Thursday, October 19, 2017

Reclaimed Readables

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Today's Readables feature small ways you're leaking money, the best online vintage stores, how to make good money online, how you could be over-saving for retirement, and how one woman makes $10k extra a year selling old stuff.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

TWMBABW: Nikki&Mallory

I found today's feature on Instagram some time ago and have been an avid fan of her handmade pieces ever since. Her chic and earthly creations took my breath away. Literally. I am a huge fan of this brand, its aesthetic, and the woman that created it all, Treasure Mallory.

Today's This Was Made By A Black Woman: Nikki&Mallory.

"My name is Treasure and Nikki&Mallory is the name of my brand. Named after myself; Nikki is my nickname, Mallory, my last. The name represents my varied layers of character + style. I've always had a thing for shoes and bags but never knew designing bags was my niche until I started sewing. Now I'm a self-taught handbag designer. My brand specializes in custom/handmade handbags, accessories inspired by bohemian and contemporary vintage."

About herself, Treasure says "I'm the most regular, not regular, creator, free-spirit, balls to the walls, fashion junkie, diy nerd and life lover in a nut shell."

Treasure brings her Pasadena roots together with her "east coast heart" to create pieces that are equal parts bohemian and street.

For Treasure, entrepreneurship was an inherited trait that she approached her own way. "I think being an entrepreneur is in my blood. My grandfather was a teacher but had multiple businesses and it trickled down throughout my family. Watching him run his business always inspired me to have "my own"." 

But her journey to entrepreneurship was not the straightest of lines. "After getting 2 degrees and working in corporate entertainment for years, I found myself completely ugly & miserable working for other people (losing myself). As soon as I got laid off, I was like "Yep...IT'S ON! Now or never" I decided to go for it. The scariest most rewarding move I've made to date.""

More on her journey, she says "I always knew I was meant to create but didn't know what? It was a talent I continued to overlook & not put much thought into. Prior to starting my business, I was struggling, fell into a deep stage of depression, I was down to my last dime, unemployed, losing my place ready to give up on EVERYTHING. I remember talking to a friend who said "when things get tough, you have to become innovative". "

Faith also played a huge role in Treasure's journey. "My walk with God has always been strong but I was losing faith daily. I had to remember that HE is bigger than my issues. I literally started calling on Him, asking for answers and deliverance of being suicidal. Literally, within months (still broke & lost) I decided to go to Fashion Design School being that it was the LAST thing I had interest in; kill some time, figure things out. At that point, it was almost like a light bulb went off! I was there to learn how to make clothes but was secretly teaching myslef how to make bags. Upon graduation, my brand was born. Let's just say, God has a strange way of repositioning you to into position."

That positioning lead her to create some of the most dope handmade bags I have seen. "I'm infatuated with handbags." Treasure says. "Always have been. I feel like we all have a special, weird, crazy story to tell. My story/journey was one that no one ever knew because I always had a smile on my face even when I was crying inside. For that reason, bags are special to me; each one holds a story that speaks true to our authenticity and authenticity is of value. Another reason why I hand make everything."

When asked what her favorite pieces are from her collection, Treasure says "To be honest, everything I create is my favorite. I don't have a team of people to assist me, or another seamstress to help make these bags so, each bag is a project I have to teach myself how to make. It's not until I'm finished when I remember..."damn, I actually created this!""

When asked about what it means to be both Black and a Woman as an entrepreneur, she says "Black owned/woman owned means resilient, determined + powerful. For so long the strength of a woman, black women especially, has been under-minded. The fact that "we can", says alot about our strength and ability to push beyond limitations + boundaries. It means we're far past settling. And we're going for the goal against all odds. I know a lot of women like myself who run their entire business by themselves. It's not even close to easy but it says a lot about the characters of women now. You have to commend that type of character."

Check out Nikki&Mallory
And follow her beautiful, transcendent brand.

Reclaimed Readables

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Today's Readables feature incredibly successful women who dropped out of college, ways to make sure you are wearing the right bra size, Tracee Ellis Ross's new clothing line, 20 fashion brands supporting Breast Cancer Awareness, and a white woman to white women about feminism, #metoo, and Women of Color.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Trend Alert: Metallic Booties under $50

Metallic boots are quickly becoming the statement piece of fall. Whether as a light sheen or with a mirror like finish, these boots are made for sparklin’. Here are my picks for under $50. Happy TuesdayShoesDay!

Trend Alert: Metallic Booties under $50

ASOS short boots
$40 -

Cape Robbin blue boots

Qupid lace-up ankle booties

Block-heel boots

Liliana short boots

Reclaimed Readables, #TuesdayShoesDay

Happy Tuesday beauts! This week's #TuesdayShoesDay features the next biggest shoe trend, a Chanel Cap toe slingback look  for less, over 25 pairs of cute shoes under $30 at DSW, the best boots for sneaker people, chic casual shoes, and the best sneakers to style with skinny jeans.

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