Friday, February 28, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, 2/28

Today's Readables feature the much anticipated SJP for Nordstrom line as well as SJP's own thoughts on the matter, the anti guilt mommy mantra, and H&M's upscale line "H&M Studio". Happy weekend loves!

NY Mag: New Mommy Mantra "I AM the standard."
The Zoe Report: Team Zoe favorite Lipsticks
Racked: Sarah Jessica Parker's SJP Line 
NY Mag: Every "Best Actress" Winning Dress since 1929
Racked: H&M Runway Line now called Studio 
Refinery 29: The Big Problem with Plus Size
NY Mag: Rick Owens chooses real women for this F/W214 Show
WhoWhatWear: What SJP has to say about SJP

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, 2/27

Whether it's Free People using fans and customers for their sites, older muses for prominent beauty companies, saying goodbye to Loehmanns, or finding your daily affirmation, these Readables are geared to make you see the other side of feeling fashionable.

NYMag: At 68, Charlotte Rampling is the new face or NARS
Refinery 29: 10 Habits of High Net Worth Women
Man Repeller: What is your daily affirmation?
Racked Philly: Free People Features Real Customers instead of models
Racked: Marc Jacobs chooses Jessica Lange as the face of Marc Jacobs beauty
The Fashion Spot: Do bloggers belong at Fashion Week (Video) 
Refinery: Ode to Loehmanns, final farewell


The Reclaimed, this month, turns 6 months old. I figured for today, would be a good time for a bit of introspection.

I was flipping through some pics recently and I realized that I have changed. A lot. It's like I look the same, but I'm so not the same. 

Let me share:
Early life me. Look at the swagger on that sailor suit as I pick flowers. C'mon, I was kind of a cutie.
We can go ahead and skip those, eh, awkward years between 3 years old and, um...18. Yeah. Let's skip those. 

Early Twenties...needless to say were an exploratory time where I played around with a bunch of different styles and looks. This was also the time in my life where there was a lot of...transition. Graduation from college, engagement, a wedding, a separation. 

This is the stage I refer to as the "planted" stage. It was literally the best of times and the worst of times. It became overwhelming. I felt like I had been shoved into a deep dark and crushing place. I felt like I was being buried alive. 

But I wasn't. Only dead things get buried. I was very much alive. I was being planted.

Me mid twenties, still goofing off. Still silly, still with a sort of immature look. No wonder people couldn't tell how old I was (they still can't, and I use it to my advantage.) but there was still a lot of self searching/ discovery to do. I stayed in very comfortable clothes, because, let's face it, this was the most uncomfortable period of my life. Loosing my home midst separation, then finding a place with a room mate only to be evicted (and it wasn't my fault! Loooooong story) only to have my home reestablished while at the same time loosing my job only to find a much much better one, all while discovering a God whom I had run from for over a decade since He first called me.

I now look at these pics with such amazement. How did this girl endure so much pain and still manage to authentically smile? There is really only one way...and it wasn't any resiliency within me, because I had none then. I was clinging to a Source greater than I. I wouldn't have made it if I hadn't.

This is the seedling stage. I was just a tiny tender green shoot, pushing out of the crushing darkness where I had been planted, stretching towards the sun, and the Light. Growing and soaking in as much affirmation and love and God as I could.

And then suddenly...

Me now. Late 20's. Divorce is final, and I feel the most...liberated I've ever felt. It felt like my whole heart and mind and being was just opening up. 

Burdens being lifted obviously manifest in multiple ways, the major ones being a discovery that I actually am beautiful, and I am worth not being thrown away. With those and many other realizations, I guess I've arrived to the flower blooming stage. And I intend to stay here as long as God allows me, soaking in the sun, dancing in the breeze, and just enjoying being alive.

And I can see it now. My own personal style was really unleashed. Blazers to show strength. Statement necklaces to comment on my continued value of my uniqueness. Jeans dressed up in some sort of way because I don't want to compromise who I ultimately am, a comforting and comfortable soul. 

But it's all me. Bright colors, structured bags, goofy smile and big eyes. 

It has been a very long and taxing journey, but I feel like I'm finally getting there.

There's a lot of self acceptance, and more importantly, self love between the middle collage and the lower one. I think that's the most important part of all of this. Yeah sure, my outfits got so much better, but so did my own view of me. 

I guess I really did grow up after all. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gwen Stefani for ShoeDazzle

I know, I know. I put this story into today's Readables, but the more I researched on it, the more I felt compelled to share.

