Friday, December 30, 2016

Reclaimed Readables, December 30th

Happy Friday beauts and beaus!

Let's wrap up 2016 with features including great motivational quotes to start 2017, the Instagrams that defined 2016, 6 tips to finding your best jeans, 24 wintery outfits, how to snag designer goods on eBay, 30 mental health resolutions, and financial goals and tips for the coming year.

Byrdie: Motivational quotes for 2017
The Cut: The Instagrams that defined 2016
Racked: 6 tips to finding your best jeans
Man Repeller: 24 wintery looks
The Coveteur: Scoring designer pieces on eBay
Refinery29: 30 mental health resolutions, financial goals for 2017

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Your favorite posts of 2016

2016 was a year, indeed. A year full of disappointment and disillusionment, yes, but also a year of awakening and affirmation. And we sure did try to talk about all of it here, between the Readables and outfit posts, we talked about so much.

Recently, I asked a bunch of you what your favorite blog posts of 2016, and boy did you guys respond. From saying goodby to heroes such as Prince, David Bowie, and Muhammad Ali, to defending Ayesha Curry and Colin Kaepernick, from how to thrift a great sweater and books from high school we all should read again to self care and how thrift shopping made me a better person, we sure covered the gambit of social, political, ethnic, shopping, and beauty topics that we could.

And you all spoke back to me. Thank you for all of your comments, emails, and shares! I really do appreciate it.

So, without further ado, here are the top loved posts from the year that was 2016!

How to properly Thrift a Sweater
5 Chic Black Owned Brands you never heard of
Actually affordable vintage shops
For the love of thrifting
How thrift shopping made me a better person

Rest in peace David Bowie
Quotes from Prince
17 Quotes from Muhammad Ali

I hugged a woman outside of Starbucks for 20 minutes
How being a good woman beats out being a bad bitch
How this blog was born from divorce, homelessness, and a miscarriage
Let's talk about jealousy
17 High School books you should read again as an adult
17 Essential Black History Books for Men

Social Commentary:
The top 10 Womanists Under 20
Solange's new album and the balance of anger and softness
We really need to talk about that Zendaya rape meme
Why Jesse Williams speech is one for all Americans

What we can learn from Stephen A. Smith/ Ayesha Curry's war of words
The problem with Christian Mingle
How Inclusivity and Natural Hair aren't the same struggle
Kylie Jenner is turning into a Black Woman before our very eyes
The REAL problem with Colin Kaepernick's protest

Reclaimed Readables, December 29th

Happy Thursday y'all!

Today's Readables feature why shopping actually does make us feel good, the all natural skin products perfect for winter, tips on creating your boss vision board, the best new music of 2016, the most loved fashion items of the year that was, and why this Obama signed law is so important.

Relevant Mag: Why this new Obama signed law is important
WhoWhatWear: The most loved fashion items of 2016
The Zoe Report: The best new music from 2016
Well+Good: All natural skin products perfect for winter, creating your best vision board
Man Repeller: Why shopping makes us feel good

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How to do the Pantsuit for $100

Pant Suits have had a major resurgence in the style world, partly in thanks to should be President-Elect Hillary Clinton and partially due to the enormous amount of bad ass business broads donning them.

These formerly dowdy relics from the late 80's, early 90's have gotten a 21st Century Nasty Woman's with more tapered pant legs,  cleaner lines, and absolutely ditching the shoulder pads to create a versatile suit that can go from your desk to dinner to date night with a few minor accessory changes.

And why ever break bank? Here are 13 examples of sultry suits for Nasty Women and Ladies alike, all for under $100. Happy Wednesday loves!

How to do the Pantsuit for $100

Y A s
$49 -

Fashion Union clothing
$42 -



Cigarette trousers
$34 -

Tailored pants
$31 -

Reclaimed Readables, December 28th

Happy Hump day beauts and beaus!

Today's Readables feature tips on buying your first pantsuit, how to throw your own super chic New Year's Eve party, ways to trick yourself into spending less, 15 struggles every woman can relate to, holiday season confessions that will make your season look so jolly, and defining fist raising moments of 2016.

Huff Post: 15 fist raising moments of Black Activism
The Things: Holiday confessions, 15 relatable struggles only women understand
My Domaine: How to trick yourself into spending less, NYE party tips
Refinery29: Buying tips for your first pant suit

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Reclaimed Readables, December 27th

Happy ShoesDay loves!

Let's close out 2016's #TuesdayShoesDay with features like the 10 basic pairs every woman should own, the celeb loved boots for less, how to actually find your comfortable shoes, adorable sling backs for under $60, how to style your sneakers for the holidays, the perfect Chelsea boots that are actually quite affordable, 3 shoe tests to see if shoes will hurt before you buy them, and the best pairs of 2016.

The best pairs of 2016
3 shoe tests to see if your shoes will hurt before you buy them
The affordable perfect brown boots
How to style sneakers for the holidays
Adorable Slingblacks under $60
How to find the most comfortable shoes
Celeb loved boots for less
10 pairs everyone should own

Monday, December 26, 2016

The Best Winter Menswear Posts from 2016

This season was probably the most fun I have when finding menswear. The colors, the fabrics, the sweaters, the layering; winter can be a fun season to dress for if you know what to wear. And, thankfully, not an expensive one to dress for either.

Here are the best (and most affordable) menswear posts of winter 2016.

Not So Ugly Sweater Guide

Best Men's Scarves Under $50

Cheap and Handsome Men's Socks

Easy Men's Winter Outfits

Grown Man Sweatshirts Under $50

9 Cheap and Dapper Men's Coats

Which Menswear posts were your favorite? What would you like to see more of? Let's talk! Comment below.

