Friday, February 27, 2015

Reclaimed Readables, February 27th

Hey hey hey! It's Friday Yall! Cheers the the freakin weekend!

Today's Readables feature 5 beauty hacks to conceal your cold, 8 fashion rules to use in your bedroom styling, how living urban saves you money, 5 quick fixes for your biggest style problems, 10 times the runways this season looked like 70's movies, 8 of the best makeup brushes based on your budget, and why you need to start investing immediately.

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WhoWhatWear: 5 quick fixes to your most irritating style problems
Domaine Home: How living in a city actually saves you money
Refinery 29: 10 times the runway looked like a 70's movie
Byrdie: 8 of the best makeup brushes for your budget
Domaine Home: 8 fashion rules to bring tryout bedroom design
Refinery 29: Why you need to start investing now...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

#ThrowbackThursday: Lisa Bonet

High waisted jeans, a big belt, a slouchy tee, and natural looking make up. At first glance, this photo could could be mistaken for a modern snap instead of a picture that is over twenty years old. 

This, my friends, is the lovely Lisa Bonet. She is most recognized as Denise, the character on the Cosby show that I gravitated to immediately, claiming her as my 90's spirit animal. 

She has since remained one of my top beauty inspos. With her bohemian esthetics, natural hair, an unapologetic presentation of her self, and earthy style, Lisa continues to inspire. In an Instagram,  star Zendaya Coleman attributed her faux locs look she donned to the Oscars to Lisa's. 
Another modern day muse who takes her beauty cues from Lisa? Try her own daughter, super babe Zoe Kravitz (because the offspring of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz was destined to be a stunner).
See what I mean. Gorgeous. That's why Lisa Bonet remains one of my personal style and beauty muses and this week's ThrowbackThursday feature. 

Reclaimed Readables, February 26th

Salutations and greetings readers and friends.

Today's Readables feature spring break destinations grown ups go to, little known lash enhancing hacks, slaying your insecurities, 5 furniture pieces renters should avoid, fashion week micro trends you can wear now, 7 reasons and tips for your first boxing class, and the 8 biggest trends to come from London Fashion Week.

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Byrdie: 7 lash boosting hacks you haven't hard of yet
Career Girl Daily: How to kill insecurity
Domaine Home: 5 pieces renters should avoid
Man Repeller: Micro trends from NYFW to wear now
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spring Trend Alert: Kaleidoscope Patterns

The 70s are back and in full effect. Runways have been packed with designs that would make any modern flower child proud. 

Kaleidoscopic patterns have emerged at the head of this spring trend. However, unlike the looks and styles of decades ago, these psychodelic styles have a contemporary sophistication. How boho chic.

Get your hands on this trend by doing what I always suggest when it comes to trends, but a few nice and inexpensive pieces to update your basics. More on that later. For now, take a look at some of these to get your kaleidoscopic look started. 
Spring Trend Alert: Kaleidoscope Patterns

Quiz black cocktail dress
$23 -

John Lewis long sleeve top
$35 -

White tank top

Boohoo flat top

Sweat shirt
$15 -

Pied a Terre skirt
$49 -

Label Lab purple midi skirt
$22 -

High-waisted shorts

White romper

Urban Originals handle bag
$38 -

Herschel bag
$21 -

Tote bag

Bracelet bangle

Reclaimed Readables, February 25th

Happy Wednesday readers and friends!

Today's Readables feature all the good stuff from London Fashion Week, how to vintage shop online, the most used beauty products this runway season, stop those impulse buys, makeup artist approved contouring palettes, how to find amazing scores at the flea market, and tips for finding those designer bags for way less.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday ShoesDay: Almond Toe Flats

Whether it's that they are a simple classic staple to every woman's wardrobe or a form of rebellion against the high heel influx we've all endured the past few seasons, the flat is going to have a major moment this spring. Add spice to the already sweet shoe by choosing a pair of almond toe versions. With 11 pairs here under $50 each, you can grab a few!

Tuesday ShoesDay: Almond Toe Flats

Aldo shoes

Navy blue shoes

Flat shoes

Flat shoes

Miss Selfridge strap shoes
$38 -

ASOS flat
$19 -

Leopard shoes

Leopard shoes

Dolce Vita flat shoes

Forever 21 shoes

Reclaimed Readables, February 24th

Hey hey hey and happy Tuesday, readers!

Todays's Readables feature 11 easy ways to wake up boring style, little known deodorant hacks, major bedroom inspos, 10 cozy/chic curvy girl outfit ideas, all the top NYFW trends in under 2 minutes, and 7 fashion mistakes we are all probably making.

Domaine Home: Gorgeous bedroom inspirations
Byrdie: Bet you've never heard of these deodorant hacks...
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Domaine Home: shoe string budget decorating tips
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Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscars 2015 Best and Worst Dressed Dudes

Ah, the Oscars. The red carpet of all red carpets. This is where the stars really come to shine.

For all of my Instagram followers (hey yall), you were inundated with my favorite ladies looks of the evening. This post is strictly dedicated to the guys. However, this post, unlike my others dedicated to the award show arrivals, isn't focused mainly on the best dressed. We are also talking the guys who missed the mark. 

So let's start with the worst:

David Oyewolo: 
I understand that the British have difference sensibilities, but sir, I don't this look appealed to either. A red tux and vest? Looks more like a red velvet cupcake than an academy nominee. No thanks.

