Thursday, April 30, 2015

Reclaimed Readables, April 30th

Happy Thursday readers and friends! 

Today's Readables feature next level off duty looks, a super chic home decor high vs low, how these blind women define beauty, 7 habits of financially successful women, 7 yoga moves for instant de-stress, cheap and chic spring style updates, and 10 life changing beauty hacks to try.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Skin Deep Natural Bodycare

I'm a sucker for good body care products. Having super dry skin has forced me to seek out products that keep me moisturizer for hours. And being a woman, if I'm going to wear it all daggone day, it needs to smell nice.

Unfortunately, I've had a lot of products that either kept my skin supple but smelled like a medicine cabinet or smelled terrific but might as well have been labeled creamy perfumes instead of moisturizers.

Then my bestie drew my attention to Skin Deep Natural Bodycare. She brought me back some of Skin Deep's Jasmine Soufflé. 

And I'm in love. It's a light and feminine smell of jasmine combined with the intense moisturizers make for the perfect body moisturizer. 

And Skin Deep isn't just moisturizers. I was also given a lovely jasmine body scrub that gently polished my skin. 

And with lemon grass, almond, and even unscented versions of these and other natural products (at quite reasons prices) you can find your ideal products

Visit Skin Deep Natural Bodycare for the full range of products.

In defense of Khloe Kardashian

Many of us have directed our attention to Baltimore and the rioting that occurred on Monday. Unfortunately major media networks by then had missed the weeklong barrage of peaceful and civil demonstrations to only focus on Monday's riots. 

In response, many of us, famous and otherwise, began posting on our social media accounts #PrayForBaltimore images and hashtags. One of those posted came from Khloe Kardashian. 

It was met by the usual amount of likes but also a slew of surprising responses. 

Yesterday, Refinery29 broke the story that apparently this Instagram was not well received. Some called it a half assed response to the occurrences happening in Baltimore. Others called on the celeb to take her focus from Baltimore saying she should have said something about the earthquake in Nepal.

To which Khloe responded with this tweet:
I personally don't get it. I don't understand why Khloe or anyone else should be getting any backlash for sharing a caring sentiment that showed concern for the unrest going on within her country.

First of all: they are her social accounts, she can post what she likes. As long as they aren't outright offensive, who cares?!

Secondly: I applaud her political awareness. How many celebs in her position have said ANYTHING about Baltimore? How many of these same people voicing their rejection of her post even posted about Baltimore?

Thirdly: I don't know Ms Kardashian's religious views, and I frankly don't care. Offering prayers for someone or something shows concern. And concern, especially in the current climate we find ourselves in, is what is going to help unite us. I'm sure the residents of Baltimore appreciate all thought and prayers of concern, especially after watching half their city be destroyed by rioters.

I applaud Khloe in her stance. If we ever need prayer, we need it now. 

Maybe instead of attacking a celebrity for her post of concern, maybe we should redirect our every to attack the very thing that brought us to this place of national civil unrest? Which is ignorance and racism. 

Maybe we can actually happened to Freddie Gray, you know, the guy whose suspicious death while in police custody started all of the unrest in Baltimore?

Just my thoughts.

Reclaimed Readables, April 29th

Happy hump day loves!

Today's Readables feature IKEA hacks that only look expensive, the top multitasking beauty products, 23 chic jumpsuits, 8 pieces to make your wardrobe more powerful, sites that take the pain out of plus size swimwear shopping, why you should consider using hair perfume, and 10 style lessons to learn before leaving your 20s.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Real VS Deal: Nude Patent Pumps

The fashion world was all a flutter over the release of the Louboutin Nudes. While sleek and sexy, these heels are also timeless in their simplicity.

They are also hella expensive.

Luckily, the simplicity of the Louboutin nudes can also be replicated to fit every fashionistas budget. Here's your Tuesday ShoesDay, the Nude Patent Pump.
Real VS Deal: Nude Patent Pumps

Missguided pointy pumps

Stiletto pumps

Pointy pumps
$30 -

Reclaimed Readables, April 28th

Happy Tuesday loves!

Today in the Readables, we go a little shoe crazy with 44 super chic work and evening styles, the breakdown of what's in and out for 2015 from style experts, and 30 spring sneakers to shop. Also featured today we ask what's the weirdest product you currently own, affordable incredible travel destinations, and learn how to reject silence in the name of injustice.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Summer Dapper: The $150 Challenge

Recently, one of you super dope guy readers presented me with a fun challenge: to recreate this handsome spring/summer look for only $150. Never straying away from anything budget friendly and stylish, I accepted this challenge. Using Polyvore, I recreated the look with help from a few budget conscious brands. The results? I managed to nab all of the basics for only $130. Here's the full list below. Happy Man Crush Monday gents (and ladies).