Reclaimed Readables, December 26th

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a restful and bright holiday weekend!

The last #ManCrushMonday of 2016 features the worst menswear trends, how to build your bomb beginner bar, 9 suit rules every guy should know, the best style advice of 2016, 16 whisper confessions that will make your holiday season look so cheery, and awesome whiskeys under $20.

He Spoke Style: $20 whiskeys
The Things: 16 Whisper confessions that make your holidays look so amazing
Style Girlfriend: 9 suit rules every guy should know, best style advice of 2016
Dappered: Building a beginner bar
Menswear Style: 2016's worst menswear trends

Friday, December 23, 2016

Reclaimed Readables, December 22nd

Happy Friday great people!

Today's Readables feature the trends of 2016 we couldn't get enough of, 16 people having a worse holiday than you, the best winter street style, 8 last minute gifts that actually give back, and the 19 best skin products of the year.

Refinery29: Trends we couldn't get enough of in 2016
The Things: 15 people who are having a worse holiday than you
WhoWhatWear: Best winter street style
Relevant Mag: 8 last minute gifts that give back
BuzzFeed: The best skin products of 2016

Thursday, December 22, 2016

How to properly Thrift a Sweater

Thrifting can be really rewarding. Anyone who has read this blog long enough has a body of evidence to prove that. This week's reward? Two almost new (or incredibly maintained) Lacoste long sleeve sweaters. These sweaters are online right now for $135a piece. I snagged mine for less than $7. Merry Christmas to me!

I've thrifted the vast majority of my sweaters, from these Lacoste beauties to tunic style knits.

That's why I was surprised when I found out how many of my fellow thrifters simply refused to purchase thrifted sweaters (fearing unseen creepy crawlies). I have heard the horror stories.

So here are my tips to proper sweater thrifting, so that the only story you tell is a victory story:

1. Think about what you want before you get there: This is just a good shopping tip in general. Don't ever go shopping with your hard earned money without a plan. That's a perfect opportunity to overspend
2. But don't think too much: It sounds contradictory to what I just  said above but going in with too exact of an idea of what you want is the best way to be perfectly disappointed. Have a looser idea, say "I'm looking for an oversized sweater" as opposed to "I am looking for an oversized magenta and navy argyle sweater." Be flexible.
3. Don't be grossed out: while a lot of new and gently used pieces end up at the thrift; the majority of pieces are well loved and well worn. If this (or the following things) gross you out, go to Forever 21 or Primark instead.
4. Be observant: This is just a good tip in general if you're thrifting. Look for general wear and tear. Look for pulling, pilling, or other signs of use. Especially look to see if there might be any life forms in there. It sounds gross, but every thrift store is not like my favorite thrift where they treat EVERYTHING to prevent any life forms in your clothes. Check it out and if a sweater looks sketchy, that's because it probably is.
5. Sniff out trouble: Sweaters have this weird ability to absorb and hold onto odors, like cigarette smoke, mothballs, last week's fish tacos, or things like that. Nothing a good washing won't take care of, but if you're grossed out by that, steer clear of the sweaters.
6. Get touchy-feely: Touch the sweater. That's right, now that you've looked (and maybe even smelled the thing) you can and should touch it. Check for quality. Check for softness. Check to make sure it won't be the itchiest thing you ever bought.
7. Once you find one you love, try it on: Because duh
8. Once you purchase, WASH!: Because also duh! You want to wash EVERYTHING you buy from the thrift before you wear it. It's just a clean thing to do.
Here's to hoping to come along some fancy knits of your own! Happy thrifting.

Reclaimed Readables, December 22nd

Happy Thursday beauts and beaus!

Today's Readables feature perfectly stylish last minute gifts, affordable sweaters for layering, the flight attendant approved way to pack a suitcase, healthy and fun stocking stuffers, the best in drugstore beauty innovations, the history of the ugly sweater, and hilariously essential GIFs for every Black woman.

WhoWhatWear: Last minute gifts, affordable layering sweaters
BGLH: Essential GIFs for every Black woman
Racked: History of the ugly sweater
Refinery29: Drugstore beauty innovations
Well+Good: Flight attendant approved way to pack your suitcase, healthy stocking stuffers

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Reclaimed Readables, December 21st

Happy hump day beautifuls!

Today's Readables feature 4 women on the benefits of super short hair, non cheesy holiday beauty looks, 45 awesome quotes from Samantha Bee, the most hope restoring fashion moments of 2016, 15 celeb loved protective styles and how to do them yourself, CVS's top selling beauty products, and the Black Lives Matter movement  sets its sights on Black businesses.

Man Repeller: Benefits of short hair, non cheesy holiday beauty
The Cut: Samantha Bee's best quotes
Refinery29: The best hope restoring fashion moments of 2016, 15 protective style DIYs
The Zoe Report: CVS's best selling beauty products
Huff Post: BLM creates national Black Business directory

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fancy Socks for Dressy Shoes

Like it or not, the sock and fancy shoe trend is here to stay. Thankfully, most fashionistas actually line this pretty, lady like, kawaii, or edgy trend that's versatility ranges are as easy to navigate as changing your socks. Whether thin and almost like hosiery or more like tube socks, this trend isn't going anywhere for quite some time. Might as well get in on the action!

Fancy Socks for Dressy Shoes

Wolford lacy socks
$30 -

Stance knee hi socks

Natori knee high hosiery
$19 -

Stance above the knee socks
$19 -

Urban Outfitters above knee socks

Stance navy blue socks
$17 -

Stance anklet socks
$17 -

ASOS cuff socks
$5.77 -

Forever 21 socks