Let me say first that I love Gwen. Whether it's singing with the awesome No Doubt or solo, her lines for OPI, designing for LAMB or Harajuku Lovers and the like, I'm a fan. 

So when I saw a teaser come up on my Instagram feed from ShoeDazzle featuring a super fab shoe and that oh so famous uber red pout, I knew something big was in the works. 

And today, after looking at the collection, I am far from disappointed. The line known as GX by Gwen Stefani is sold exclusively for ShoeDazzle and is a collaboration that you don't want to miss out on.
Just a heads up, GX is pricier than the usual glamorous yet affordable ShoeDazzle wares. The line of bags and shoes really do speak for themselves with styles as diverse as Gwen herself, from tribal to rock, all baring Japanese names and brandishing colors like white, black, red and cobalt like uber chic weaponry. Feast your eyes on my top picks:

And of course bags:
You can find these and many more styles at Happy shopping ladies!

Reclaimed Readables, 2/26

Whether it's Alex and Ani's amazing jewelry making it where no fashion has gone before, Gwen's amazing Shoe Dazzle Line, or teaching our daughters that they are amazing and it's not JUST because they are pretty, Today's Readables are all about the amazing things going on around us. Enjoy!

The Zoe Report: Gwen Stefani's Shoedazzle Line Launches TODAY!
WhoWhatWear: 13 Trends we want back
My Brown Baby: Teaching Girls to Love Themselves, and not just because they are pretty
Fashion Bomb Daily: German Designer Phillip Plein Spring/Summer Ad
Racked: Alex and Ani and the Jewelry Commercial during the Super Bowl 
Fashionista: Jonathan Adler and Tom's make beautiful babies...
Refinery 29: Chic and Comfy Sweatshirts

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Who Just Finds This Stuff: Stuart Weitzman Leather Tote

Last week's super Thrift Visit yielded some major and amazing results. Results that I am still very stunned about. 

Not that I had any doubts about the thrifting process or that the store where I was COULD yield high end items. My shock still lies in the AMOUNT that was present and beyond reasonably priced for purchase. Blessings sure have a way of raining down.

Here was one of the purchases.
This is a Stuart Weitzman emerald green leather tote. Stuart Weitzman would be in the same family as Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik, all of whom are more well known for producing very high end shoes than anything else.

That says nothing about their accessories, though, which given the quality and craftsmanship can stand on their own next to more well known accessories and bags producers. This bag certainly does.

With buttery soft leather, impeccable stitching, this is a great little tote I may have to throw into the rotation.
Stuart Weitzman bags can run as high as 650, maybe more. This gorg tote set me back $10. And cue my happy dance.

What will you find when you go a-thriftin?

Reclaimed Readables, 2/25

Do it yourself statement necklaces by A Pair and A Spare, guy looks that ladies hate, super blogger stationery (fellow bloggers rejoice!) and do black designers HAVE to use black models, just a sample of Today's Readables. Enjoy!

WhoWhatWear: Trends Guys love that we hate
Racked: Milan's Weird Fashion Week
A Pair and A Spare: Dont like the statement necklaces you've been seeing? Make your own!
Fashion Bomb Daily: Discussion: Should Black Designers ONLY use Black Models?
Huff Post Style: New Study, Women spend 78% of our day on our looks
Refinery 29: The Weird Stuff Your Guy is doing on Social Media
WhoWhatWear: Things you should Never Wear to Work
Racked: Big Name Blogger Garance Doré Launches Stationery Line

Monday, February 24, 2014

Who Just Find's This Stuff: Anthropologie Icy Mountains Pouch

I have a very big spot in my heart for Anthropologie. Walking around the store this past weekend reminded me of how much exactly how much love I had for this brand/store. The Philadelphia location is gorgeous. Whimsical, vintage, ethereal, magical, Anthropologie stole my heart years ago and with every visit, tweet, catalogue, and purchase, I fall even deeper.

But I have to admit, Anthro is a little more expensive than I would like to spend...ok A LOT more expensive than I would like. 

I must say that this has to be one of my most favorite and treasured purchases from the thrift.
This is the "Icy Mountains" pouch.
Very pretty. Well made. Lovely detailing. Beautiful artistry. I was in love before I knew anything about this pouch.
It wasn't unit I opened the pouch that I realized exactly how special this pouch was.

The tag was still attached to its original string. See that price. $48. Ouch. That in itself made this purchase great. But even more special, this yellow card was also inside. This exact pouch was the prototype sample before mass production of this item could begin. 
And that's how much I paid for it. 

Needless to say that I'm a very happy happy girl!

What will you find?

