made in dusting off those old duds and uploading them stat.

There is literally no shame to the resale game.

Friday, November 17, 2017

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Happy Friday beautiful people!

Let's wrap up another week with Readables featuring Tracee Ellis Ross's powerful message to women, 30 items to toss before the year ends, the best products for every curl type, 20 gifts under $25, and over 25 things to turn your bed into a cozy oasis.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

November No Buy Week 2: The Purge (I have too much stuff)

I am happy to report that did way better this week than I did last week. No real random shopping outbursts.

But I do have a confession: Despite the sudden unseasonal and prolonged drop in temperatures here in Philly, I only just changed over my wardrobe to my Fall/Winter clothes.

And, though I do this pattern of changing over twice every single year, this season, it really hit me.

Here we are! Mid way through the 2017 November No Buy!

And I have arrived to the realization that I have too much stuff.

I just do.

My pretty sizable apartment is flooded with thrift and vintage store finds. Albeit, sweaters and sweat shirts take up more space than shorts and tanks, but still. I have more warm and cozy clothes than one person can really wear in one winter time. And I am fully aware that I will probably wear the same 10 to 20 things on steady rotation, meaning there will be pieces that won't get worn at all. My closet is currently packed to max capacity while still being able to close the door. I have a 15 foot long, three tiered book shelf flooded with books. My jewelry boxes are full and my dresser is packed, its top littered with misplaced items.

I need to purge. And I have been. I tossed out old and unwearable pairs of sneakers and flats, I am beginning to box books to be donated to local libraries or schools, the best items from my wardrobee are being listed for resale (cha-thing) and there is a small but growing mountain size pile of bags of items once loved by my front door that are on their way to be donated.

Having said that, I also have to confess the guilt that came over my mind as I walked out of the thrift with more items for The Reclaimed Vintage, but among those I came home with another sweatshirt and a new J. Crew top (both a dollar each). Face palm. I know, you are saying 'Whitney! It's only $2!' But for me, its less about the actual cash and more about the promise I made to myself not to shop, not to spend unnecessarily on myself, and to not bring home anything new.

Guess an older sweatshirt or sweater is heading to that donation pile.

Don't forget! I want to see how you are saving cash this month! Post your cool, unique, funny ways of saving using the hashtag #ReclaimedNoNoBuy on Instagram and I will choose the best post at the end of the month to win a seriously good prize box curated by me. Make sure you are following me on the 'gram. Get to posting!

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Happy Thursday you thrifty people!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

TWMBABW: Shannon Pringle and Radical Dreams

I love collections. I have collected items my entire life, from stones and shells on the beach to Pokemon cards to now vintage Hermés scarves (I only have 2 as of now) and preloved handbags (I currently have too many). My recent collection is a growing group of sassy, cheeky, and woke lapel pins and buttons. And the woman that I made one of my first purchases from was Shannon Pringle and her brand Radical Dreams, Inc. I encountered her brand on Instagram, falling for her Black Girls purple heart pin. I then began following her journey in creating pins that literally are for the culture.

Today on This Was Made By A Black Woman; Shannon Pringle and her brand Radical Dreams, Inc.
Shannon's foray into entrepreneurship is actually a partnerships of her passions. "We create lapel pins and accessories focused on social justice, positive messages, and Black culture. We donate a portion of the proceeds to various community organizations."

"I am currently in medical school full-time. I run Radical Dreams in my free time with the help of family and friends. I have always been passionate about social justice and consider myself a radical in my thoughts and stances. I also consider myself a big dreamer. So, Radical Dreams was born because I have radical dreams of changing this world for the better. And I plan to do that, among other methods, one pin at a time."

"Growing up, I collected trinkets such as lapel pins and keychains." says Shannon when she's asked about why design pins. "When lapel pins became popular again in 2015, I started to collect them but I realized there were no pins focused on Black culture or social justice. So, I decided to create them myself! The first products I ever made were the laughing President Obama and Black Lives Matter pins. As a medical student, I knew that I could wear pins on my white coat to express myself in a professional but bold manner. I also knew that this could apply to people all over the country. People can’t wear t-shirts to school/work every day, but they can definitely wear 1 inch lapel pins. Lapel pins are small objects that display big messages. I want people to wear these pins to display pride, advocate, and start those important conversations.
When about which of her designs she is currently loving the most, Shannon says "At the moment, I am in love with our Assata Shakur Breakable Chain pin. It represents so much to me and I made it during a really tough time in my life. I also love our Shirley Chisholm pin and Muhammad Ali patch."

When asked what it means to be a Black/ Woman/ Entrepreneur, Shannon says "It means empowerment. It means living out your purpose, achieving your goals, and overcoming stereotypes and hardships."

Follow along on Shannon's journey here and snag her pieces here.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Trend Alert: Stand Out Sock Boots Under $50

Sock boots are the versatile comfy boot trend that goes with your favorite looks. But we can all agree that basic colors can be, well, basic. An embellished heel or fall friendly floral is just what the outfit ordered.

Here are my picks for stand out sock boots under $50.
Trend Alert: Stand Out Sock Boots Under $50

Qupid pointy-toe boots

Bamboo leopard print boots

Charlotte russe boots

Liliana peep toe booties

High heel booties

Block heel booties

Pointed toe booties