Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Find: Graphic Tees for Fashion Girls

Graphic tees are having a major moment. After a (brief) hiatus, words tops with sass are coming back. Featured for your Friday find this week are graphics with the discerning fashion girl in mind. Enjoy gorgeous!
Graphic Novel: Graphic Tees for Fashion Girls

Reclaimed Readables, January 30th

Happy Friday readers and friends.

Today's links feature the "good" bad habits to stop NOW, how to pack w/o wrinkling your clothes, the beginners guide to buying sexy lingerie, a epic DIY callus remover, a smart trick to keep that strapless bra from slipping, 25 cool ways to add color to your place, and tricks to amp up that beauty sleep. 

Apartment Therapy: Stop these "good" bad habits
WhoWhatWear: How to pack/travel without getting your clothes all wrinkly
Refinery 29: Beginners guide to sexy lingerie
Byrdie: This DIY callus remover rivals your best pedicure
WhoWhatWear: Clever way to keep your strapless bra from slipping
Refinery 29: 25 ways to add bold color to your place
The Zoe Report: Maximize your beauty sleep

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thrifty Tip #28: Don't Miss the Beauty Section!

Happy Thursday all! It's time for another thrift tip. 

*This will be the first Thrifty Tip that won't be exclusively about thrift store shopping, however, it is a good rule that can apply to many shopping situations.  

Have you ever been to your favorite discount department store, like Ross, Marshalls, or T.J. Maxx and you walk right past the beauty department, bee-lining for the "good stuff"(The clothes, the shoes, the accessories)? Well, maybe you should think twice before foregoing the beauty section. 

Just like the clothing and accessories you find and these deal dens, the beauty department is usually well stocked with amazing make up and skincare products, all for a fraction of their original prices. Don't believe me? Let me show you what I snagged just this week during a major beauty craving:

Bella Beauty Blender Sponge: Originally priced at $10, paid $3.50
Butter London Wink Eyeliner Pencil: Originally priced at $18, paid $2
Ciate Paint Pot: Originally priced at $15, paid $3
Deborah Lippmann "Just Dance": Originally priced at $20, paid $5.50

Morning Burst 75 face wipes: Originally  priced at $10, paid $3.50
Ciate Nail Glitter: Paid 49 cents
Ciate Feathered Manicure Kit: Originally priced at $30, paid 49 cents (oh yeah)
Butter London Wink Eye liner pencil: Originally priced at $18, paid $2
*The macaroons were my reward for being so fancy and frugal.

***UPDATE: 2 More reasons you should never skimp the beauty section at your fave department store. 
Found this #revlon age defying make up (regularly priced at some places up to $15 bucks) for just 4 dollars. Then, back at #Marshalls, found this cc glow by #drbrandt (normally priced at $39) for $12.***

See what I mean, gorgeous beauty products for super cheap. Make sure the products are sealed and your golden, gorgeous. Happy thrifting!

Reclaimed Readables, January 29th

Salutations beautiful readers. Today's links feature the Instagram that is helping to save lives, 30 years of kick butt women in film in 3 minutes, what skin brightening actually is, 17 different genius ways to layer, the lazy girl's guide to great skin, the best (and cheapest) lip stains, and 14 new uses for coconut oil around your home. 

Refinery 29: Why you're about to see a lot of smeared lipstick in social media
Huff Post Women: 30 years of kick butt women in 3 minutes
Byrdie: Let's really talk about skin brightening
WhoWhatWear: 17 amazing ways to layer without all the bulk
Refinery 29: The lazy girl's guide to great skin
The Zoe Report: The best hydrating lip stains under $5
Apartment Therapy: 14 new uses for coconut oil

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Influenster Frosty Vox Box

I had the opportunity to be included in my 4th Influenster Vox Box program. This box was filled with 7 different products ready for testing. Here's what I got and how I rated each:

NYC Expert Last Lip Color In Sugar Plum
Price: $1.99
Lip wear is something I'm very comfortable with, hense why this was the first product of the Vox Box to be tested. I was pleasantly surprised by this smooth gliding, velvety soft lip wear that last most of my day. Only needed a few reapplications and no lip balm base coat. Great lip product, especially for the price.

Reclaimed Rating: B+

Ecotools Hair Brush
Price: $10.99
Having previousLy owned Ecotools products, I was already familiar with their high quality and low price. This product didn't disappoint. It was gentle on my tresses, both when my hair was straightened and when I needed to detangle my fro.

Reclaimed Rating: B+

Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 
Price: $7.49
I am becoming a major fan of Rimmel products. They definitely offer high value for low prices. I had been recently experimenting with different eye shadows and products (somewhat unsuccessfully) so this products came just in time. When Rimmel says gentle, they mean it. This product does the job without anything harsh or harmful near your eyes.

Reclaimed Rating: A

Fruit Vines Bites
Price: $1.79
Yum. Yummy. Yum yum yum. Chewy, gooey, strawberry goodness in bite size goodness. Definitely being added to things to grab once the sweet tooth begins to crave.

