Friday, September 29, 2017

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Today's Readables feature fashion forward work outfits for under $100, professional MUA's on their fall beauty buys, all the goodies you need for you first home, why Getty now bans retouching its models, the returning challenge that shows more curves than country roads, and the newest CoverGirl is 69.

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

#TBT: Women In Media Conference

Alexia and Imani (aren't they lovely!)
To say last weekend's Women In Media Conference surprised me was an understatement.

Amidst all the craziness that was my life last week, running to and from Philly Fashion Week shows and press gatherings, I had the chance to be refilled and to be restored by some very wonderful sisters in ways that I did not expect.

The conference was held in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia at WeWork (which is an Instagrammer's heaven, if you ask me).

I linked up with the winners of my Instagram contest, Imani and Alexia, and prepared for a full day of melanated girl power, which I definitely got. It was the expected day full of women (and men) sharing their expertise on media, and their lessons on life with us in very candid and powerful ways.

What most blessed me about the conference happened during its keynote. Attendees were ushered in to the conference experience with the opportunity to sit at the feet of the historic and prolific Sista Sonia Sanchez and listen to her words she drafted for an upcoming project.

She had a lot to say, as we writers tend to, but it wasn't the amount that she spoke, but it was the power and wisdom conveyed in the gems of her words that most captured me and the other attendees.

About the current political climate, "People laugh at Trump. You can laugh all you want to. Laugh, but organize. Laugh and organize so he won’t get re-elected. That is a dangerous man. You look at him and you understand the 1 percent, the 1 percent that put him in power. Fascism is what’s in their eyes."

She also spoke on the divide of the ethnicities, saying "The people that will end up in a sorry condition will be Black and Puerto Rican, Black and Brown people and working-class whites who have not recognized what has happened to them in this country... It’s about time we look at each other and say, ‘We need to really come together and work together." (emphasis added).

About the decline of urban communities of color, Sista Sanchez said "No one is going to cure our poverty but ourselves...An edifice that produces beggars needs restructuring."

About our purposes, Sista Sanchez said "You got to know why you are put on this Earth, people! You are put on this Earth to make sure change occurs."

She said so much, I could hardly write it all down. Sista Sanchez showed me in an hour and a half that the struggle of women (especially those of color) didn't just begin with the advent of television, it begins with our own representation in literature, in the press, in the eyes of others who are both alike and not like us, and in our own hearts. Through Sista Sanchez, I now fully grasp how much telling our own stories really matters.

She shared life with us, life in her words and stories that shook us from our comfortable news feeds and awoken a deep sense of purpose and direction in us. She shared her life with us, so transparent that we could not only see her more clearly, but we could also see ourselves. I am forever changed.

And I am so grateful to the Women In Media team for this amazing opportunity.

Reclaimed Readables

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Today's Readables feature top power seller's advice on how to sell your old stuff, the one emotion that makes you spend more, you probably have the wrong credit card, bloggers share their top tips for  snagging great deals online, and 5 good reasons you should NOT be saving for retirement.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

TWMBABW: Bespoke Binny

Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs. I charge it to three different things:
- Being style makers and culture creators,
- Seeing need and wants of the different communities,
- A collective "F- it. I'll do it myself" attitude.

I attribute all of these elements to a sister across the pond, Natalie Manima who's lovely brand, Bespoke Binny caught my eye when I was on a scroll run on Instagram. Her creations center combine Vibrant prints from the diaspora adorning mundane objects and give them new, unique, and powerful life. In addition to her business, Natalie is also a new mom, balancing cries, cradles, and cuddles while still providing her customers with beautiful, handcrafted pieces. Natalie is a superwoman unto herself, and has some serious wisdom to drop.

This time on This Was Made By A Black Woman, Bespoke Binny.

"My name is Natalie Manima and I run an African inspired homeware and lifestyle brand called Bespoke Binny. We sell items for most rooms in your home and are continually expanding our range."

After seeing how well Bespoke Binny is doing, I was surprised to find out that Natalie's entrepreneurial journey came about as mere happenstance. "My original career is actually as a cognitive behavioural therapist where I sure people experiencing anxiety and depression. I do still do this now, though it's now something I do part time along side Bespoke Binny. I never at all set out to become and entrepreneur, it was accidental! I really enjoyed sewing as I found it therapeutic, and I used to make things for my home using African prints. Friends encouraged me to try selling the things I was making and it all started from there, really."

