Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday ShoesDay: Breast Cancer Awareness Kicks

There are very few illnesses that are as pervasive as Breast cancer. It affects young and old, rich and poor, even male and female. Breast cancer doesn't care about your ethnicity, income, religion, or political persuasion. It just wants to take you out. 
And it's high time we kick breast cancer into oblivion. 

Fortunately, there are some pretty awesome ( and super comfy) shoes to do it in. In honor of October being breast cancer awareness month, here are 6 pairs of pink infused sneaks all cool enought to help us take breast cancer out. 

BONUS: proceeds of the sales of each of these kicks will go to either breast cancer treatment, research, or awareness funds.  

Tuesday ShoesDay: Breast Cancer Awareness Kicks

Reclaimed Readables, September 30th

Happy Tuesday readers!

Let's send September off right with some pretty awesome features. Links today include 3 Pinterest beauty DIYs tested, one girl goes broke and teaches us how not to look it, the healthy way to argue, unusual but amazing autumn color combos, a fall beauty guide for the budget inclined, and why your grandma has better style than you. 

Byrdie: 3 Pinterest Beauty DIYs put to the test
Refinery 29: How to not look broke (even though you could be)
Relevant Mag: How to have a healthy argument
WhoWhatWear: Unexpected but so chic fall color combos
Refinery 29: The Broke Girl's Guide to Fall Beauty
Huff Post Style: Why you need to take style tips from your Grandma

Monday, September 29, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, September 28th

Happy Monday readers. Hoping all of you had a relaxing or exciting but all around fun weekend and are refueled to tackle another week.

It's #ManCrushMonday and today's links include you new favorite fall loafer, how you could be doing this whole beard thing wrong and what to do to fix it, how to win at laundry, your home gym now fits under your bed, 10 major style moves to make this season, and the best hair cuts based on your face shape.

The Three F: Your perfect haircut based upon your face shape
Dappered: 10 essential moves to make for fall
Menswear Style: Your home gym just got way smaller
Selectism: Do. Better. Laundry. Now
Style Girlfriend: Your doing your beard wrong
Menswear Style: Meet your new favorite fall loafer

Sunday, September 28, 2014

In Case You Missed It: September 21st-28th

This week was full of booty banter, leather jackets, cheap and chic shoes and what I bought all month at the thrift. Here it all is, in case you missed it.

ManCrushMonday: "Leather" Jackets
TuesdayShoesday: Fall under Fifty: Autumn Shoe Guide
Dear Vogue: My Big Booty is not a Trend
ThrowbackThursday: The Sad and Lost Story of Saartjie Baartman
This Month in Thrift: September

The Reclaimed Early Autumn Inspirations

Well it's very much autumn. And there are simply so many beautiful items coming out this season. Fall is my favorite season. Leather, knit, quilt, and the like are  taking over where gauzy, float fabrics used to be. Boots are replacing flip flops and no one could be happier than I.

Here are the pieces that have me very inspired for this fall.
The Reclaimed Autumn Inspirtations

Long shirt

Vero Moda crop top
$45 - veromoda.com

Pink feather skirt

Pull&Bear black skinny jeans
$13 - pullandbear.com

Quiz blue jeans
$33 - houseoffraser.co.uk

H&M sweat pants
$24 - hm.com

Givenchy leather tote
$2,390 - selfridges.com

Leather tote

Miu Miu clutch

Gold bracelet

CC SKYE cuff bracelet

Ray-Ban sunglasses

Friday, September 26, 2014

Reclaimed Readables,September 26th

It's Friday! Time to kick back and turn up after a long work week. 

Start off the weekend right. Fall is the best, and featured are 6 reasons why. Also featured today are tips to help you never buy the wrong foundation again, how to master the seasons trickiest trends, the only 10 beauty items you need in your bag at a time, and 13 chic pieces to own and wear for the rest of your life.

WhoWhatWear: 6 compelling reasons why fall is the best
Byrdie: Never buy the wrong foundation again
Refinery 29: Fall's trickiest trends and how to master them
The Zoe Report: The only 10 beauty items you need in your purse
WhoWhatWear: 13 timeless pieces to wear all your life

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: September at the Thrift

This month, the shopping hasn't been all that major as in past months. However, the finds, though few, are no less awesome. 
Madewell sweater- Original price $88
Thrift price: $10

Joe's Jeans- Original Price $165
Thrift Price: $8

Cynthia Rowley Tee- Original Price $58
Thrift Price: $1

Brooklyn Industries Jacket- Original Price $89 
Thrift Price: $8

James Perse Standard- Original Price $280
Thrift Price: $4

Haute Hippie-Original Price $275
Thrift Price: $6

Gorg Crystal Necklace- Thrift Price $1

Crystal Ring- Thrift Price $1

So instead of spending about $950, I spent a whopping 39 bucks. Not a bad haul for the month if I do say so.

#ThrowbackThursday: The Sad and Lost Case of Saartjie Baartman

The obsession with curvy bodies is not something familiar nor does it have pleasant beginnings. I first heard this story from Instagram as a backlash against not only the Vogue booty article, but also Nicki Minaj's Anaconda. It's disturbing, and pretty sad, but I feel it needs to be told here.

