Sunday, December 31, 2017

Favorite Posts of 2017

Happy New Years Folks!

It's been an...interesting year to say the least. Here on The Reclaimed, we talked about more than just clothes and trends.

We talked Alternative Facts, Gun Control, and what it really means to take a knee during the national anthem really means.
We talked about entitlement, unsolicited opinions, and our bad perceptions on aging.
We talked mansplaining chivalry, submission, and how men can help in the fight against sexual harassment.
We talked inclusivity in feminism and embracing our own beauty standards.

This year, I attended my first 2 seasons of NYFW, discussed my miscarriage, got personal about money, the blog turned 4, and started sharing my own poems with you.

This year has been full of ups and downs, pain and growth, and a few cute outfits in between. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey. Here's to many more years together.

Here they are, your favorite pieces from 2017.

#AlternativeFacts: Why Christians need to stop saying Jesus is in the White House
Your non-woke feminism
Your perceptions on aging
Lessons from an introvert who went to NYFW
An honest talk about being Sexy
Your expectation of Natural Hair
Your unsolicited opinions
Your entitlement
Your views on submission
Stop putting Eurocentric Beauty Standards on Black Girls
How mansplaining made me appreciate my boyfriend more
The best financial advice I ever got
12 lessons I learned in a year of Writing for myself
Non-traditional beauty rocks
Your FOMO is making you go broke
The abundance attitude
Modern day chivalry
Charlottesville/ The Talk
She's not ahead of you
Women in Media Conference
The introvert goes back to NYFW
#MeToo: How guys can help fight sexual harassment and violence
Black Women are no longer here for The Fashion Industry's BS
Thoughts and Prayers< Gun Control
What constant cultural appropriation means
7ways to not suck in a relationship
No shame in the reselling game
November No Buy, 2017: What I learned
When whiteness trumps womanhood
The Reclaimed Heart
I'll hold you in heaven

Friday, December 29, 2017

Reclaimed Readables

Happy Friday loves!

It's the last Friday of 2017, let's close it out with a fun and thoughtful review of the year with Readables featuring 17 things that happened that we forgot, the year's bumpiest apologies, empowering wellness moments from 2017, fashion brands that made a comeback this year, 50 photos of 2017 that prove women's rage is powerful, 11 women on the best advice they received all year, and the best beauty launches of 2017.

BuzzFeed: 17 things that happened in 2017 you totally forgot, the bumpiest apologies
Well+Good: 5 empowering wellness Instagram moments of 2017
WhoWhatWear: Fashion brands that made a comeback this year
Huff Post: 50 photos showing the power of women's rage
The Cut: 11 women on the best advice they got all year
Fashionista: The best beauty launches of the year


Thursday, December 28, 2017

Reclaimed Readables

Greetings and salutations good people!

Today's Readables feature why working from home can actually make you more productive, the actual amount of credit cards you should consider having, 14 smart ways to save money in 2018, one writer tried ThredUp for the first time and shares her thoughts, and one woman talks her massive credit card debt and why debt shouldn't be a shameful secret.

Man Repeller: One woman's credit card debt
Hello Giggles: Trying ThredUp
Three Thrifty Guys: 14 ways to save money in 2018
My Domaine: Working from home can make you more productive, how many credit cards should you have

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Reclaimed Heart: Soft

This week's installment of The Reclaimed Heart series is a poem I wrote maybe a year or so ago.

There is so much in this life that can make you harden yourself, from difficulties and disappointments to broken hearts and loss. We all have our reasons to become hardened, whether from bitterness or protection.

But in that hardening, we can become cut off from the beautiful things, other people, and even ourselves. A braver way to live is to courageously face those things, endure the pain of them, learn the lesson from them, but refuse to let them harden you.

This is a dedication to remaining soft.

Reclaimed Readables

Happy Hump Day good people!

Today's Readables feature products to handle your winter skin woes, trends we all stopped wearing in 2017 (and what to wear instead), why this year is the year to embrace Kwanzaa and celebrate Black identity, 11 trendy plus size brands, surprising women who designers refused to dress, and 41 fashion accessories to make 2018 more stylish.

The Coveteur: Dealing with winter's skin woes
WhoWhatWear: Trends we stopped wearing in 2017
Curly Nikki: Embracing Kwanzaa
Fashionista: 11 trendy plus size clothing fashion brands
BuzzFeed: 11 women who designers refused to dress, 41 fashion accessories to make 2018 more stylish

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Best Shoes of 2017 Now on SALE

Here are the best shoes from 2017 on sale right now. You’re welcome.

The Best Shoes of 2017 Now on SALE

Sam Edelman sneaker

Adidas lace up shoes

New Balance lace up shoes

Lace up shoes

Charlotte russe boots

ASOS thigh-high boots
$36 -

ASOS wide boots
$24 -

Bamboo high ankle boots

Forever 21 mule loafer

Asos shoes
$17 -

Reclaimed Readables #TuesdayShoesday

Happy Tuesday and Happy Holidays loves!

