Friday, June 27, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, June 27th

Happy Friday loves!

These are your last Readables for the week. New ways to wear your stripes in summer, 7 takes on your old graphic tee; easy summer outfits in 3 simple steps; when it's actually ok to quit; summer skin care for oily skin; and no, you aren't imagining it, you DO look cooler in your sunglasses. 

Refinery 29: 3 New (and uber cute) Ways to wear your warm weather stripes
The Zoe Report: 7 Chic takes on your graphic tees
WhoWhatWear: Your summer outfits in 3 easy pieces 
Relevant Mag: When is it OK to quit 
Refinery 29: Nope you aren't imagining it, sunglasses do make you look hotter 
Byrdie: Caring for your oily skin