Natalie says she started her brand because of her three loves: "I would say 3 things really, my love and enjoyment of sewing, my love for African prints and wanting to express who I am and share that with others."

"I think the best way I can answer that is to say because it's 'me'! Bespoke Binny as a brand really embodies who I am as a person, what I enjoy and feel passionate about. I think any other avenue I could have taken probably would not have been exulted so well."

When asked about her favorite product she creates, Natalie says "This is constantly changing but I would say at the moment my notebooks. Who doesn't love a good notebook, and there's always a use for it! I've always loved stationary and I love now that I finally have some bright african print stationary in my range."

"To me (being Black/Woman owned) means power, not the forceful type, but the kind of power you get when you know exactly who you are and what you stand for. I feel a sense of achievement to know I've started a business from nothing as a black woman and I am so proud of what's been created and that it really resonates with others. It's wonderful to share with others in this way."

You can follow Bespoke Binny here.

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Today's Readables feature Prabal Gurung's fall collab with Lane Bryant, when is it too late to jump on a trend, 11 rules for styling the bump, stunning art shows the beauty of Black Hair braiding, and the top green products according to beauty influencers.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Trend Alert: Glitter Shoes Under $50
It used to be that glitter was reserved for special occasions, parties, and holidays.

Not so much anymore.

The runways this fashion season were sprinkled with sparkling footwear that was more practical than celebratory. Whether you like full out dazzle or just a hint of sparkle,  there are lovely and comfy (YES!!!) pairs for you.

Here are my picks of glittery pairs for Fall, all under $50. Happy Shoesday loves and lovelies.

Trend Alert: Glitter Shoes Under $50

Kensie glitter shoes

Dune block heel sandals
$47 -

Express flat shoes

ASOS pointed toe flat
$44 -

Glitter shoes

ASOS zip boots

Qupid platform shoes

Qupid gray bootie

Office flat shoes
$16 -

ASOS ballet shoes
$22 -

Mule shoes

Reclaimed Readables #TuesdayShoesDay

Happy #TuesdayShoesDay beauts!

This week's footwear friendly Readables features the best places we are finding our favorite fall footwear, the newest creeper from Fenty, the happiest socks for your white sneakers, the 90's shoe that remains a best seller, and the footwear trend that took over runways at Milan Fashion Week.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

This weekend was incredible.

I am admittedly not the biggest sports fan, however, I think could be an understatement when I say that I have, especially after this weekend, developed major respect for those in the spotlight of our sports.

It all started like most drama does now in this country, from the White House. With one tweet, 45 secured his spot as the most childish President the nation has seen in its two centuries, where he uninvited Steph Curry to the White House following his team's win of the NBA championship. Following the tweet , 45, in typical 45 style, held a rally where he addressed sports, particularly those member s of the NFL who chose to protest by taking a knee, saying:

“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these N.F.L. owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out, he’s fired!’ You know, some owner is going to do that. He’s gonna say, ‘That guy disrespects our flag, he’s fired.’ And that owner, they don’t know it. They don’t know it. They’re friends of mine, many of them. They don’t know it. They’ll be the most popular person, for a week. They’ll be the most popular person in the country.”


But, then, something amazing happened. Following the ignorant, childish, and divisive words from 45 this weekend, I and the whole nation, witnessed something incredible.

We saw Lebron James defend Steph Curry, once fierce rivals on the basketball court coming together to denounce ignorance.
We saw a baseball player be one of the first to take a stand by taking a knee.
We witnessed NFL Teams, Coaches, and Owners of every ethnicity taking a knee, linking arms together in solidarity, or refusing to take the field at all during the anthem.

We saw not one, but 2 different artists take knees during their performances of the anthem.
We watch celebrities used their voices and platforms to address the statements made by 45:

Even cultural treasure, Stevie Wonder, during his concert, took time to address the bigger issue and took a knee.

There was a widespread response to 45's words in such a visible, tangible, and memorable way.

No, this is not about an anthem, even through within its lyrics are written murderous threats to the ancestors of those who most populate sports teams today. No, this is not about a flag. This is about the very visible punishment of a player, Colin Kaepernick, who STILL remains unsigned, for taking a very quiet, but very bold stance in kneeling during the national anthem in protest of continual un-condemned violence and injustice against people of color in this country.

