Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Iman Circa 1977

My addiction to the Tumblr site, Vintage Black Glamour may yield more beautiful posts yet. Throwback Thursday here on the Reclaimed is probably going to get a lot more glamorous. 

This weeks Reclaimed Throwback is dedicated to the lovely Iman, who on July 25th turned 59 (and is STILL one of the fiercest models around.) This photo was taken in 1977, but is timeless in so many ways.

Happy birthday Iman. Thank you for being the picture of elegance and grace

Get Off My Internets, Sticks and Stones, and Celebrating a Beautiful Life

Matthew 12:37 "For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned."

Seems like bloggers these days are getting no love these days. Between beauty blogger Michelle Phan getting sued to hate posts from the fashion people, it's getting pretty dangerous to call oneself a blogger. 

Now there is an ENTIRE site dedicated to "hate-reading" of blogs. Meet Get Off My Internets, a blog focused on the hatred of other blogs. In a recent interview with, the founder and main writer who only wanted to be know as A. ( so A., you didn't want to share your name...but you have the ova to share hatred for other people's blogs on your site? A simple google search revealed this cyber coward's name is Alice Wright. She's the winner with the Bud in the picture above) shared her thoughts on the profession of blogging, saying "People hate-read blogs for the same reason they watch train wreck reality shows," she says. "It's entertaining to see the mess and the 'What the hell?' of it all. It's an escape, maybe not what some people would consider a healthy escape, but it is what it is." Hmm...

And style and beauty Bloggers and Vloggers aren't the only victims of this cyber hate. Mommy/Daddy blogs, craft blogs, etc have entire spew filled threads dedicated to them. Wright continues, saying "To pretend you're above snarking is the most hypocritical thing you can do. Maybe you aren't snarking about blogs, but everyone s#!t-talks something or someone, somewhere, at some point." 

To respond I say that is true. At any given point of our lives, we all could be guilty of saying something mean about somebody else. But what the majority of us are not doing is putting it on the net for potential millions to see for as long as the internet could exist. It honestly sounds like you know what you're doing is wrong, but you're covering it by blaming it upon the nature of our lower selves (everybody talks bad about each other) instead of appealing to the nature of our better selves.

When Forbes Magazine recently placed GOMI on their list of 100 best websites for women last year, the blogosphere erupted. One of the best responses composed was from LA lifestyle blogger Morgan Shanahan, saying "the behavior of grown women shocked me."

Shanahan continues, "Personal finances. Mental health. Body Image. Divorce. Religion. Baby loss. Parental suitability. Bankruptcy. Job loss. All these things being 'snarked on' by the GOMI community, almost always directed at women, wives, mothers, entrepreneurs, and most importantly HUMAN FREAKING BEINGS..." 

While the majority of the comments left on individual blogger dedicated threads is silly, pointless, irrelevant, or made up gossip, some GOMI have done some major damage. Shanahan continues, saying "The GOMI community seems to feel that it has some sort of vigilante responsibility to police the blogosphere for things it deems irritating and then pick at those scabs until they become giant gaping wounds in the lives of real people."

Shanahan is right. It is already hard enough to expose one's life to the public. Add on the element of hard work (Yes! Blogging IS work. Don't let the over glamorous Instagrams fool you. Bloggers are smart and capable men and women who devote time out of their lives to not only write, but to live a life worth writing about. Hence, working.) composing, editing, photoshoots, meetings with sponsors, sweat, tears, late nights, early mornings, a mind that must not stop running, no matter how tired you are, and how the glitter fades. It's like a real job, except where a lot of people you may never interact with get to make constant commentary on your every post.

But for those of us who possess the passion, the drive, the fearlessness it takes to be constantly (and sometimes brutally) scrutinized by the faceless masses that will happen upon your words and images, there is no other way.

Words are powerful. Words hurt. Words can damage the psyche of an individual, destroy relationships, decimate opportunites, and defame character. Words have the potential to inflict pain for years and even longer if given the opportunity. With that kind of power, I ask Alice why not do something constructive? Answer: Because that would be too difficult. It's much harder to take your words and make something beautiful, comforting, educational, or inspiring, you know, much like the bloggers you rag on are doing. It's way easier (read cowardly, crass, and classless) to just snark on the positivity of others. 