How She Wore It: Sequin Bow Sweater

Happy Monday loves.

Monday is the day most people don't really like. Some of us feel like Monday symbolizes the return to the weekly grind, making the donuts, back to the hustle. I'm with you guys, Monday can be a major drag.

So to make my Monday a little more bright, I decided to rock some sparkle and some bows...all at the same time. Don't worry, it's not as intensely girlie as you think. Observe.

Remember that chevron Cardi I got from when W.E. Went shopping? And the Jovonnista sweater from the This Week in Thrift?
Well I used both to create a comfy cute nanny look that kept me warm (practicality) and kept me from having the Monday blues.

Happy Monday my friends!

Reclaimed Readables, 2/24

Happy Monday All. I hope you all have had a great and restful weekend and are starting the week off strong. Here are your Readables for today. Enjoy!

WhoWhatWhere: How to master new feminine trends
Racked: Reformation's Company Producer and the Racist Black History Month Instagram
New York Times: The New Feminist Movement; The Ugly Selfie
The Guardian: Models 60+ are Rocking the Fashion Scene
NY Mag: The 9 Most Popular Backstage Beauty Products

Saturday, February 22, 2014

This Week in Thrift

This week had to have been my most epic week thrifting yet. Four of the items will be featured in future "Who Just Finds This Stuff". Yeah, that's how great it was.

Round 1:
3 amazing necklaces (one from Express) 
A silver bracelet 
A Calvin Klein Wallet
A Kenneth Cole Wrist Wallet
A Coach Passport Cover
An Anthropologie Pouch
A Jacobs by Marc Jacobs Quilted Leather Bag
A Stuart Weitzmann Leather Tote

Round 2:
An Atmosphere floral bodycon dress
A Jovonnista sequins bow pattern sweater
A black statement necklace

Round 3:
A Neiman Marcus Tote
A Steve Madden Quilted Wrist Wallet
And a Burberry sweater

It looks like a lot, but for the price of a night out I nabbed these major steals. 

Probably won't be visiting the thrifting until next month (in the process of purging stuff and getting ready for Lent) but it won't mean I won't have fun (or be selling) some of these super gorgeous finds.

Happy Thrifting!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Who Just Finds This Stuff: Loeffler Randall for Target

Confession: It's very hard to keep up with all of the brands. I mean there must be thousands of high end companies filling the shelves of Neiman's, Bergdorf's, Nordstroms, and Harvey Nichols. But once you find the ones you love, it's easy to spot them, especially when thrifting. It's as though you have an internal radar for them, finding them in bins, baskets, shelves or racks of thrift shops pretty easily.

Loeffler Randall is one of mine.

Loeffler Randall is a brand that blends the chic sophistication of uptown and the trendy edge of downtown so effortlessly making their pieces pretty universally appealing. The brand was born in 2005 and quickly gained popularity with celebs and socialites...and otherwise pretty cool people.

And then, the brand does a collaboration with Target back in December of 2007 (I love it when brands do that). Seven years later, I happen to have gotten my little hands on a piece of that collection...
Ugh satchel, you don't look a day over new! Still in impeccable condition, and at $8, you're just the price I like!
Gorgeous. Love this happy new edition to Whit's Bag sanctuary.

Reclaimed Readables, 2/21

Here's today's Readables! Enjoy and happy Friday!

Racked: Did someone say Hermés Sample Sale?
The Zoe Report: Making Your Fancy Candles Last
Byrdie: The Truth about Make Up Expiration Dates
WhoWhatWear: Seven Signs It's Time to Clean Out Your Closet
Racked: Amazon wants to bring on J. Crew and Ralph Lauren
PopSugar: What Editors are looking for during Fashion Week

Thursday, February 20, 2014

For Sale!

The thrift has been very very good to me (as you will soon see in future posts). But there is no way can keep great finds to myself! Nor do I want to. So I've listed some pretty awesome things that need good (and stylish) homes to go to.

Check out my eBay page to see all of the items up for sale. Here are some of the best:
This Dooney and Bourke Black Nylon and Leather cross body.

These VERY RARE Kenneth Jay Lane Sunnies.
A simple and supple brown Calvin Klein Wallet

Patent Leather Kenneth Cole Reaction Wallet/Wristlet.

Interested? Want to see more (like the epic Sergio Rossi or BCBG Paris heels I have listed)? Click on the link above!

Reclaimed Readables

As a blogger, I am constantly scouring info, soaking in brands, scrolling sites, and searching for all that is frugal or fashionable, interesting or inspiring to share with you. I have learned while blogging that we all are, in essence, editors of our own world. We toss out info we deem unnecessary and we hold on to what we think is valuable, profitable, or entertainable (another Reclaimed made up word!)

