Wednesday, June 25, 2014

One Item, Three Ways: The Denim Chambray

Since I've been on this new minimalistic, "appreciate all you have" path, I've learned something about myself. I have too many clothes that I don't wear often enough.

Take, for example, my Gap Denim Chambray. I hardly ever wear it, even though it's super comfy and can be dressed up or down. 

How? Well here are three different outfit ideas to show the versatility of this denim button down. There so many great ways this top can be worn. I've selected three for your consideration.

1) For Work
Most people don't think of wearing denim into the office outside of casual Friday. But with the right Chambray, you can easily pull it off. Here, I've paired the button down with a textured white wrap pencil skirt, a classy back, and simple strappy heels. Tuck the Chambray into the pencil skirt, leave the top 2 buttons undone, and add a string of pearls for professional perfection.

2) For Running Around
This is where we see the denim button down the most. In a casual, comfy, no fuss outfit. Some people are afraid of wearing denim on denim, but contrasting shades of denim actually look great together. Here I have paired this outfit with bronze Havaianas and an easy Crossbody.

3) For Play
For something a little more unusual but very chic, take your Chambray and pair it with a pair of patterned pants. I prefer my pants to taper at the ankle, but wide leg pants will do equally as nice. Chose one color in the pants for accessories. I chose the swirls of red, putting the clothes with red sandals and a red and tan Crossbody. For extra umph, add pumps instead of flats for an unconventional but still very put together look.

So grab your denim button down and try a bunch of things out. You will start to see how versatile pieces like this are in creating unique and unexpected, but no less amazing looks.