Monday, November 30, 2015

No Sweat: Great Men's Sweaters for under $50

(Photo from We Heart It)

There is something so quintessentially dapper about a man in a well made sweater. Whether with jeans and kicks or slacks and loafers, these cozy knits have been outfit elevators for decades and are our go tos once the temperatures begin to plummet. Here are 12 very well made sweaters for $50 and under to keep your torso warm and your wallet well lined. 

No Sweat: Great Men's Sweaters for under $50

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I love plaid on guys. Seriously. For me, plaid can be both casual and corporate. It's so easy to dress it up and it adds something cool and comfy to a tee and jeans. Here, I have taken this plaid shirt to the office to crush Monday in such a cool way. By layering a black v neck sweater over the plaid and adding tapered gray pants, I make this shirt instantly office ready. A black coat and suede boots as well as a few other accessories finish the look and have you set to conquer your Monday in style, comfort and (because every piece here is $50 or less) with a very happy wallet.

Have a great Monday, handsome.

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Reclaimed Readables, November 30th

Happy Monday all!

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Saddle Up: Saddle Bags for $50 and Under

(Photo from We Heart It)

For those of us would rather (or rather have to) spend the cash for Chloe's 'Marcie' bag, the quintessential saddle bag, there are now a slew of options in a happier price range that offer as much style without exploding your credit card balance. Here are 11 different styles, from the pattern passioned maximalist, to the boho chic, from the classic, all the way to the purest minimalist, there is a bag for you, and for $50 and under. 

Happy Sunday loves!

Saddle Up: Saddle Bags for $50 and Under

Friday, November 27, 2015

Friendsgiving Friday

The day after Thanksgiving is usually an interesting one. Over eating combined with bloat combined with copious naps and deep sleep make for a difficult dressing day. My suggestion? A loose flowing top, and stretch pants that don't look like stretch pants.

Take for example, today's look. I combined this loose flowing tunic that can be belted at the waist (should you have behaved yesterday) with denim leggings. Suede boots are always great for an autumn look. I finish the look with a cozy circle scarf, a camel leather bag, a pair of shades, and a great camel coat.

What a chic (and cheap) way to hide the food sins of yesterday while gathering today. Have a great Friday loves.

Friendsgiving Friday

H m tunic
$38 -

Long sleeve coat

M S Collection zipper legging
$42 -

Warehouse beige shoulder bag
$38 -

Old Navy tube scarve

Reclaimed Readables, November 27th

Happy Friday, loves!

In the continued spirit of Thanksgiving, here is a double size helping of Readables featuring how to survive Black Friday, ways to beat thanksgiving bloat, how to entertain through party disasters, DIY copper candle holders, yummy leftover ideas, the actual history of Thanksgiving, 20 chic women talk style, luxurious gifts for under $100, how to care for your fave clothes, great holiday shopping apps, what to buy at Zara for $20, and easy ways to add style to your tee and jeans. 

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving From The Reclaimed

I would like to wish everyone of you a very warm and wonderful Thanksgiving. May it be a blessed time full of family, friends, and of course, food.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Why c. Booth? Why?!

Influenster has been spoiling me lately with great moisturizers. 

Considering we are moving into winter (read: Cold air, intense heating systems, and very dry skin) I could use all the help I can get. After the last send, I wasn't sure I could get any better.

Then I received this mailer to try a product line I honestly wanted to test for a while now, a mailer for c Booth products.

Never turning down an opportunity to be a Guinea pig for fellow dry skin sufferers out there, I said why not. I hit up my local Rite Aid and grabbed this big boy. 
The Vanilla Butter Body Lotion.

Whoa that's a lot of moisturizer. Thirty Two Ounces to be exact.

And for about 10 bucks too. Hmm, seems like too much value with too many promises for too little cash to be effective. 

Turns out in the case of this product, you don't get what you pay for. Only ten dollars for 32 ounces of moisturizer sounds like a product that should be watered down, ineffective, or made with sub par ingredients. 

But as I've said, with c Booth, you don't get what you pay for. 

You actually get better. 

The product itself is thicker than most lotions but thinner than gloppy body butters. 👍🏽

This product has a pleasent and light vanilla scent that doesn't over power at all. 👍🏽

After a few weeks of slathering this product on my dry reptilian skin, I've noticed softer, smoother, more supple skin. 👍🏽

It was less than stellar with those hard to moisturize spots between my thumbs and pointer fingers (still looking for a moisturizer that can tame those spots for longer than an hour or two.) 👎🏽

But overall, I give this product a B+. 

Needless to say, I still have most of this bottle, hopefully enough to last me into (and maybe even through) winter. It's a great addition to my daily attempt at taming my dry cold weather skin. 

And now I'm stuck on a new product. 

Why c Booth? Why?!

*This product was receive et gratis through the Influenster program.