Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bleh! Fall Trends that I Really Don't Care For

Fall is the time of year the style crazed (like myself) love the most. And this fall has to be one of my favorite falls for fashion. Between the 70's revival, gorgeous bohemian looks, more runway diversity, and more freedom for the individual to not be conformed to trends, this fall has seemed like one of the best yet.

But, as with every season, there are some trends that I just cannot get behind. Call it a matter of taste or personal preference, some things just aren't appealing. Here are the trends at the top of my "no go" list:

Shaggy Fur
It looks like a costume for someone who works at Sesame Place. So unless you're trying out for a role in the Muppets, I suggest you leave the shag to rugs. 

And on the same note...

Multicolored Fur
(Please see the description above.) Yikes!

Leather Overalls
You all know my aversion to overalls in general. I feel like no matter what fabric you put them in, they still look so immature and not put together. Just avoid this future "what was I thinking" moment all together. 

Too Long Sleeves
This is just for practicality sake; I just feel like super long sleeve would just get in the way of everything, and that is merely enough to repel me.

Big Vertical Stripes
Beetlejuice anyone? 

Prairie Dressing
This just screams costume, which I wouldn't mind on Halloween, but for everyday, let's forgo the ruffles and cowboy hats for now.

Naked Gowns
This is just a travesty to me. With all the glamorous, gorgeous gowns available, why would you want to pick something that is see through? All it looks like is dressy lingerie (which, in my opinion, belongs in the bedroom and not on anyone's red carpet and definitely not at any classy event). 

Well this is just my list. What's on your "no go" list for fall? 

(All photos are from We Heart It)

That 70's Look

The 70's are in full swing this season, but that doesn't mean you need to do the look from head to toe. My suggestion? Try a few key pieces from the trend and pair them with more contemporary chic pieces. It keeps the look current and keeps you from looking like you're wearing a costume. 

I took this button front high waist A line denim skirt and paired it with a yellow turtleneck. Very 70's. However, add a great sleeveless coat, and embossed bag and shoes to bring it back to now. Slide on some oversized shades and you've got a 70's contemporary chic look ready for the day.

That 70's Look

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Happy Wednesday all!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday ShoesDay: Mansur Gavriel Inspired Mules

(Photo from We Heart It)

If you don't know who Mansur Gavriel is, here's is your quick update. Remember last fall when everyone was carrying those minimalistic bucket bags? Yep that's Gavriel. In fact, those beyond "basic" basic buckets commanded between $500-$850 and weren't readily available to boot, many had to get on a list, some a year for the coveted bags

This fashion season, Mansur previewed even more great bags and threw the fashion elite into a frenzy when they debuted their new shoe line. Minimalistic and monochrome mules made it to everyone's sites and mags, hailed as the next great wait list item.

Well, you don't have to wait on any list or spend big bucks to achieve the look of these shoes. All that is required is a one color mule and a stacked heel. Keep it simple, keep it chic. And for $50 and under, you can also keep it cheap!

Happy Shoesday!

Tuesday ShoesDay: Mansur Gavriel Inspired Mules

Nly Shoes denim shoes
$29 -

Mule shoes

Mule shoes
$20 -

Pull on shoes
$30 -

Autumn White Out

So about that whole "No white after Labor Day" know it's BS. The way I look at it is if God didn't want us to think about white after the first week of September, he wouldn't cover the world in it in December. Nor would He have allowed us to have so many gorgeous options in the bright hue. 

The only real issue that exists when wearing a full white top and bottom (other than staying away from salsa) is how to make it look like autumn. Paired with a light jacket and strappy heels this look still sizzles without looking like summer. Be a fashion rule breaker in the best way, with each of these pieces under $50, you can more than afford it!

Autumn White Out

MANGO white long sleeve top
$23 -

H&M low rise jeans
$30 -

Floral shoes
$23 -

Le specs sunglasses

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Monday, September 28, 2015

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Happy Monday good people!

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Find: Knit Wit

(Photo from We Heart It)

This weeks Friday find is one that looks more complicated than it really is. Anyone who's been following this blog for sometime will note that I have a thing for pencil skirts. So when I discovered that there are knit pencil skirts, I got very excited. 

Here are my top picks for this witty knit, all $50 and under!

Friday Find: Knit Wit

Wow Couture pencil skirt
$48 -

Knit skirt

Red skirt

Red skirt

Bodycon skirt

Zizzi plus size skirt
$41 -

Ally Fashion mid calf skirt
$18 -

Bodycon skirt

Glamorous pencil skirt
$32 -

Ally Fashion mid calf skirt
$14 -

Friday Nudes

If there is a better time of year for a sleeveless coat, I don't know one better than now. Today's look pairs this piece with an amazing knit skirt (which we will be talking about later today) and a nude crop top for a chic look that can go from desk to dinner to drinks.

Happy Friday loves!

Friday Nudes

River Island jacket

Khaki skirt


Oversized sunglasses