After thinking about it, I honestly feel bad for Alice. While the rest of us are crafting blogs and sites (and lives) that, 10 years from now, we can look back on and be proud about, all "A" will have is an entire site full of the scrutiny, s#!t talk and bitterness that she and other cyber cowards wrote about them.

Reclaimed Readables, July 31st

Happy Thursday all!

Today's links feature statement beauty for the lazy girl, one of the sexiest things you can wear (hint: it's already in your closet), reviving (and crafting) your own thank you cards, the on going (and ever heating) debate of the style icon status of Beyoncé, copy worthy outfits from top style mavens, and hot weather style (summer ain't over yet!). Enjoy!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

So let's talk Granny Panties...(affordable and gorgeous lingerie to make your wallet and bottom happy)

I feel like you and I have been friends for a while and we've talked about plenty of pretty personal things here, so please excuse me as I get a little intimate with you.

I wanna talk to you about panties. Yes panties, those understated underpinnings that are either undercover heroes or secret annoyers abiding under our clothes. 

Some days, you feel a little racey and you go for the black lace thong. Some days you feel a little fun, opting for the comfy cotton boy shorts with some silly print on them (my personal favorite are covered in smiling watermelons...but enough about me) 

But what about the granny panties? Yeah, I know you have them. We all do. Those high waisted, super comfy, but far from anything resembling a relative of sultry. They are like that sweet guy you're mom wants you to date: he's nice, reliable, straightforward, unpretentious, comfy to be around, but he is seriously lacking in the hunk appeal.

But what if that guy got a sexy make over? What if I told you that's what happened to the granny panty?

I was scrolling thru one of my favorite sites, Refinery 29, and to my surprise, I discovered a post that I completely missed this week written by Gina Volpe on nothing but sexy granny panties. I, being the ever skeptical undergarment person, decided to delve in, whether for the sake of a good chuckle or a potential rant for later.

To my surprise, they do exist. However the majority were WELL out of my underwear budget (I mean c'mon, if I'm dropping $70+ I want someone to see me in those beauties other than my cat...and I shouldn't have that type of temptation...I digress). So I came up with my very own list of super comfy yet very sexy briefs. 

Here are seven of the sexiest, yet oh so comfortable and way affordable briefs I could find. Enjoy ladies!
Hanky Panky Signature Lace V-Kini Briefs (set of 2)

Reclaimed Readables, July 30th

Happy Hump Day, beloved readers!

Today's featured links include the 7 deadly sins of beauty, how to make your own pom pom bikini, finding beauty in the laundromat, breaking out of your summer style rut (because you can only wear those cut offs so many times) and the lazy girl guide to pre fall shopping.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Shoes Day: Pointed Toe Ankle Strap Pumps

I love a good pointed toe pump, especially with the addition of a sexy ankle strap Classy, classic and chic, these shoes pull your outfit together so nicely. Here are 15 different pairs that will help you break hearts and not your bank.

Tuesday Shoes Day: Pointed Toe Ankle Strap Pumps

Aldo shoes

Black shoes

Jane Norman black shoes
$42 -

Vegan shoes

Platform pumps

Aldo shoes

Aldo shoes

Mia shoes

Qupid shoes

Lipsy platform pumps
$42 -

Reclaimed Readables, July 29th

Happy Tuesday readers!

There is still plenty of summer left and these links will help you navigate its final steamy days including a sweaty girl's guide to summer dressing, how to properly care for your clothes, weird (but true facts about your favorite lip shades, the strangest spa treatments you will see, and 35 fashion ideas to break up your fashion monotony.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

The Look for Less: Man Up

Menswear is a completely different animal than womenswear. Where our struggle lies in major concerns of cuts, shapes, and lengths, menswear challenges lay within the details of patterns, color combinations, and texture. 
It's very difficult to sometimes traverse the tightrope of being put together and being relaxed, to balance being comfortable and being dapper. 