This week's #TuesdayShoesDay Readables feature this year's best boots (that don't have a heel), the doctor approved way to break in your heels, the Nike's newest sneaker that is perfect for your HIIT workouts, 4 shoe trends that are perfect for mom jeans, and how to wear over the knee boot when you hate over the knee boots.

Wearing over the knee boots
4 shoe trends perfect for mom jeans
Nike's newest sneaker is perfect for HIIT
The doctor approved way to break in your heels
The year's best boots don't require a heel

Friday, December 22, 2017

Reclaimed Readables

Happy Friday loves!

Today's Readables feature winter clothing brands that actually give back, cheap last minute gift ideas for everyone on your list, 15 this get rid of before 2018, the beauty line Time Magazine calls one of the best inventions of 2017, and the best products from Lush.

Hello Giggles: Best products from Lush
BuzzFeed: Time Magazine calls this beauty line one of the best inventions of 2017
Refinery 29: 15 things to purge before 2018
The Cut: Cheap last minute gift ideas
Relevant: Winter clothing brands that actually give back

Thursday, December 21, 2017

What happens if someone hacks your account

I was sitting down for lunch around 12:45pm today, mindlessly checking my email when one caught my attention. 

You submitted an order in the amount of $686.40 USD to Delta.”

Umm, I certainly did not. I haven’t planned any travel for the rest of the holiday season, in fact. 

Checking all of my accounts, I noticed no such deficit, that is until I looked at the pending transactions. Sure enough, there it was, a purchase for $686.40 siting there, waiting for Delta’s approvals. It might as well have been flashing bright red.

I had been hacked almost $700 right before Christmas.

Now before you freak out, there are things you can do should someone hacks your account. 
1) Call your bank
Calling your financial institution right away can save you a lot of heartache later. Explain the situation with a representative and more often than not, they can assist you with blocking the transaction and save your funds. 

2) Change your passwords
Living in the digital age was supposed to make things safer, but hackers are getting better and better. Once your account has been compromised, take immediate action and change your passcodes right away. 

3) Stay calm
Freaking out won’t do you or anyone any good. The best thing to do after you’ve done everything above is stay calm. Your bank is still the safest place for your funds. Banks are liable for handling fraudulent transactions and, in the worst cases, paying back the customer should money be stolen. 

There are ways to make sure that your accounts are never hacked:
1) Never log in to your personal accounts on public WiFi 
2) Change your passwords and codes regularly and use characters instead of letters
3) Check your bank statements regularly to make sure that you indeed have made all of the purchases on your account. 
4) Trust your intuition 
5) Avoid spam mail like the plague
6) Check websites for security (look for the tiny lock on the search bar. If it’s there, the site is secure.)

So what did I do? I called my bank and they connected me to specialists that are currently correcting the problem. 

I will keep you posted to as to how the situation unfolds. 

Reclaimed Readables

Happy Thursday loves!

Today's Readables feature 8 smart things to do with your bonus, exactly how much millennial women are spending on wellness, 7 of the best books on investing, all of your Bitcoin questions answered, how working from home actually impacts your mental health, and if you have done any of the things on this list, you might actually be wealthy.

The EveryGirl: 8 smart things to do with your bonus
Well+Good: Exactly how much money people spend on wellness
My Domaine: 7 of the best books on investing, Bitcoin questions answered
Hello Giggles: How working from home actually impacts mental health
BuzzFeed: If you've done any of these, you might be wealthy

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Reclaimed Heart: I'll Hold You In Heaven

I know its not the weekend when I would usually share a new Reclaimed Heart piece, however, I felt led to share this particular piece today. Typically, Wednesdays are they days I usually share pieces surrounding inspiring women by stories from women. But recently, I have been taken back to a story that I have not shared in depth here, and that is the story of my miscarriage. 

Miscarriage is a hard enough topic to talk about in general, but I am currently in a season where I am watching families literally spring up around me, and these families are inviting me to share in their joy, and I can finally say, unencumbered by my own sadness, that I can share in their joy, even while I am in my season of waiting for a family.

It still hurts. My heart still aches for children of my own. But that ache doesn't have to be the end of the story. And there is joy beyond loss, peace beyond pain, and hope and healing beyond hurt if you are willing to allow yourself to feel the hurt and commit to the non linear work of healing.

Without getting too far ahead of myself, instead of sharing my experience in the form of a blog post looking back to that time, I decided to share a piece I recently was led back to shortly written after that time. It's raw, it's emotional, and if you aren't ready to hear it, then it is ok to close this post and move on to something else. But, if you are going through or have gone through or know someone who has gone through this loss, my hope that these words will help you heal.

I'll hold you in heaven

I watched as the stick showed 2 lines, and was instantly overjoyed
I’ve wanted you since I’ve been old enough to want you
Picked out your name when you were only a hope
Watched my belly begin to swell
Would wake up at night rubbing my belly
And my appetite disappear for certain food
Grabbed books and sites and did secret research 
Hummed love songs and lullabies only you and I could hear
And even though life was not great, it would be bc you were on your way...

