Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Reclaimed's 500th Post

I celebrate milestones. 

Birthdays, anniversaries, achievements great and small I feel are deserving of some form of celebration. 

Well this post represents a milestone. A pretty big one... 

This is my 500th post. Right now...you're reading it. 

This is my 500th post of a blog that I wasn't sure I should start, that I was not sure would do well, that I was not sure I could maintain. 

But here we are, 500 posts, over 20,000 views, not to mention the exponential growth on The Reclaimed social accounts, sponsors, and even guest writing for other sites (more news on that coming soon). 

Not bad for our first year together.

You guys have been a great support and wonderful to write for. 

I hope that you have appreciated reading The Reclaimed as much as I've loved writing it. Here's to many more fashionable and frugal years together!