Friday, June 23, 2017

Reclaimed Readables, June 23rd

Happy Friday good people! Today's Readables feature online shopping hacks that will save you big, the best of the best from Zara's summer sale, a clever hack to fix your broken lipsticks, magical crap you need under $10, and 8 super easy wrap styles for summer.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thrifty Thursday: Vintage-ish Concert Tees for Cheap

By now, you all know my love of all things affordable and quality.

You also know my love of the affordable shopping destination, Primark. Ever since that first fashion show and visit, I have been hooked! It's where I get most of my affordable items as well as my trendier pieces.

After reading an article some time last week about how celebrities and fashionistas alike, I got to head scratching. I mean, come on, who really spends $200+ dollars on a concert tee from 1979? Apparently a lot of people. And that break

Me? I would rather discover a long lost band treasure on a thrift jaunt than pay that much for one, but that's just me.

Enter Primark's Band Tees. The badassery is so real, ladies. I snagged two myself, one grommeted Ramones tee and one damn near ripped to shreds ACDC tee.

The best part? I didn't spend over $20 for the both of them. Meaning if your local thrift or salvation army doesn't have any of these goodies, you can always hit the mall and find one (or in my case 2) for cheap.

Reclaimed Readables, June 22nd

Happy Thursday folks!

Today's penny pinching Readables feature top rated drugstore skincare, 7 small ways to get your life together, stylish vacation essentials under $100, drugstore foundation celebrity MUA's actually use, why you should check out & Other Stories for summer stuff, and the designer level skincare you can get for pennies.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Trevor Noah Calls out the NRA on the death of Philando Castille

Just to get straight to the point:

I know we all feel "some type of way" about the Philando Castille murder verdict.

I stumbled across the newly released dash cam footage of the incident this morning and regret seeing it. All of the sudden, my heart thundered in my chest. Waves of anger, pain, frustration, and sadness washed over me, the feelings all came back from the day I was one of many to witness Mr. Castille's murder live on Facebook.

That is why when one of my personal favorite commentators, Trevor Noah, spoke on the matter, I had to listen. Not only did he speak about those frustrations with the countless rising number of incidents involving police brutality and unnecessary deadly force on Black people, Trevor, brought up an interesting point of note. The difference in this particular case...

Which is that Philando Castille was a licensed gun owner and carrier.

If there is a group who wails and moans any time the whisper or hint of new legislations about guns, gun laws, and the like come up (even in the midst of events like the Pulse night club and Sandy Hook) it is the NRA. Who have been absolutely vocal about every other incident of gun owners feeling like "their rights are being taken away", yet here, with a perfect example and a perfect martyr to their cause, the NRA is "oddly" silent.

Things that make you go hmm...

Here is the clip:

Trevor is right (as he is with most things). The NRA should be losing their damn minds behind this insane verdict. That is unless you account for ethnicity.

Let's face it: if Philando Castille was Phillip Castle, a white man, riding in his car with his white daughter and white girl friend and every other detail was the same, there would be rioting in the streets. The NRA wouldn't stand for it. Society in general wouldn't stand for it. There would be vigils and masses and town halls. The NRA would lobby so hard to see than the officer who killed Phil would instantly lose his badge and end up behind bars for murder.

But because he was an African American man, Philando merely gets a hashtag on social media. His death seared into the collective consciousness of Black people as another brand of injustice...

Liberty and justice for some.

I don't have the answers. I wish I did, but I don't. Honestly, to live in the United States as a descendant of the African diaspora is to live with the constant under current of rage and frustration. And every brutal murder, like Philando, like Trayvon, and like Emmitt Till, the lynching of decades not too far gone, get buried in us, seeds of anguish and anger producing bitter fruit that we are forced to swallow day in and day out.

In choosing, Trevor said some other things I actually caught just today, on the experience of African Americans living here in the US. Here is the behind the scenes clip from last night's show. I think he sums it up better than I...

Reclaimed Readables, June 21st

Happy Hump Day my loves!

Today's Readables feature under $20 swimwear, over 20 amazing scented beauty products, how designer Prubal Gurung changed the plus size game, Halima Aden is the first to wear a hijab on Allure's cover, why you're probably wearing the wrong bra size, and Kamala Harris has created your play list for Black History.

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