Jared Leto:
I'm usually such a fan of Mr Leto's fashion choices, but this one is not one of my favorites. Not looks more appropriate for a 1970s flower child  Junior Prom than presenting in th 2015 Academy Awards. 

Kevin Hart:
Had these colors been reversed, I would have loved this look. It's tailored well and looks expensive, but the color is just all wrong for me.

Best Dressed:

John Legend:
He just nails it for me every time. He gets the quintessential crooner thing down to a T. Great tux, the right amount of sheen, immaculate tailoring. Simple, sleek, sophisticated, just like an Oscar winner. 

Channing Tatum:
Another gent that is consistent in his dapper. Clean lines, great tailoring, I even like the (groomed) facial hair. Well done.

This man seemingly does no wrong for me on the red carpet. Common wins at the tuxedo game every time because he treads the line of edgy and sophisticated so well.
That's it for me. Which dudes were on your list?

Reclaimed Readables, February 23rd

Greeting s gents and ladies. Hope your Monday is not only productive, but a happy one.

Today in the Readables, the guys take over in our weekly #ManCrushMonday featuring 5 terms whiskey drinkers ought to know, where to save/spend as advised by a barber, 10 small things to do to your place that will have a huge impact, how to deal with those salt stains, and weekly outfit inspirations.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Find: High End/Low Prices at West Egg (Sponsored)

Ever find a deal so good on a product so great, you HAD to post it online for all to see and bask and celebrate with you? Well what if you could not only purchase that product for a crazy good discount, but you could also become a model for that product on a growing website? (Read: Instagram famous).

That is the deal the company West Egg is offering its shoppers. After purchasing an amazing product off of their site, pose with your purchase and upload it to your Instagram account with the hashtag #becomethemodel and you have a chance to be featured by West Egg.

Not enough incentive? How about discounts of up to 80% from 45 different brands like Marc Jacobs, Anthropologie, Dannijo, and Chanel?

Not interested in becoming a model? Simply enjoy all of the great discounts going on. 

And just because you're awesome enough to read this blog, you get an additional 10% off of your purchase. Enter code "wearwestegg" for the discount. (I know, I love you too.)

Visit West Egg and sign up for great discounts on amazing brands and more info on the #becomethemodel

Reclaimed Readables, February 20th

Salutations gorgeous readers! Today's Readables feature 50 cold weather outfits (because winter), 13 home decor ideas from some seriously fashionable ladies, budget friendly travel tips, unique DIY decor, 7 tips to pick up a language faster, and at-home workouts to lift that booty.

WhoWhatWear: 50 great winter outfits
Domaine Home: 13 It-Girl home decor tips
A Globe Well Traveled: How to travel, even when you're broke
Apartment Therapy: Amazing home style that's to DIY for
Career Girl Daily: 7 Tips to learn a language fast
The Cut: 15 ridiculous moments from NYFW
The Coveteur: At-Home moves to lift that booty

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Reclaimed Readables, February 18th

Happy happy hump day readers! Today's Readables feature 15 professional habits to develop by your mid twenties, major women changing the world moments captured in illustrated form, 3 reasons and fixes for your worst home DIY messes, you dream job is only 4 steps away, and 10 outfit ideas you should try as they were seen on NYFW runways. 

Domaine Home: 15 professional habits you should develop by your mid twenties
Huff Post Women: How women are changing the world (in illustrated form)
Apartment Therapy: 3 reasons (and easy fixes) for your DIY fails
Relevant Mag: 4 things to do for that dream job
Man Repeller: 10 things you should try as it was seen on the NYFW runways

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

#TuesdayShoesday: The only spring shoe trends you should know

Right now, the fashion elite have converged on NYC for Fashion Week, their eye set two seasons from now.

Me? I'm less concerned (but still attentive) to Fall of this year and prefer to focus on the upcoming one, my personal favorite, Spring. And this season promises to be an exciting, but also easy to master, Spring for style.

For this week's Tuesday Shoes Day, we are talking the top 5 styles you should know for spring. 

This isn't the hippie-dippy woven style of the 70s, but a modern and sleek interpretation of that same aesthetic. You can find a chic pair easily this season for a little warm weather ladylike style in an instant. 

The Gladiator
Unlike last year's bondage worthy shoes, this Spring's gladiators come in various heights and lacing. So whether a pair of strapping ankle pumps or a thigh high pair worthy of a dominatrix, you can find the right pair for you to master the trend. 

Unusual Color Blocking
Gone are the days of the typical color combos. Here to stay more artistic interesting and unusual combos. Coming in various shapes sizes and heel heights you are guaranteedto pull off this trend in whatever suits your foot fancy.

Tribal/Ethnic Prints
Let's just face it now, since tribal patterns went big, they have not slowed down. What sunfish uses perceived as I'm a momentary trend is showing itself as a mainstay in style. Find a pair of tribal inspired shoes that are guaranteed to glam up even the most basic white tea and jeans.

Art Gallery Worthy Pumps
There's nothing more interesting than a pair of super, out of left field cool heels. To pull off this look without looking like a crazy person, find an unusual pair in a neutral colorpreferably in a luxe material like leather or suede. This won't cheapen the look.

For more info on these styles, head to Harper's Bazaar and PopSugar.