Then, I watched you fade

Watched helpless and alone as you slipped from my shattered body
And could do nothing
I screamed for you, screamed to heaven and hell and all the earth
Begged harder for you than I begged for anything in my life, even my own life
I hated your father for making me lose you, for leaving when I needed him most, 
For what the heartbreak had done to me, fo what it was doing to you, for taking the childhood you should have had
And hated my FATHER for not letting me have you
For letting it all happen and turning His back on me
This must have been how Mary felt
Watching her beloved son die bc of the selfish, the unrepentant, the sinner
And wondering where was God in all of this?

Then you were gone
And there was nothing left to hold on to
Then I did the worst thing
Tried to forget about you
You who kept me alive when without you I would have long been dust
You, the whole reason I was baptized
The reason I recommitted my life to God
And now I must atone

I have forgiven both your father and my FATHER
God is a better parent than I am
And how fortunate that you could just go to Him
I'm sorry I couldn't have met you
Couldn't have seen you grow
Couldn't have even spoken about you until now
Until I was freed from the shame of losing you
I loved you stronger than I loved anyone
And sometimes I wake up still rubbing my belly
And I still hum love songs and lullabies to others' children
I promise that your siblings will have it better
And when i sing to them love songs and lullabies, lean a little from heaven because I will also be singing to you
And when I kiss them, I will also be kissing you
And when I tell them I love them, I am saying it also to you
And when my time here is done, and your siblings commit me to the earth, I am coming for you
My beautiful baby
And we will be together again
And I will hold you in heaven

Reclaimed Readables

Happy hump day loves!

Today's Readables features trends to adopt and retire in 2018, the t-shirt that calls out sexual predators you're going to add to your Christmas list, how the GOP tax plan effects millennial women specifically, charities worth giving to in 2018, and 28 powerful pieces written by women in 2017.

The Coveteur: Charities worth giving to this year
Huff Post: 28 powerful pieces written by women this year
Hello Giggles: The T shirt that lists sexual predators by name, how the GOP tax plan effects millennial and young adult women
WhoWhatWear: Trends to retire and adopt in 2018

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Uggs for Girls Who Hate Uggs

Not everyone looks bea Uggs. They maybe cozy and comfy and the perfect shoe for winter, but they have a shape that takes some getting used to or dropping altogether. But Ugg makes some great shoes that aren’t their popular sheepskin boot.

Whether flats, fuzzy slip ones, sneakers, or heeled boots, there are Uggs for every taste and style.

Here are the super cool other shoes by Ugg, all under $70. Happy Shoesday.

Uggs for Girls Who Hate Uggs

UGG round toe booties

UGG round toe ankle boots

UGG pull on sneaker
$60 -

UGG sneaker

UGG gray suede booties

UGG lacing sneaker
$56 -

UGG sneaker

UGG flat heel shoes

UGG sneaker

UGG leather slip-on shoes

UGG canvas lace up sneaker

UGG slim shoes

UGG flat heel shoes

Reclaimed Readables #TuesdayShoesDay

Happy #TuesdayShoesDay!

This week's #Shoesday features the most valuable sneakers of 2017, the Converse collaboration that is quickly selling out, the perfect flats and jeans outfit combos, sneaker trends to watch in 2018, how to dress up your kicks for the holidays, the prettiest black flats, and black boots you will love forever.

The most valuable sneakers of 2017
The Converse collab you might want to get your hands on
Flat shoes and skinny jeans outfits
Sneaker trends for 2018
Dressing up sneakers for the holiday
Prettiest black flats
The black boots you will love forever

Monday, December 18, 2017

Easy Last Minute Gifts for Your Lady Under $15

Hey guys! Christmas is next Monday. It's time to nail down those final details with a winning present for that sweet and special woman in your life, who, admittedly, can bene of the most difficult people to buy for.

Not to worry. As a weekend warrior at Target, I have seen some of the coolest, cutest, and most loved things any woman would be happy to receive Christmas Day. So I rounded up a few awesome picks for the holiday, and at a price point where you can feel comfortable buying one, two, or more of these without breaking bank.

Whether it's your friend, a sister or cousin, your mom, or the lady of your life, here are some pretty awesome last minute gifts under $15 she is guaranteed to love, all at your local Target.

Island Moonlight Candle
If your lady is anything like me and loves the beautiful things that come out of Anthropologie, she will love this candle. It is a very close dupe for Anthro's "Volcano" candle that is always burning in their stores.

Nubian Heritage Coconut & Papaya Bath BombsIf she is a fan of Lush's bath bombs, snag her these Coconut and Papaya Bath bombs.

Alexandra Elle's Neon Soul
If she loves poetry and self care, pick up the newest book from one of this blogger's favorite authors and poets, Alexandra Elle's Neon Soul.

Olivia Care Body Oils
If your lady loves sumptuous and romantic oils, pick up a few of these as a lovely stocking stuffer.

Que Bella Face Mask Pamper Pack
If she loves a good face mask, snag a pack of these. This comes with a set of 6 masks guaranteed to chill out your lady in the best way.

Tapered Mug
This earthy chic mug looks to elegant and perfect for any warm and cozy thing she likes to sip.

Silky Scarf by WhoWhatWear
For the resident fashionista, grab this pretty and luxe feeling scarf from her favorite blog's collaboration with the bullseye boutique.