That is why we kneel. That is why we link arms. That is why we protest. For the same thing our grandparents protested; the right to being treated as human beings. Period.

In the face of such a showing of togetherness, I ask now what?

Yes, it is good for us to show solidarity on the fields and on social media, but why not also about we show solidarity in the streets? Why not also confront our friends and colleagues for that offensive joke. Why not also stand up to our parents when they say snide comments? Why not also correct our children's behavior if we see it becoming exclusive to others? Why not vote, especially at the smallest levels, to empower those who will empower the types of communities we all want to see?

Why not?

No, I am not sure that today's display will continue into the months to come, or even through the football season.

What I am sure of is this: every time 45 speaks in division, we, the people, take a stand, or a knee in unity.

Fight on, y'all.

And thanks Kaepernick for starting it all.

Reclaimed Readables #ManCrushMonday

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This week's #ManCrushMonday features Jay Z on mental health, where to sell your old clothes, affordable fall coats and jackets, why and when to wash your jeans, and essentials for caring for your favorite clothes.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

All the pieces I am literally buying from Premme

I have already talked to you about the epic coolness that is Premme.

I was just getting my life back together once they wrecked me with their literal amazing drop this past summer. And then they had the nerve to drop their fall line, and I a, wrecked once again. Shout out to full figured beauties that really get it; that curvy girls don't want clothes they have to wear. We want clothes that we want to wear.

So here are the autumn pieces that have me completely slayed probably until their winter drop.


Friday, September 22, 2017

Reclaimed Readables

Happy Friday loves! Let's wrap up another stylish week with Readables featuring Issa Rae and 10 other times CoverGirl got it right, Serena Williams opens up about body shaming, Sephora's weekly wow you need to see, Fenty's surprise collection drop, and 7 beauty brands perfect for women of color.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Reclaimed Readables

Happy Thursday Readers and Friends! Today's financially focused Readables features 5 ways you can save money when you have expensive taste, your financial 'get yo' life' guide, how to create an emergency fund, cool home based businesses you never thought of, how to find out if you were financially hacked, and money terms every grown up should know.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Women In Media Conference

WIM Global
By now, you know that I am a girl power proponent and a raging women's equality buff. So when I was blessed with the opportunity to link up with today's prestigious feature, you know I was too hype.

Today, we are talking the Women In Media (WIM) Global, a collective of college educated millennial media professionals and business owners here in Philly with a global focus on telling the story of women through women by women. At it's core, WIM Global was founded to "empower, equip and encourage women from all walks of life who are in the media field or seek to enter it." 

WIM Global's goal of "driving diversity and unity within the media industry" has led to five successful years of events, gatherings, and of course, the highly anticipated and often sold out annual conferences. These conferences have drawn prominent women in communication and media such as Stephanie Renee (900 AM WURD), Dyana Williams and Lady B of Radio One, Loraine Ballard Morrill of iHeart Radio, Tracey Davidson and Christine Maddela of NBC10, Anika Hawkins of 6 ABC, Mina Say What of Power 99 FM, Kharisma McIlwaine of CBS/CW, Shaniece Cole of MTV, Desiree Peterkin-Bell, the Former Director of Communications for the City of Philadelphia) and many others.

WIM Global
And this year, I will be in attendance (I'll be the girl in the back soaking in all the good vibes and sisterhood.) 

This year's conference theme is Advocacy & Leadership! Be Seen. Be Heard. Be BOLD. In alignment with this theme, WIM will be honoring the renown poet, author, and activist Sister Sonia Sanchez with its prestigious Arête of Media Award, an award given to those most outstanding women within media who have demonstrated both professional excellence and resolute support for the continued progression of women in media. This in addition to a full day of expert led workshops, break out sessions, bonding and the like...

To say I cannot wait is a major understatement.

Want to know more about the Women In Media Conference and Initiatives? Check out WIM's site and follow along on their social. And as always, you can follow along on my Instagram to catch bits and bites from the day.

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Today's Readables feature the modern way to style your pant suit, the plus size brand fixing fashion's inclusivity problem, why Audre Lorde's essays need to be on your reading list, how Lorde is getting back at bullies, the journalist that is the epitome of Girl Boss, and just 31 super stylish people at NYFW.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

#TuesdayShoesDay No-No: The One Shoe I Refuse to Wear this Fall

I am just going to come out and say it: I strongly dislike white boots.

