Thursday, June 30, 2016

Best Reads of June

June of 2016 has been a crazy month to say the least.

Between a showdown on Twitter, the passing of The Greatest, the Orlando massacre, we've had plenty to talk about, reflect upon, and grow from.

Here are my top picks from the last 30 days of blogging in the month of June:

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Reclaimed Readables, June 30th

Happy Thursday good looking people!

Today's Readables close out June with features like the best buys at Forever 21, how to keep your skinny jeans interesting, cool beauty bugs coming to your local CVS in July, Lisa Frank hops on the adult coloring book bandwagon, 12 big difference from kids in the 00s vs kids now, over 20 styles coming back from the 1990s, and 25 inexpensive living room DIYs.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How to Style Shorts for Work (and 12 pairs under $50)

(Photo from Pinterest)

Shorts are an essential for summer. Whether its a back yard bbq, a pool party, beach trip, or just to run around town, nothing lets it be known that is summer like a great pair of shorts. 

And yet many of us never take them into work. Shorts, unfortunately, have a stigma with them where most women don't think that can make them professional enough for the office.

So, as with most of the problems I face in dressing and styling, I took to Pinterest to find beautiful examples of how to style your shorts for your workday. I've found 9 lovely, ladylike examples to share.  I've broken them down into the type of outfits based on the typical days you experience at the office. Hope this helps!

Monday Morning:
Manic Mondays can be made easy with a polished pair of shorts, like in the outfits above. Pieces like blazers and heels definitely help in the elevation of any short. But the shorts best suited for the beginning of the week are definitely those with a more structure pair of shorts.  

Wednesday Chic:
Midweek heat means fun and festive shorts. Here are pairs of varying, lengths, again in a more structured fabric and cut. These, however, can be put with more fun pieces, like a big necklace or shoulder bearing top, for a more interesting, midweek pick up of a style.

Summer Friday:
Here are more casual looks pared with very work appropriate elements. Yep, even your denim cut offs, when paired with the right pieces, like a blazer or polished heels, can be made desk ready. I would NOT recommend wearing these when heading to an important meeting, but for your typical summer Friday, I say go for it!

Now that we've talked some ways to wear these leg friendly bottoms, its time to go shopping. Here are my top 12 picks for office ready shorts. Super summer friendly, can go from the desk to dinner to drinks with no sweat. And talk about budget friendly, these pairs I've chosen come in at $50 and under. 

Work Ready Shorts under $50

J.Crew short shorts
$48 -

Cotton shorts
$39 -

Penfield shorts
$47 -

MANGO short shorts

Miss Selfridge shorts

Glamorous red shorts
$39 -

Miss Selfridge shorts
$43 -

VILA white shorts
$23 -

Ally Fashion short shorts
$19 -

Glamorous high-waisted shorts
$11 -

New Look summer shorts
$18 -

New Look high-waisted shorts
$14 -

Reclaimed Readables, June 29th

Happy Wednesday beautifuls!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

#TuesdayShoesDay: Cross Over Sandals

(Photo from We Heart It)

This summer is the season of the simple shoe. Basic designs and basic lines create a shoe that is anything but. Turn up your own chic minimalism by donning a pair of these perfectly simple and comfy sophisticated replacements for your typical sandals. And leave the flip flops at the beach in exchange for these summer staples.

Yep, today we are talking (and fawning over) the crossover sandal. And at $50 and under, you can do more than talk about and fawn, you can own several pairs of these expensive looking feet friends without ever breaking bank.

Happy ShoesDay

Cross Over Sandals

Reclaimed Readables, June 28th

Greetings and salutations loves!
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Monday, June 27, 2016

Why Jesse Williams Speech is for all Americans

To say last night’s Black Entertainment Television Awards show was historic is probably a gross understatement. The night was lit by the expected artist performances and appearances. But what made it historic was not only the surprise stunning Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar set, the epic tribute to Prince, or the dedication to Muhammad Ali.