Reclaimed Rating: B

McCormick Gourmet Thyme
Price: $4.79
One culinary secret that I will share with you is that I use different seasonings to flavor the water I used to boil noodles, especially spaghetti. This thyme worked out great for that. I love that it comes in glass packaging, it makes this product look as quality as it is. 

Reclaimed Rating: B

Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Tea
I love a good cup of tea when I come home and this tea was a wonderful way to end the day. Minty and refreshing, yet soothing and relaxing, this was the perfect way to unwind after the craziness of a busy day. Definitely getting a box of these lovely teas soon.

Reclaimed Rating: A

Rimmel Scandeleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner
Price: $4.49
Rimmel continues to be one of my favorite brands. As a newbie to eyeliners, I would say that this one was the best to use as a first timer. It goes on super smooth and glides on gently. Since trying out this product, I have since tried some other eyeliner pencils and few have measured up to this drugstore gem. I am addicted to this eyeliner now.

Reclaimed Rating: A

No 7 Protect and Perfect Advanced Serum 
Price: 29.99
Also included in this Vox Box was a sample satchet of this anti aging serum. This brand is actually very popular abroad, and I see why. This product feels awesome on the skin and is said to "reduce the appearance" of aging, namely lines and wrinkles, after only 2 weeks. I didn't really have enough product to test the whole 2 week thing, but I will say that it felt nice on my face. 

Reclaimed Rating: B- (only because I wish I had more to test out the 2 week wrinkle appearance reduction claim)

This has to have been one of my favorite Vox Boxes. From this go around, I've received a few drugstore gems, a new yummy snack, a very handy brush, delicious tea, an always needed spice and a taste of a popular anti aging serum. Thanks Influenster!

*All products were given to me et gratis through the Influenster Vox Box programs 

Reclaimed Readables, January 28th

Happy hump day beauties! Today's links feature the 4 most important things to remember when staying organized, 11 ways to up your fashion game, 7 of the best eyeshadow palest for next level brown eyes, a lace layering skirt to DIY for, 5 different outfits to wear when nothing else is clean, a winter shoe cleaning guide, and Rashida Jones sets everyone straight on being "ethnic".

Apartment Therapy: The 4 most important elements in staying organized
WhoWhatWear: 11 ways to master next level fashion
Byrdie: 7 eye shadow palettes that give brown eyes serious shimmer
Honestly WTF: Lace layering skirts to DIY for
The Zoe Project: 5 outfits to wear when nothing is clean
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday ShoesDay: Winter Work Boot

I hate to break it to you, my lovelies, but we aren't even half way into winter and there has already been some significant snow fall. 

We all know, especially us city dwellers, the importance of footwear that is both warm, sturdy, comfy, but also stylish. We urban people also know the staying power of a good pair of Timberland work boots. The company has created these calf high versions of their classic boot, but the asking price of $120 may be still be too high. 

Enter not one, but two Timberland inspired boots. Keep those tootsies nice and dry this season with these urbanite boots, for a third of the price for the reals. Happy Tuesday Shoesday!

Tuesday ShoesDay: Winter Work Boot

Reclaimed Readables, January 27th

Happy Tuesday readers and friends. Today's features include the top drugstore concealers, how retail therapy can actually make you more insecure, 17 small space solutions for storage, why you need to know who Tess Munster is, 11 habits of highly fashionable people, gorgeous closet inspiration, and every single piece from the Ava and Viv collection.

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Domaine Home: 17 Solutions for small space storage
WhoWhatWear: Meet the first ever size 22 model signed to a major modeling agency
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Racked: Every piece from Target's new plus size line

Monday, January 26, 2015

Debonair Duds: Dapper Dudes from the Screen Actors Guild Awards

Last night was the Screen Actors Guild Awards. If you've been reading this blog long enough, you know most of my excitement starts and ends at the red carpet. 

And this year was certainly exciting indeed. Oh yeah, there were tons of gowns, glimmer, and glam as the ladies of the SAG awards glittered as they arrived. 

But I wanna talk about the dudes. Yep, the dapper dudes donned their debonair duds for the occasion. And being that it is still man crush Monday, this post is all about them. 

First on my list is the ever sharp Mario Lopez. 

Next on my top señors of the SAG awards is the hilariously charming Ty Burrell. 

Michael Keaton is always a winner when it comes to mens best dressed.

The ruggedly dapper Joe Manganiello steals spot number 3.

The broodingly beautiful Kit Harrington slays the red carpet, John Snow style. 

And The Reclaimed's best dressed of SAG awards goes to Mr Lenny Kravitz. This man refuses to age or release you from his uber rock cool vibes. 

That's all for this year's SAG awards. Who was on your best dressed?

Reclaimed Readables, January 26th

Happy Monday ladies and gents! This week on #ManCrushMonday, we check out the best and worst of Milan street style, your barber teaches you a thing or 5 about grooming, simple yet effective ways to your energy levels, serious outfit inspiration, what 1 writer really thinks about the whole Lumbersexual thing, 5 Pitti Uomo trends to incorporate now, and how organizing and decorating can be the same thing. 

The Cut: The best/worst street style from Milan mens fashion week
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