Summer Dapper: The $150 Challenge

Reclaimed Readables, April 27th

Happy Monday readers and friends!

Today in the Readables, it's #ManCrushMonday and we talk proper beard maintenance, a summer style for you festival dudes, 7 ways to conquer clutter in your small spaces, seriously handsome tea, how to do the weather transition right, the new Abercrombie may surprise you (in a good way), and your weekly unique outfit inspiration.

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

New Segment: The Reclaimed Life

I am so excited to announce the beginning of a new segment called The Reclaimed Life. 

What does it mean to be Reclaimed?

For me, it's deeper than simply thrift and consignment shopping, although that is an element. 

Being Reclaimed is getting back to the root of who we are. 

Being Reclaimed is taken back what time, circumstances, and life in general has taken away from us. 

Being Reclaimed is living the life we were born to live in a bold and beautiful way, and thus giving others permission to do the same.

Thanks for coming with me on this journey. Looking forward to this journey. Thanks for coming along with me.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Find: The Eyes Have It

Eyes have mystified and amazed humankind since the days of our earliest collective consciousness. Design companies have recently produced ocular patterns, such as Kenzo.

Inspired by the Kenzo and crew's patterns, more affordable brands replicated this cool and very edgy pattern on their pieces. The results? Eye poppin' street ready style. So whether you can go for the Kenzo and other splurge pieces or you're like me and opt for affordability when getting trendy pieces, there are plenty of fashion to eye up.

Friday Find: The Eyes Have It

Anna K mint shirt dress

High neck dress

Short sleeve tee

Neon Rose see through top
$37 -

Print t shirt

Kenzo jacket

Kenzo mini skirt

Kenzo clothing

Kenzo clothing

Neon Rose mini skirt
$44 -

Colorful shoes

D'orsay shoes

Reclaimed Readables, April 24th

Happy happy Friday readers and friends!

Today's Readables feature 7 things successful people do over the weekend, 30 spring and summer ready skirts, a stunning interchangeable weekend bag, 5 practices we really need in our lives, instant (and free) wardrobe updates, and 10 items that will make you place feel more like a home.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

#ThrowbackThursday: Abbey Lincoln

You will notice a theme with my beauty picks for Throwback Thursday. Each, while she is lovely, is more than a pretty face. Multifaceted and multitalented, these women had something to say that change perspectives for the better, something to do that improved the world, and something to achieve for the advancement of her people. That's the kind of woman this gorgeous lady, Abbey Lincoln was. 

Abbey Lincoln, born as Anna Marie Wooldridge on August 6, 1930, the 10th of 12 children, and was raised in rural Michigan. 

Abbey was a well known jazz singer, performer, and actress, who in her later years wrote and performed her own highly acclaimed compositions. 

In the early 1950s, Abbey, in her search of a singing career, headed west where she spent two years singing in nightclubs in Honolulu. There she met one of her own personal heroes, Billie Holiday, and music great, Louis Armstrong. In 1956 Lincoln appeared in the film "The Girl Can't Help It" for which she wore the dress that had been worn by Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

During the 1960s, she, like many high profile African Americans, became a civil rights advocate. During that same time, she put music aside to pursue acting. Abbey is most well known for her 1968 role in For Love of Ivy, co-starred with sidney Poitier and Beau Bridges, receiving a Golden Globe nomination in 1969 for her appearance in the film. More recently, Abbey played in the 1990 Spike Lee's film Mo' Better Blues.

Moving back to New York in the 1980s, Abbey resumed performing and writing a very accomplished body of music. She performed even up to very late in her life. She said about her music "I don’t know why anybody would give that up, I wouldn’t. Makes my life worthwhile."

Abbey passed due to deteriorating health following an open heart surgery on August 14, 2010, in Manhattan at the age of 80. But her spirit lives long in the lyrics she wrote and and music she influenced so much for the better.

Reclaimed Readables, April 23rd

Happy Thursday lovelies and handsomes!

Today in the Readables we talk the dangers of waist trainers, why you're already over festival season, 5 etiquette rules that still apply, what is Native Max and why you need to know, 9 things to do that your career will thank you for later, a save vs splurge, and 25 great women talk Female Friendship.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Milly For Kohls (and why you wanna know about it)

You all know by now that I love high low collaborations. Something about making a beloved or well respected high end brand more accessible to the masses just makes my heart all a flutter.

So you already can guess how excited I was when I discovered that one of my personal favorite brands, Milly, was the next Kohl's Designation collab. 

Milly is known for lady like silhouettes with a modern/ artistic edge. The company is bringing both to this collaboration collection. Inspired by a vacation to the Isle of Capri, Milly for Kohl's is a sophisticated collection to style your spring and summer with. 

The Milly for Kohl's Designation collection is scheduled to be released April 23rd. Here are my personal top pics of the collection.