In the early 19th century, a kidnapped and enslaved woman by the name Saartjie (Sarah) Baartman was purchased as part of a circus sideshow. Born to a Khoisan family in South Africa, Saartjie had a genetic medical condition called steatopygia, a condition caused by concentrated amounts of fat in the buttocks and sometimes extends to the front of the thighs and knees, a genetic characteristic in the Khoisan and Bantu tribes of South Africa.
Sarrtjie was convinced in 1810 by an British doctor to travel to London, England where should become very wealthy due to her extravagant looks. She instead was paraded around as a freak show oddity, usually naked. 

This humiliation lasted until public attention wore thin. She then went into prostitution which, it is said, led to her dying of syphilus in December of 1815. 

Her exhibition continued even in death. Instead of being given a proper burial, Saartjie's body was dissected, then put on display for over 150 years. Museum goers could view her brain, skeleton, and even her genitals before her remains were laid to rest.

This sad account of one woman that history forgot makes me wonder how we are honoring our ancestors, when now, instead of an oppressive system enslaving us and parading us as oddities, we are doing it to ourselves.

Those who don't know their past are doomed to repeat it.

Reclaimed Readables, September 25th

Happy Thursday readers!

You're one day closer to a well deserved weekend. Consider today's links an early treat for working so hard. Featured today are 4 fall ready looks that make your fave pair of jeans look so good, the mean psychological trickery of Michael Kors, an instant closet space creating hack, the only autumn beauty guide you should see, and 17 of falls most expensive looking jackets for under $100.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dear Vogue: My Big Booty is not a Trend

The butt has been enjoying some pretty serious time in the spotlight. Booty shapers cannot stay on the shelves, Brazilian butt lift is being taught in gyms, and butt implants are no longer taboo.

It's even received its own Vogue article by Patricia Garcia "The Dawn of the Butt", which has caused some major issues between communities of color and the publication. ( side note: if you want a good laugh, go on Twitter and type in #voguearticles...amazing.) 

But even before that, CNN correspondent Dr. Anthony Youn stated back in February of 2013 that "Kim Kardashian is still the poster child for a large and shapely backside.

To begin; I appreciate what this could do for body image. Let's be real for a moment; Vogue magazine isn't exactly the bastion publication for positive body image. Month after month, page after page, we are bombarded with what is supposed to be the ideal shape of a woman, which very often doesn't include any curves except (maybe) a smile. She's tall, long armed and legged, and very (very) thin, with no ass-ests to mention. 

Then I experience a major disconnect between what "popular" culture shows me as ideal, and what my own culture says. I return to hear from my own community the appreciation for curves, big butts especially. I mean how many songs were out about twerking before Miley Cyrus attempted to gyrate her lack of derrière on a married man (another story for another day)? 

And if you grab any (and especially) Hip Hop Mags like The Source or King, you will be bombarded by big booty beauties. I'm not saying it's right. I'm saying it's simply not as new as more mainstream mags are treating it.

The fact that a magazine of its stature is proclaiming something very contrary to what the cultural norm has been is huge. 

But what bothers me is not the focus on the particular body part, but how it was even placed into the spotlight to begin with. Garcia ends her article by saying "Which brings us full circle to J. Lo—the original trailblazing butt girl—and the imminent video for “Booty,”...It features the 45-year-old doused in what looks like Vaseline or honey, prompting listeners to “Throw up your hands if you love a big booty.” It’s safe to say that, this time around, the world is thoroughly ready for the jelly. " 

JLo? The "original trailblazing butt girl"? What? 

Ok, so to be 45 and look like that is a feat that should be praised, but there were plenty of big booty babes long before her. Saying that JLo is the original booty anything is like saying Queen's "Fat Bottom Girls" was the first song written about big booties. It's just incorrect.

Curve queens Beyonce (Umm hello, she sang Bootylicious) and Nicki Minaj (who at this point has shown everyone her ass) aren't even mentioned until towards the end of the article. 
And who NEVER got mentioned, with a butt that could put all above to shame, was the perfect posterior of tennis champion Serena Williams. 

Have you seen this thing? 
It's got it's own gravitational pull (ask any straight African American man about that.)

I ask you: what does Iggy, Jen, or JLo have on Serena Williams? I mean come on, if you're going to proclaim it as the year of the booty, get a REAL booty to officially inaugurate it. 
What also bothers me is that this whole popularization of the fanny could be send as a trend. It is Vogue's job to report to the masses what is up and coming, to be the cutting edge of style and fashion. By proclaiming it the year of the booty, it could be observed as a passing fad that will eventually go out of style in time rather than a rallying call for positive body image. 

But how can a body part be treated as a fashion trend? Maybe rather than treating it like the it shoes or the hot new bag, we should instead embrace who we are and love our bodies. 

For years, black girls were told that big butts were unsightly on one end, but on the other end there were entire albums throughout the decades dedicated to the derrière (and the ability to rhythmically bounce it). Now all of the sudden, because of Kim K and an Iggy song, it's the year of the booty?

I'm just going to go ahead and say it so we can all move on from here: BIG BUTTS WERE GREAT LONG BEFORE WHITE PEOPLE DECIDED THEY WERE. And just because popular culture has decided they are ok really doesn't affect how we currently feel about our booties. Booties will be great long after the fad of them wears off in popular culture. Before Kim K or Iggy made everyone comfortable with the idea of the big butt, they were more than ok in the black community and they will continue to be. As far as many are concerned, every year could be the year of the booty.

Butts have been have been big for years. Curvy girls have been owning it for longer than these popular yet somewhat pretentious publications have even been around. 

All this very late and quite silly proclaimation shows is that Vogue simply hasn't been paying attention.