Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, July 29th

Happy Tuesday readers!

There is still plenty of summer left and these links will help you navigate its final steamy days including a sweaty girl's guide to summer dressing, how to properly care for your clothes, weird (but true facts about your favorite lip shades, the strangest spa treatments you will see, and 35 fashion ideas to break up your fashion monotony.

Huff Post Style: The Sweaty Girl guide to dressing (and staying) cool
WhoWhatWear: Are you unknowingly ruining your clothes?
Byrdie: 12 weird but true facts about your lipstick
The Zoe Report: 6 of the most bizarre (and sort of creepy) spa treatments you'll ever hear of
Refinery 29: Feeling bored with your wardrobe rotation? Here's 35 Fashion ideas to keep it fresh