Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Wish List: Gifts under $50

The Christmas season is now in full swing. A season of love, light, hope, and presents of all shapes and sizes. If you've been reading this blog long enough, you already know that don't have to spend a ton of money to pick up something  amazing. Just to give you a few good gift ideas, here is my personal wish list, each item is 50 bucks or less (most are well under).

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!
My Wish List: Gifts under $50

Friday, November 28, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, November 28th

Happy Post-Turkey Day all! Hope you've all had a fun, festive and food-filled Thanksgiving.

Today's Readables include cheap and chic gifts from the bullseye boutique, how to wear oversize without drowning in fabric, the Thanksgiving day detox, ways to keep your favorite shoes less smelly, a complete alphabetical guide to Cyber Monday, and the best loyalty programs you may not know about.

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, November 27th

Happy Thanksgiving readers!

Thanks for stopping by on this very special holiday! Today's features include 10 ways we need to redefine gratitude, 4 cranberry DIYs to make you grateful for leftovers, the history behind the thanksgiving table, 10 super fun turkey day games, how to host an epic FriendsGiving, stores that remained closed for the holiday and are ignoring Black Friday, and 13 things nobody wants to hear at dinner.

Relevant Mag: 10 ways to redefine Gratitude
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Look for Less: Thanksgiving Comfy-Formal

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and for many of us, it means dressing up. But turkey also means the potential for a massive food baby. So do we look fabulous and suffer massive hunger pangs or endulge and burst out of our cutely curated looks?

What if you could eat to your heart's (and tummy's) delight AND still look so fab? Here is a great way to really enjoy the holiday in style. 

-A long line white cardigan keeps this look cozy without looking frumpy
-Black dresses are a major wardrobe staple (I personally own 5 different styles and love each for different occasions). opt for one with great structure and a bit of room instead of a stretchier dress that could amplify the food baby.
-Over the knee boots are a major trend for the season.
-A structured bag instantly makes a loud and luxe statement in animal print, and kicks this look up in a fun way.
-A Chunky necklace gives this very femme look a perfect infusion of toughness 
-Thin gold bangles and chic aviators finish the look 

The Look for Less: Thanksgiving Comfy-Formal

Reclaimed Readables; November 26th

Happy happy hump day and Thanksgivng eve readers!

Today's links include 5 holiday season staples, the $38 thanksgiving dinner, 30 high/low gathering glamour essentials, 35 affordable skin loving luxuries (for surviving the post turkey day gauntlet), 17 unusually chic gifts for the budget conscious babe, and (just because) a video on how second wave feminists battled catcallers. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dear Michael,

You and I never knew each other. 

Quite frankly, I've never been to Ferguson, Missouri, or Missouri in general. 

And outside of the news and social media where you've been plastered, I've never seen your face. 

The fact is I know more about you in death than in life. I don't know what for middle name was, what your favorite color was, where you wanted to go to school. 

I don't really know the situation surrounding your death; whether you were surrendering to officer Darren Wilson or fighting back.

I do know that you were shot multiple times. 

I know that you were shot down in broad daylight in the middle of the street. 

I know that your body was left for four and a half hours in the heat of the August sun without the dignity of anyone even covering you up. They left you out for all around to see, just like they used to leave out the bodies of lynched young men and women of color not 50 years ago. 

I know that before there was even word of a trial for your murder, there was already defamation of your character. There were videos supposedly of you, stealing things from a convenience store. And that was a good reason to treat you like you were treated, that pilfering cigars was a justifiable reason to slaughter you. 

I know that it took days to even release the name of your killer, that his privacy was given more respect than yours, the victim. 

I also know that last night, jurors decided not to even indite your murderer. 

In essence, what happened last night was you being put on trial for being murdered. And your murder was deemed right in the sight of this jury. 

And I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. 

I am sorry that you, just like Trayvon, just like Emmit Teal, just like all of those nameless or forgotten black boys who were murdered like animals, won't ever see justice for your brutal murders. 

I'm sorry that you won't have a full life, get married, get that first great job, watch your own children be born. You didn't want to become a martyr. You probably wanted to live your life, and that was stolen from you.

I'm sorry your family will go into this holiday season with an empty seat at the meals and gatherings, that tables of celebrations will instantly turning to tables of mourning. I keep yours and the other families of those who have been affected by this system of violence in deep prayer.

I'm sorry that people who legitimately care nothing for your life, your family, your cause, or the cause of peace are using this as an opportunity to destroy the community, that people looting, commiting acts of violence and destruction under the guise of protests, and that others are pointing to these events as justification for calling all of us who protest the animals that they deep down inside believe that those who are different from them are.

I'm sorry that your gender and skin color deemed you fair game in the open hunting season of black boys and men. 

In your face, I saw my 3 brothers around your age, my cousins, teenage and young adult black men in my ministry. I saw my unborn son. And I feel like we have failed you all. 

I pray that your death will be different, that you won't go to the back pages of our tumultuous racial history but that things will change from here. 

I pray that people will use their righteous indignation for something else other than more destruction and violence. 

I pray that we will evoke the wisdom of generations past and blend it with our socially savvy zeal of today to bring bout effective and longstanding change. 

I pray people actually do participate in the peaceful protests, especially those on Black Friday. But I pray that further actions are done, more than a m

Most of all, I pray the peace of your family  who have lost more than anyone, and rest for your soul. 

Yours truly, 

Reclaimed Readables; November 25th

Greetings readers.

The Readables today highlight the Black Friday protests being organized in light of the Michael Brown/Darren Wilson ruling.

Other features include the cheapest way to get your own personal stylist, beauty icon Janelle Monae on makeup and superpowers, modesty and style can be bffs (here's how), global street style, and your non-tacky guide to wearing holiday sequins.

Today's top feature:
Fashion Bomb Daily: In light of Mike Brown ruling, protesters target Black Friday

Today's fashion features:
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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Look for Less: Style Scenarios- Thanksgiving

Quality inexpensive men's clothes are hard to find, especially for special events, such as Thanksgiving.

Well, I curated not only one, but THREE different looks for your holiday gatherings. These outfits range from chill and casual to dressed and dapper. The best part? All of these looks feature pieces that won't cost you more that $50 each. 


Happy turkey day gents. 
The Look for Less: Style Scenarios- Thanksgiving

Reclaimed Readables; November 24th

Happy Monday readers! 

This week's #ManCrushMonday features the best home gym equipment; top gifts for you dapper dudes; one of football's top stars suspended for the remainder of the season; Movember major facial hair moments for your inspiration; break away from boring blazer style; and holiday outfit ideas to keep you seasonally sharp. 

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