Friday, November 15, 2013

November No Buy: Half Way Mark is November 15th. Half way throughout the November No Buy.

And I think I might have broken my shopping desire. Today was a pay day, and my first thought about it was how I had to take out money to tithe...not "Hey, let me check out eBay or hustle over to the thrift." I'm kind of proud of that achievement. And I'm grateful God allowed me to experience that. 

It has to be more than a coincidence that this month also coincides with what I call "my other church", Elevation Church's 52 days of Thanksgiving and Praise. For 52 days starting from last Sunday, the church is closing out 2013 with gratitude to God for the many blessings, whether mundane or miraculous. And I'm with them.

This No Buy has helped me stop focusing on what I don't have and be grateful for what I do: good health, a healthy loving family, an amazing man who calls me his, hilarious and good friends, a steady paycheck at a job I like, a warm home to return to with a sweet cat to greet me, a (soon to be) full fridge... and peace...I may not have millions, but millions cannot buy peace; peace with God, others, and yourself, that's priceless. I could go on, but I'm sure you want think about your own list.

It's funny how once you sit and actually count your blessings, how all of the things you don't have pale in comparison.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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