Friday, August 18, 2017

Reclaimed Readables, August 18th

Happy Friday loves!

Today's Readables feature the 12 statement bags under $50, the lipstick company helping victims of Charlottesville violence, real women test Amazon's most popular lipsticks, 20 denim pieces to fall for, Game of Thrones character you should be watching, Yara Shahidi's essay on art and activism, and  the disturbing discovery researchers found in products marketed to women of color.

And I Got Dressed: 12 statement bags under $50
Huff Post: The lipstick company helping victims of Charlottesville, Yara Shahidi's essay on art and activism
The Cut: Products marketed to women of color found to be more toxic than those market to white women
Coveteur: 20 denim pieces we love
BuzzFeed: Missandei is the character to watch on Game of Thrones, testing Amazon's top lippies

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Its National Thrift Store Day!


It's #NationalThriftStoreDay again! And you better believe I am going to go visit my favorite spots to celebrate.

Some of my most favorite pieces and treasures have come from thrifting jaunts and random second hand shop visits. And that is how this blog even started.

Here are my favorite posts about Thrifting to ever appear here on The Reclaimed.

Why I love Thrift shopping
How Thrift Shopping made me a better person
Trends that are still so good that you can grab at the Thrift
Transitional wear you should totally get at the Thrift
Why we need to be Paying it Forward

What questions do you have about Thrifting and shopping second hand? Drop them below. Let's chat!

Reclaimed Readables, August 17th

Hey, you beautiful little cheapskates!

Today's Readables feature the Millennial's guide to not going broke, the #1 money mistake as told by a financial planner, the high cost of actually dating, how to turn your hustle into passive income, and 5 simple ways to save money on clothes.

Girl With Curves: 5 ways to save money on clothes
Refinery29: The high cost of dating, turning the hustle into passive income
My Domaine: The #1 money mistake as told by as a financial planner, millennial's guide to not going broke

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

TWMBABW: Taliah Waajid

It's virtually impossible to be in the natural hair community without running into Taliah Waajid products.

The yellow labeled, black lid hair product line that bares her name is one of the top brands for natural girls and their kinks, coils and curls and I am personally a fan.

I wanted to hear from the namesake by the brand's namesake herself and I had the privilege and opportunity to hear from Ms Waajid on why she created the successful line, her drive, and what being Black Woman owned and crafted really means in this day and age.

"My name is Taliah Waajid, brand name TW products: we provide healthy hair care products for textured hair."

A natural (get it) entrepreneur, Taliah's passion and drive moved her into using her creativity to craft a life she wanted. "My passion for being able to do something creative every day of her life, and the ability to do that and make a living. It was no other choice for me."

Formerly a natural hair stylist, Taliah saw a need arise for those who loved their natural hair but wanted a variety of ways to manage it without forcing it to change. "I saw a need for my kind of products, none were in the market place when I started my brand. Most of the hair care products available changed the texture of hair instead of allowing people to actually embrace the texture of their natural hair and care for it while exploring different styling options."

She also attributes her upbringing for her passion for Black hair. "I also grew up not being allowed to get a perm so I had to be creative with my hair and different styles at a young age. I would consult my clients back to healthy hair and wanted them to know that it was ways to deal with their textured hair without having to revert back to perm/relaxed hair, and I found beauty in educating people on that and teaching them that HEALTHY hair is GOOD hair."

While all of her products are highly regarded, she says her favorite product from her brand is "The nutrients shine butter, because I can use it on my hair and body. I tend to have dry skin and this is the only thing I can apply to my skin and it lasts all day without me being ashy a few hours later. Love the smell and it’s not too greasy."

As far as being Black Woman Made and Owned, "I am just glad to see that the masses are starting to see and recognize the power of a black woman. Majority of men are starting to see our capability and allow us to lead. There’s a reason why the old saying “behind every strong man is a strong woman in his corner” that statement is true. We are natural born leaders and are very capable of paving the way in any industry."

You can find Taliah Waajid's products wherever you find your hair care products. Check out more about Taliah Waajid at their site.

Reclaimed Readables, August 16th

Happy Wednesday beautiful people!

Today's Readables feature why Bruno Mars is a hero this week, one woman's struggle with trendy clothes, a super woke stylist on styling white tees, why you should make that trendy rope bag, how to be Black in Trump's America, inexpensive pieces that look straight off the runway, and Pat McGrath's largest beauty release yet.

Man Repeller: Trendy clothes vs treasured clothes
Curly Nikki: Bruno Mars donates $1 Million to Flint Water Crisis
Coveteur: Karla Walsh on styling white tees
A Pair and A Spare: DIY rope bag
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