I don't care who wears them how their style, everything will time I see a pair of white boots, it completely bums me out. I have not seen a pair that I like at all. Especially those of the patent variety. They look cheap. They don't look like anything I want on my feet. At all.

Yet pale pairs are being hailed as the shoe of the season. After my adventure at New York fashion week, this proved to be too true with multiple sightings of these horrendous footwear fumes from the street to the runway.

I don't know what it is about them: maybe as a north eastern or, I've always preferred my boots to be either brown or gray or classic black, even emerald green, but never white. Charge that to winters Christine snow turning into muddy mushy grayish city/I'm ruining whatever pair of boots you're wearing at the time, I guess. But white never seems like the right color for a boot.

So what to wear, then? Next week, we are talking the best of boots. So stay tuned.

Reclaimed Readables, #TuesdayShoesDay

Happy #TuesdayShoesday boos! This week's footwear focused Readables features the best Nike's for fall, Marc Jacob's approved ugly shoe trend, the Reeboks celebrities love, 14 adorable shoes for autumn that aren't basic brown, the best party shoes according to NYFW, and the sparkly shoe taking over the runways.

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Marc Jacobs declares this as the new ugly shoe
Reeboks celebs love
14 adorable pairs of fall shoes
The best selling Vans (for obvious reasons)
The best party shoes according to NYFW
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Monday, September 18, 2017

#ManCrushMonday: The 69th Annual Emmy Awards

Last night's 69th Annual Emmy awards was certainly stand out. From the musical numbers to Stephen Colbert just being Stephen Colbert in all of his charming ways, to the unfortunate appearance of Sean Spicer (why, y'all?).

We have seen so much talk of the gals, the gowns, the melanated red carpet (shout out to Issa Rae for her expert analysis of every Black person watching anything ever where other Black people get nominated for stuff.) But its Monday, and here on The Reclaimed, the men run the show (mostly) on Mondays.

Here were some of my personal favorite menswear and man crushable moments:

First, cannot even start without talking about Stephen Colbert and Chance the Rapper's Opening Number:

Sandwiched between the hilarious (and scarily true) whimsical lyrics Stephen Colbert sang and all of the cameos and culture references, there was a great woke PSA from a mainstay in my ManCrushMonday's, Mr. Chance the Rapper saying:

"Yo, Stephen, what a beautiful segue. Let me take over. I can make some headway. 
I love television, it’s a pleasant distraction, but just imagine taking action. 
I like Brooklyn Nine-Nine; in fact, I’m addicted. But where’s the cop show where one gets convicted? 
I miss the classics. I still think MASH rocks, but, if Hawkeye can be a soldier, why not Laverne Cox?
Bob’s Burgers makes you smile, but please don’t ignore the decline of the independent family-run store. 
I get it. The finales, they got you focused. Just record the show and try to show up at the protest, ya heard?"


We cannot talk about the Emmy's without talking epic style moments. The boys from Stranger Things always lock it down as individuals and as a squad. Last night, these gents definitely didn't disappoint:
Sterling Brown stealing hearts and snatching gold, because of course. #ThisIsUs

Mr Anthony Anderson who has been just winning with his red carpets lately, accompanied by Alvina Stewart.

And then there was history maker himself, the only Donald we acknowledge, Mr. Donald Glover, who became the first African American to win an Emmy for outstanding directing in comedy for his show, Atlanta.
Congrats to all of the nominated and to the winners.

What was your favorite menswear or man crush moment of the Emmy's? Drop a comment below! 

Reclaimed Readables #ManCrushMonday

Happy Monday Gents (and Ladies who love them).

This week's #ManCrushMonday features a complete guys guide to dress codes, take a deep dive into the closets (and psyche) of the most dapper dudes, how to actually stop loosing stuff at the laundromat, the new style rules for big and tall guys, and why you should NEVER propose at someone else's wedding.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

All Shade: Fenty Beauty and the 'Killawatt' Effect on the Beauty Industry

Let's just be honest.

Us beauty gals are hype about the new Fenty Beauty release for a myriad of reasons.

First, its Rihanna. And we love her.

With over 91 different products, including a boast worthy 40 different foundation shades, Fenty Beauty is already the superstar amongst the high end beauty universe.