Last night’s award show was capped off by the speech given by Jesse Williams after receiving BET’s Humanitarian of the Year award. Williams hijacked the BET Awards  with his nearly 5 minute long speech addressing racism, bigotry, and cultural appropriation.

After expressing his gratitude for the honor and thanking the countless activists that join him in the fight for equality, Williams highlighted incidents of police brutality “Yesterday would’ve been young Tamir Rice’s 14th birthday, so I don’t want to hear anymore about how far we’ve come when paid public servants can pull a drive-by on a 12-year-old playing alone in a park in broad daylight, killing him on television and then going home to make a sandwich. Tell Rekia Boyd how it’s so much better to live in 2012 than 1612 or 1712. Tell that to Eric Garner. Tell that to Sandra Bland. Tell that to Darrien Hunt.”

“Now, freedom is always coming in the hereafter.” Williams said, addressing the long held idea of freedom African Americans have aspired to since days of slavery. “But, you know what though? The hereafter is a hustle. We want it now.” 

Williams then addressed the many critics of the various civil rights and social justice movements. “The burden of the brutalized is not to comfort the bystander. That’s not our job, all right, stop with all that. If you have a critique for the resistance, for our resistance, then you better have an established record of critique of our oppression. If you have no interest in equal rights for black people then do not make suggestions to those who do.”

Williams continues his speech with a brief view of cultural exploitation and appropriation Black Americans have endured throughout American history. “We’ve been floating this country on credit for centuries…and we’re done watching and waiting while this invention called whiteness uses and abuses us, burying black people out of sight and out of mind, while extracting our culture, our dollars, our entertainment like oil, black gold. Ghettoizing and demeaning our creations then stealing them, gentrifying our genius and then trying us on like costumes before discarding our bodies like rinds of strange fruit.” Williams says, highlighting Strange Fruit, 1939 Billie Holiday song of the same name about the frequent and brutal practice of lynching.

Williams finished with a mention of the often attacked notion of #BlackGirlMagic, saying “The thing is…that just because we’re magic, doesn’t mean we’re not real.”

Jesse Williams may have been speaking at the Black Entertainment Television awards show, but, unlike what writer Katie Hodges says in her New York Times Article when she says “he delivered a speech that spoke solely to black Americans“, Williams’ words were not merely for Black Americans, but for Americans as a whole. Americans that for too long have elevated the atrocities of other ethnic and religious groups, and yet to this day, refuses to come to terms with the unjust and inhumane treatment and continues to fail in tangible it has often met with its own brutalized kidnapped child known as the African American. 

And yet, through all of the institutionalized oppression, the African American continues to rise. Despite imbedded ideologies, the African American continues to excel. And In spite of those who would continue to oppress and suppress movements and developments, the African American will continue to excel, not to anyone’s credit but their own. They will receive justice, they will claim their blackness and be proud, their stories will be told, their lives do matter, and they will be heard. 

This is the message of Jesse Williams. And its for all of us.

Reclaimed Readables, June 27th

Happy Monday good people!

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

14 Pins from Pinterest That Will Make You Love Thick Thighs

I have to admit, me and my thighs have an absolute love/hate relationship. They love me (because, no matter how much walking, running, or swimming, they aint going anywhere) and I used to hate them (chub rub, the death of so may pairs of jeans, and for my friends nicknaming them "french toast"[long story]). For my teens and well into my 20's, I did everything I could to keep them a secret, including wearing jeans, yes, even in the blazing and stubborn heat of the summer.

But something happens to you once you make the cognitive choice to absolutely love yourself, perceived flaws and all.  I made that choice once I turned 30, and I have not turned back. This choice includes my thighs (what I call "the thunder from down under"). And now I actually do really like them. I like the way they complete the hourglass of my body. I like how they are thick and wide. I like that they, along with other parts of me, make me feel so buxom.

So, to share this thigh love, I have compiled this post full of pins courtesy of Pinterest full of thick thigh love in the hopes that those of you who are like me can see them as a more of a blessing... and maybe free yourself of the burden of wearing jeans in the summer. Enjoy