Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Influenster Go Vox Box

Influenster has been good to me. Every so often I receive a box full of goodies, usually centered around a particular theme. 

This was my 3rd of the Vox Boxes they have sent me to test and review. The *GoVox Box came packed with sports and wellness centered products for me to test. Here's the line up:

Playtex Sport
This was probably the most awkward thing to review because, well, it's tampons. (I feel like I just lost every guy who supported me) So I figured let's just get the most awkward thing out of the way first.

I've been a fan of PlayTex products for years now. But this was my first time testing the Sport brand. Sparing you the (literal) gory details, they work great.

Pros: comfortable, in most markets, shops, and drug stores, reliable
Cons: prices are usually on the higher end of feminine products

Müller Yogurt
Included in the Vox Box was a coupon for a free Müller yogurt. The only bummer was where the hell to find Müller in Germantown, Philadelphia. Needless to say, I needed to venture out into a more affluent neighborhood to even find the stuff.

It was worth the trip. I tested the Müller "früt up" product in lucious lemon. Scrumptious.

Pros: yummy, high quality ingredients
Cons: very difficult to even find, not as popular of a brand

The Vitamin Shoppe Fit and Full Shake and Jaxx Cup
The Vitamin Shop included samples of their Next Step Fit and Full shake as well as one of their Jaxx Shaker Cup. The samples included French Vanilla, Berry, and my personal favorite, Swiss Chocolate. The product actually performed well. It was easy to blend, delicious to drink, and kept me full. Vitamin Shoppe gives you the option of purchasing these in either a large container or, what I really liked, the single serve packs for those of us constantly on the go.

The cup itself was also a very good product, including within it a "Jaxx" blender, literally shaped like one of the Jaxx from our childhood game. This cup blended the shake very well, I experienced literally no clumps at all. 

Pros: portable, easy to make, delicious

Blue Diamond Fruit Flavored Almonds
I'm not usually a fan of almonds. Blue Diamond has officially changed my mind with this product. Their new fruit flavored almonds are so good. This snack was a delectable combination of salty and sweet favors (one of my favorite combinations) The best part? It's a much healthier snack than, say, a chocolate covered pretzel, which has a similar effect on your palette but certainly not your body.

Pros: tastes very good, healthy snack
Cons: pricy for snack food

Aqua Spa Relax Creme 
I love lavender...anything. It's one of my favorite scents. So when I saw Aqua Spa included some of their Relax Creme, an infusion of lavender and chamomile, I was very excited. It didn't disappoint. It's thicker than most lotions, but not as thick as a body butter. It kept my skin smooth for hours with a light scent that just barely lingers. It's a perfect skin creme I could see being used after a shower following a hard day or good work out with the scent alone relaxing away the troubles of the day. 

This product is so popular and so wanted, that it is currently back ordered.

Pros: quality lotion, lovely scent
Cons: not widely available

Pro Foot Pedi Rock and Triad Orthotic
For readers who know me very well, you guys know I don't always go for the most supportive shoe, forgoing a good and supportive sneaker for my Toms or Havianas, or worse, a platform pump. These inserts were a god send. I tried them in one of my favorite, but well worn shoes. Instantly I noticed a difference.

Pros: very well priced, effective, comfortable
Cons: not easy to find in stores
It's summer, and summer means sandal season. Sandal season means the pedicure bill sky rockets, right? Well not necessarily.

I am a DIY-if-I-can-help-it type and with this pedi rock, I was able to soften up my poor neglected feet. I used mine in the shower but you can also use it dry. The "rock" itself feels more like a condensed sponge than anything hard and painful as the name could convey. Even the surface of the Pedi-Rock felt more gentle than expected (think of the most gentle emory board you've known) yet the product is highly effective in removing dry skin. I love it.

Pros: works well dry or wet, gentle, 
Cons: not easy to find in stores

*All products in the GoVox Box were received et gratis from the Influenster Program for testing and promotional purposes.