Of her new brand, Rihanna says “I wanted things that I love. Then I also wanted things that girls of all skin tones could fall in love with,” Rihanna shared. “That was really important for me. In every product I was like:

“There needs to be something for a dark-skinned girl. There needs to be something for a really pale girl, there needs to be something for someone in between.” (emphasis added).
This emphasis on inclusion for all skin tones is what instantly has set Fenty Beauty apart. In fact, since its release a mere one week ago, Sephoras everywhere have been rapidly selling out of their darker tone foundations, proving the not only the buying power of black women (hello somebody) but the drastic deficit the high end beauty market has in offering products to darker women.

In fact, PopSugar reports that Sephora's across the country are seeing more customers of color than ever before that can be directly related to the Fenty Beauty launch.

Everyone from the budding beauty enthusiast (hi, my name is Whitney and I am an actual budding beauty enthusiast) to actresses like Gabourey Sidibe are raving about the product line.

Model Nneoma Anosike excitedly says “Representing one of the dark shades of foundation for @fentybeauty is an amazing thing not only because it was created by Rihanna but more importantly, that the beauty world for people of color has welcomed yet another brand that goes into understanding that we melanins have different undertones and shades- not just 3 but multiple!...Thank you Fenty beauty and @badgalriri. Welcome to the makeup world! You started with a bang !!”

You would think this would be enough to set Fenty apart.

You would think people would stop at the laudability of the brand for its incredible range of foundation, concealers, highlighters, not to mention the actual quality of the products produced.

You would think due to all of this, the beauty would would be forced to take notice of the largely previously ignored deeper toned women (why they are ignored is another whole issue unto itself that has been so eloquently and colorfully addressed and challenged by the Fenty release).

You would think the discussion would open up a deeper and more worthy dialogue of why high end beauty brands have so long ignored Black Women.

However, whether due to its success or simply because people have been clamoring for the fall of the Kardashian/Jenner reign, the comparisons have gone from simple and expected beauty product comparisons to all out war between the K/J's beauty fans and the Fenty fans.

The Daily Beast highlighted this melee, saying
"Naturally Kylie Jenner, the reigning queen of celebrity makeup lines, got swept up in this narrative when her Kylie Cosmetics social media accounts shared a promotional shot for their “Brown Sugar Matte” just two days after the Fenty launch. Since the photo featured a black model—a relatively rare occurrence for Kylie Cosmetics, with the last example being an Aug. 6 post—it was quickly assumed that the two events were related. Post-Fenty Beauty, someone at Kylie Cosmetics clearly wanted to show off the inclusivity of their own makeup line. Suffice to say, the Rihanna Navy was having none of it. RiRi fans quickly inundated Kylie’s social media with scornful Rihanna GIFs and clapbacks like, “Just admit it, ‪#FentyBeauty with all its diversity has got you shook, with your ‘one black shade fits all’ model.” Another Twitter userreplied to Kylie Cosmetics’ pandering post, “Fenty has done us black girls great, so why would we want this? Keep it.” As of Wednesday, Jenner’s brand appears to have deleted the original post."

While shallow marketing and branding to Black women following the Fenty Beauty release is worth glancing at and as a whole, calling out, I feel that this is not the dialogue we need to have. We don't need to "cancel" other beauty lines to prove Black buying power or that inclusion is right or that brands should cease exclusive practices due to their own archaic, incorrect, and often act their roots, racist beliefs about their demographics.

Fader seems to have caught the more worthy conversation of beauty for all (I appreciate y'all), showing how not one, not two, but how at least five different beauty brands have already altered their marketing to (finally) speak to Black women, including a post from the aforementioned KKW brand in efforts to catch up with Fenty beauty.

The Daily Beast, in my opinion, hits the nail on the head as to why "This feud is more layered than your average Twitter melee between two celebrity camps.", saying:

"Black women may be Kylie Jenner’s aesthetic ideal, but they’re clearly not her most valued customers. Instead, she stands accused of repackaging appropriated trends, styles, and even physical features for a majority white audience. Kylie Cosmetics doesn’t feel like a beauty line that prioritizes accessibility and inclusivity, and the advent of Fenty Beauty has put that failure into even sharper focus. From now on, mainstream brands might have to dig deeper than a token black model or foundation shade if they want to impress makeup buyers—and we have Rihanna to thank for that."

