Monday, June 30, 2014

The Look for Less: Cool Change

The summer heat and humidity shouldn't be an inhibition to your style. Finding items like blazers and slacks in lighter fabrics and colors are great ways to maintain your dapper and keep you cool (physically and stylishly).

Gentlemen, may I present your look for less, cool change style.

The Look for Less: Cool Change

Reclaimed Readables, June 30th

It's #ManCrushMonday once again! This weeks links feature how you how to ball on a budget; shows us how to rock the vivid pocket square; gives us 9 reasons not to fear white jeans; links you to the most dapper sales of the season; how to wear the summer loafer; and how a gentleman ought to wear pink and green.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, June 27th

Happy Friday loves!

These are your last Readables for the week. New ways to wear your stripes in summer, 7 takes on your old graphic tee; easy summer outfits in 3 simple steps; when it's actually ok to quit; summer skin care for oily skin; and no, you aren't imagining it, you DO look cooler in your sunglasses. 

Refinery 29: 3 New (and uber cute) Ways to wear your warm weather stripes
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Relevant Mag: When is it OK to quit 
Refinery 29: Nope you aren't imagining it, sunglasses do make you look hotter 
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Influenster Go Vox Box

Influenster has been good to me. Every so often I receive a box full of goodies, usually centered around a particular theme. 

This was my 3rd of the Vox Boxes they have sent me to test and review. The *GoVox Box came packed with sports and wellness centered products for me to test. Here's the line up:

Playtex Sport
This was probably the most awkward thing to review because, well, it's tampons. (I feel like I just lost every guy who supported me) So I figured let's just get the most awkward thing out of the way first.

I've been a fan of PlayTex products for years now. But this was my first time testing the Sport brand. Sparing you the (literal) gory details, they work great.

Pros: comfortable, in most markets, shops, and drug stores, reliable
Cons: prices are usually on the higher end of feminine products

Müller Yogurt
Included in the Vox Box was a coupon for a free Müller yogurt. The only bummer was where the hell to find Müller in Germantown, Philadelphia. Needless to say, I needed to venture out into a more affluent neighborhood to even find the stuff.

It was worth the trip. I tested the Müller "früt up" product in lucious lemon. Scrumptious.

Pros: yummy, high quality ingredients
Cons: very difficult to even find, not as popular of a brand

The Vitamin Shoppe Fit and Full Shake and Jaxx Cup
The Vitamin Shop included samples of their Next Step Fit and Full shake as well as one of their Jaxx Shaker Cup. The samples included French Vanilla, Berry, and my personal favorite, Swiss Chocolate. The product actually performed well. It was easy to blend, delicious to drink, and kept me full. Vitamin Shoppe gives you the option of purchasing these in either a large container or, what I really liked, the single serve packs for those of us constantly on the go.

The cup itself was also a very good product, including within it a "Jaxx" blender, literally shaped like one of the Jaxx from our childhood game. This cup blended the shake very well, I experienced literally no clumps at all. 

Pros: portable, easy to make, delicious

Blue Diamond Fruit Flavored Almonds
I'm not usually a fan of almonds. Blue Diamond has officially changed my mind with this product. Their new fruit flavored almonds are so good. This snack was a delectable combination of salty and sweet favors (one of my favorite combinations) The best part? It's a much healthier snack than, say, a chocolate covered pretzel, which has a similar effect on your palette but certainly not your body.

Pros: tastes very good, healthy snack
Cons: pricy for snack food

Aqua Spa Relax Creme 
I love lavender...anything. It's one of my favorite scents. So when I saw Aqua Spa included some of their Relax Creme, an infusion of lavender and chamomile, I was very excited. It didn't disappoint. It's thicker than most lotions, but not as thick as a body butter. It kept my skin smooth for hours with a light scent that just barely lingers. It's a perfect skin creme I could see being used after a shower following a hard day or good work out with the scent alone relaxing away the troubles of the day. 

This product is so popular and so wanted, that it is currently back ordered.

Pros: quality lotion, lovely scent
Cons: not widely available

Pro Foot Pedi Rock and Triad Orthotic
For readers who know me very well, you guys know I don't always go for the most supportive shoe, forgoing a good and supportive sneaker for my Toms or Havianas, or worse, a platform pump. These inserts were a god send. I tried them in one of my favorite, but well worn shoes. Instantly I noticed a difference.

Pros: very well priced, effective, comfortable
Cons: not easy to find in stores
It's summer, and summer means sandal season. Sandal season means the pedicure bill sky rockets, right? Well not necessarily.

I am a DIY-if-I-can-help-it type and with this pedi rock, I was able to soften up my poor neglected feet. I used mine in the shower but you can also use it dry. The "rock" itself feels more like a condensed sponge than anything hard and painful as the name could convey. Even the surface of the Pedi-Rock felt more gentle than expected (think of the most gentle emory board you've known) yet the product is highly effective in removing dry skin. I love it.

Pros: works well dry or wet, gentle, 
Cons: not easy to find in stores

*All products in the GoVox Box were received et gratis from the Influenster Program for testing and promotional purposes.

The Return of the 90's: All Grown Up

The 90's have returned in a major way these past few seasons. Fashion nostalgia has a creepy cool way of returning on us, decades later, with a current twist. Love it or hate it, the decade of Pogs, Ice Ice Baby, Blossom and Slap Bracelets is tip toeing back into our culture, especially our closets.