In this new daily segment called Reclaimed Readables, I will share some of the most interesting (usually fashion related, but no promises here) stories of the day.

Here are the Reclaimed Readables items from today, February 20th:

New York Times: Gap Raises it's Minimum Wage
Women's Wear Daily: Plus Line Eloquii to be Relaunched W/O the Limited
Style Tips for the Girl on a Shoe String Budget
H&M Put Paris Preview on Pinterest

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Breaking Fashion News: H&M Plans to Show at Paris Fashion Week

If there was a show I'm actually interested in seeing, it would be the H&M Paris Fall/Winter 2014 Show. Yep, PARIS Fashion Week. And I love it!

This will actually only be the second time the budget friendly yet oh so chic brand has shown for fashion week at Paris Fashion Week, but H&M is quickly becoming the quiet favorite among the fashionati. Seriously, who wouldn't be rooting for this underdog as this show could potentially take the spotlight from more established shows like Chanel and Vuitton? I know I will be.

Last year's show at the Museé Rodin drew the young and fashionable such as Ashley Olsen, Emma Roberts and Chloe Grace Moretz. 

This year's feature? Live streaming with both pre-show backstage and front row views. In fact, according to H&M spokespeople, there will be an opportunity to watch the show from four different live stream views. The show will air on February 26th at 9:20pm CET via 

New York Fashion Week: Who Is Gonna Wear This $#!t?

So you all know and understand how I feel about Fashion Weeks in general. I'm just not hype. At all. But I will admit that there are some interesting things that do emerge from them, whether new trends to watch (stay tuned, trend reports coming at the end of this month following all 4 [yes four] fashion weeks) a new style to try, or a vintage look given life. 

However, with these fashion pluses there comes fashion minuses. Guess that's how it all evens out for me.

Let's start with beauty. You all know I'm not forgiving on nails and these are just the worst. And about this hair...are we bring the "high top" to women's realm of styling? I just don't get it.

And then there are the clothes. Oh boy. Where to start? I won't, I will just leave these discussion pieces up to you. I will only ask the question posed in the title.

Guys, you weren't exempt from the terri-bad that infected this season's shows. I mean, my fellas, are you really ready to rock...ANY OF THIS?

But before I wrap this up, there is a very special mention. By far the worst show state side that I've seen has to go to Thom Browne.
Holy ugly clothes, Batman. This is just astounding.
I'm almost stunned into silence. 

Mr Browne, I understand your penchant for throwing a...unique show, but how is that going to get these items purchased? And who is going to wear them? (I mean as far as sane people go, you crazies who like this don't really care about anyone's opinions, least of all mine.)

I get it, it's all for the big show that Fashion Week has become. Honestly, this show is starting to resemble a walking art gallery of weird rather than beautiful, appealing, oh and functioning clothes. 

I'm just think about the painstaking efforts some person in a factory or workshop underwent to produce a garment that ins more for artistic show than for functionality. 

And that's exactly what I do not get. Whatever happened to showing fashion? Yes interesting. Yes creative. But still operable, wearable fashion. Clothes that spoke to what is true about the individual donning them. Bags that complemented the total ensemble. Shoes that pull it all together. What happened to that stuff?

I miss clothes like that. Good thing I can still find some at the thrift and vintage shops.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Who Just Finds This Stuff: Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch

I am a huge fan of Rebecca Minkoff. Her always on trend, yet very classic accessories, especially bags, are gorgeously well crafted and time and abuse enduring. I first became familiar with the brand when my lovely boss handed me her well loved, yet still oh so fly Morning After Bag, a bag I still very much love and use quite often.

But that's not the bag I'm going to talk about. Nope, because I found something recently that added points to the Minkoff love.

I'm talking the MAC (Morning After Clutch). This bag is just the perfect Crossbody. No real other way to describe it. Roomy, chic, comes in a WIDE variety of colors and styles, and amazingly well made. But as you can imagine, these bags running a pretty penny.

But I finally got one and I got to keep my pretty pennies. Where stores like Bloomingdales and Nordstroms are selling this bag for $295 and up, I bought mine for a mere $46 from Buffalo Exchange. Not what I usually spend on bags, but considering even eBay peeps want almost $100 for these and Tradesy wanted even more, I think I did well. 

Very well...

It may be a little used but it still has a lot of life in it.

Im in love! This may become my new side kick for thrifting adventures!