Thursday, August 28, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, August 28th

It's Thursday! One more day closer to the big holiday weekend. 

Featured today are 7 subtle styling mistakes you might be making, a drugstore make up shopping guide, 5 things you're paying too much for, the evolution of our favorite side kick, the purse, 5 easy but very cool ways to update your fall wardrobe, and 8 no spend ways to double (maybe even triple) your current wardrobe.

WhoWhatWear: 7 subtle style mistakes you could be making right now
Byrdie: The Smart girl's guide to drugstore make up shopping
Refinery 29: 5 Things you're probably spending too much on
The Cut: 5 Cool and easy ways to update your look for fall
WhoWhatWear: 8 clever ways to increase your wardrobe (hint: don't spend any money!)
Refinery 29: Know your history: The evolution of the handbag