Here are 7 ways that the 90's have invaded our modern day fashion.
First I ntroduced at the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville, TN and then shown again a year later at a shoe exposition in Chicago by Grendha Shoes, a buyer for a little store called Bloomingdale's saw the Jelly Shoes on display and promptly ordered 2,400 pairs in 9 different styles and the rest is history.

Mixing prints isn't a new thing, but the sophistication of the combination is a new bonus. Rather than just throwing on a bunch of patterned clothes to make the bright shock pop of the 90's, pair lady like prints with a uniting color to create a more polished look.

High waisted shorts and pants aren't new either, and given the decade of butt crackery we had just previously endured, these are also a visual respite to exposed prosteriors. Unlike the 90's version, we now like our high waisted shorts shorter and closer to the leg, as shown above.

I struggle with the Doc Martins trend. But whether or not I love it, the boots of goths and oddballs is now one of the biggest recycled trends from the 90's. Wearing these in a super fem color like hot pink really keeps even the toughest looks a little girlie.
Who DIDNT have a mood ring in the 90's? These mysterious rings supposedly told the mood of the wearer by changing colors. The modern mood ring is a little less gum all machine and way more luxe, but still are just as fun as when we were kids.
Crop tops may have never gone away but they have definitely seen a surge in popularity in the last few years. But instead of cutting off the bottom of your tanks, nab a more elegant cut and pair it with a high waisted skirt for a more polished put together outfit.
I used to love my overalls when I was a kid. Now, not so much. But whether you're on team Osh-Kosh or team Be-Gone, the overall trend is definitely here. Once again, as former 90's kids, we are looking for a more grown up way to wear them. Put on a skinny leg version with a pair of heels and a white tee in a mature texture and good to go.

What other 90's trends have you spotted recently?

Reclaimed Readables, June 26th

Lupita is the new face of Lancôme beauty (and she probably woke up like that) ; the Limited and Scandal team up for a gladiator worthy fashion collab; beauty tips from India and the Middle East; Minimalism gets a movie; 5 tips to get your dream swim suit; and over 30 hair inspos for your summer beauty routine. These are today's Readables.  

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

One Item, Three Ways: The Denim Chambray

Since I've been on this new minimalistic, "appreciate all you have" path, I've learned something about myself. I have too many clothes that I don't wear often enough.

Take, for example, my Gap Denim Chambray. I hardly ever wear it, even though it's super comfy and can be dressed up or down. 

How? Well here are three different outfit ideas to show the versatility of this denim button down. There so many great ways this top can be worn. I've selected three for your consideration.

1) For Work
Most people don't think of wearing denim into the office outside of casual Friday. But with the right Chambray, you can easily pull it off. Here, I've paired the button down with a textured white wrap pencil skirt, a classy back, and simple strappy heels. Tuck the Chambray into the pencil skirt, leave the top 2 buttons undone, and add a string of pearls for professional perfection.

2) For Running Around
This is where we see the denim button down the most. In a casual, comfy, no fuss outfit. Some people are afraid of wearing denim on denim, but contrasting shades of denim actually look great together. Here I have paired this outfit with bronze Havaianas and an easy Crossbody.

3) For Play
For something a little more unusual but very chic, take your Chambray and pair it with a pair of patterned pants. I prefer my pants to taper at the ankle, but wide leg pants will do equally as nice. Chose one color in the pants for accessories. I chose the swirls of red, putting the clothes with red sandals and a red and tan Crossbody. For extra umph, add pumps instead of flats for an unconventional but still very put together look.

So grab your denim button down and try a bunch of things out. You will start to see how versatile pieces like this are in creating unique and unexpected, but no less amazing looks.

Reclaimed Readables, June 25th

Happy Wednesday all.

If hump day feels more like slump day, these Readables can make all the difference. The FBI rescues over 160 trafficked kids; how to be happier at work in several easy and quick steps; the colorblock clutch only you will know is DIY; 5 weird facts you should know about your summer wax; whether your style is tomboy or fashion forward, this is how to wear your shirt dress; the Aussie brand every curvy girl should know; and 2015 Resort trends that you can wear now. 

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday Shoes Day Look for Less: 10 of the Hottest Gladiators

Gladiator sandals, the hard to pull off but oh so chic summer sandal most of us want to try but only find them at prices as high as the chords they bear to wrap around our calves.
Not to worry, faithful fashionista. Here are 10 top styles for your shopping pleasure. Oh and the best part about these bad boys? All of these are under 100 bucks. Enjoy loves!

The Look for Less: 10 of the Hottest Gladiators

Reclaimed Readables, June 24th

Yesterday was all about the guys, today is back to the ladies.

Today in the Readables: a simple summery DIY necklace; what your nails are telling you about your body's health; the 7 types of make up brushes you should have in your routine; the lady sneakerheads shout out; and clever, easy ways to update your work week look!

A Pair and A Spare: The summer DIY Tassel Necklace you will want in every color
Byrdie: What your nails are telling you about your health
The Zoe Report: The 7 makeup brushes you want in your arsenal and why
Refinery 29: Shout Outs to the Lady Sneakerheads, this one is for you
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Monday, June 23, 2014

The Look for Less: Simple Summer by the water

It's officially summer! The season of warm weather, ice cold drinks, BBQs, pools and beaches. But the ladies aren't the only ones who can rejoice in the weather change.

Gentlemen, meet a simple but sharp summer outfit that you will definitely want to repeat. Oh, and the best part? None of these items will break the bank. 

Your welcome guys.

The Look for Less: Simple Summer by the water