It's also very difficult to do all of those things on a budget. However, most looks, including this one, are easy made without going broke. 

Gentlemen, your weekly look for less. 

The Look for Less: Man Up

Reclaimed Readables, July 28th

Happy Monday all!

As July comes to a steamy, stormy close, all of us fashion people are looking at a few things: pre-fall and summer sales (how do you think we stock up on all of the fab summer wear without breaking the bank?) 

The Guys are up first because it's #ManCrushMonday. Featured links include 10 $10 picks, 4 reasons to choose style over high prices, 2 ways to wear your summer denim, the importance of the occasional male makeover, manly picks from the soon ending Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, 10 money lies guys (and girls) believe, and your must pack list for your soon coming summer trip.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

How She Wore It: Cobalt Blue and Animal Print Limp

It's Sunday afternoon, and there is post church, pre-work week relaxing to be done. I'm also nursing an injury, a pulled hip (from being overactive and under-rested). Needless to say there is a minor limp (now dubbed my pimp limp).

Apparently, even hip injuries won't keep me from, at least attempting, to wear my Zanotti heels. It did, however make me think of alternative ways to pose without standing for too long.
Here are te deets:

J Crew Glass Bead Necklace
Ann Taylor Blue Blouse
Urban Outfitters Pencil Skirt
Michael Kors Double Wrap Watch
Traci Lynn Spike Bangle
Lia Sophia Studs
Michael Kors Jet Set Tote
Giuseppe Zanotti Mohair Animal Print Pumps 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Wonder Models and Wheelchairs: Overcoming Disability to Conquer Runways and Misconceptions

Nordstom recently made waves when it published it's catalogue with Jillian Mercado modeling boots from her wheelchair. Apparently Nordstrom has been proudly using alternatives to the "typical" model since 1997, making a once invisible group of individuals within fashion very public. 

Also featured in the catalogue are Alex Minksy who is seen here agilely stretching with a prosthetic leg...

...and Shaholly Ayers, who so deftly models a handbag, you wouldn't notice that she only has one arm.

Mercado (one of the fiercest models I've ever seen) is becoming one of the voices of the alternative modeling community. Receiving not only the Nordstrom opportunity, but a successful campaign with Diesel as well as interviews are keeping her face (and story) in the media. She doesn't let her condition define nor confine her. Her blog, Manufactured 1987, is as cool and stylish as any of the other style blogs we read daily. The only difference is that instead of standing in front of cool things, she's seated, usually in her power chair.

She and many others are leading the charge awakening the otherwise aloof industry that they are indeed here and, better yet, are more than capable of modeling just as fiercely as Cara Delevinge or Chanel Iman.
But, between you and me, I personally don't see this "addition" of alternative models (as if they were supposed to be excluded) as "cutting edge" or "game changing" as others have called it, rather I say it's about damn time. Thank you, Nordstrom, for helping the discussion along. I'm grateful that at least one large high end department store, along with the ever evolving JCPenney, at least considered the notion to include those who have often been counted out or completely ignored all together. 

The fact that others feel that this is edgy or trendy concerns me. Trends are things that fade in and out of communal favor. But these are people, not trends. And they deserve to have the chance to rock the runway or pose for the camera. Why should a wheelchair or a prosthesis or Down syndrome stop them? Why should we?

Maybe it's time the style, beauty, and fashion industries grow up and realize that we all are not able bodied white 18 year olds wearing size 2 with long hair and carrying a birkin, but rather we all come in many different shapes, shades, sizes, and situations, all of which are beautiful in their own ways and should be accepted, especially within a community that claims to be as progressive and forward thinking as fashion. 

It's about dressing your entire community, even if that part of the community is different than you. It's about addressing the needs of everyone involved in that community, even if it means wheelchair friendly raincoats that are just as stylish as "normal" trenches. It's about redressing all of the misconceptions, the stereotypes, and, especially, the prejudices surrounding this unique and essential part of our community that redefine what we previously believed it meant to be disabled. 

And as I said's about damn time.