But Black women, being queens of seeing through the BS collectively, already note the intent by beauty brands following the Fenty release is aimed directly at their wallets and not at inclusion. These brands are using Fenty Beauty as social proof, not as a rallying cry for the need for inclusion, but as how much money they can make off of Black Women if they market to them correctly.

I say, keep seeing through the BS, ladies, keep buying out Fenty Beauty, and support other Black Owned beauty brands. Just because our buying power is now noticed, doesn't mean these shallow brands should benefit from it.

What are your thoughts? Drop a comment below. Let's chat!

Reclaimed Readables

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Let's close the week with Readables featuring the best career advice form 8 wildly successful women, these editors on their favorite Fashion Week moments, Forever 21's new arrivals are perfect for fall, Sephora's indie brands, and 25 women talk about their transformative moments with their hair.

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Reclaimed Readables, September 14th
Happy Thursday loves!

Today's Readables feature the surprising things half of millennials say they would give up in order to eliminate student loan debt,10 ways you are wasting money without realizing it, 12 ways to protect yourself after the Equifax breach, how the gender pay gap has closed for the first time in 10 years, and practical ways to save money while living in the city.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Introvert hits NYFW: Spring Summer 2018

Earl keeps me laughing, y'all.
If you were following my social this past weekend, you saw me hit those chic streets of New York for Fashion Week. As I said in my previous post, this season was different in that I would be attending way more shows than the first time I attended

So, if I was to be dashing from show to show with minimal time to waste ( i.e. no time to change from one look to another, not that I would, y'all), I needed a look that would be unique and comfortable, simultaneously ready for selfies, front rows, interviews, and the like. I wanted it to be a combo of all of my style facets.

In true Reclaimed fashion (see what I did there), I thrifted most of my outfit. I bought a Ramones concert tee from Primark a month before. However, I wanted to put it with something that would counterbalance the rocker edge. I opted for a burgundy pleated midi skirt with white and yellow flowers (sweet but moody). I slid into the most sumptuous leather jacket (bad ass) and tossed on the most sophisticated Tiffany & Co. set (classy). And of course, a pair of Chucks, and we out.

I ended up seeing eight shows spread out across Manhattan. My favorite moments from New York Fashion Week this season:

Elanur Erdogan

This was my first show of the day, an ethereal presentation by designer, Elanur Erdogan. This designer's creations consisted of combination of left over pale colored scrap pieces left around the studio. The backdrop of dead flowers, torn pieces of tulle, and elaborate chandelier and live music gave this presentation a hauntingly beautiful air.

Olivia Palmero X Banana Republic 

When Olivia Palmero plans an open to the public fashion show, you need to get there early. My typical hatred of being late paid off. I managed to get into the very crowded Banana Republic to catch Palmero's presentation of her collaboration collection of 70 new pieces with Banana Republic. So chic and elegant, very much in the same style that made Palmero a well known influencer.

Linda Gail

I hustled over to Style Fashion week to witness Linda Gail's show. Having seen her pieces and fallen in love with her special occasion wear, I wanted to see them live. And I wasn't disappointed. Lovely takes on dresses and suits for children and young adults accompanied by live electric violin. My absolute favorite was the dress to the left, a black sheath dress overlaid with translucent black netting of embroidered flowers. A beautiful collection.

Sheri Autry
I then hustled my way to Couture Fashion Week to witness one of the most lovely bridal collections I have seen in a very long time. Sheri Autry very much has her finger on the pulse of the modern bride, creating pieces that are simultaneously timeless and timely. Here is where I struggle because there were literally so many beautiful dresses, its very difficult to pick just one to share as my favorite. So I chose my top three.


And accidental run in with Alexander Wang...

I took a much needed break from the shows to explore the city after a very disappointed arrival to another showcase only to be disgusted by the sheer ghettitude of it all (it was really ghetto, y'all). I noticed there was a lot of hoopla ahead of me, huge lights, people with their phones out, the air was charged with excitement. As I walked up, I saw it was a fashion show, but I didn't realize whose it was literally one of my FAVORITE designers EVER, Alexander Wang. There I was, on the same street as Wang and the models du jour; Kaia, Gigi, Bella, and Kendall...

And I was so excited, all I could manage to snap was this blurry picture (face palm). Either way, I'm kind of grateful I left that other show to catch that moment.

My second New York Fashion Week is a rap! Looking forward to many more seasons of runways and style. Now, to my next exciting events, Philly Fashion Week. Stay tuned!