Friday, August 1, 2014

Try the Trend: Curvy Girl Crop Tops

I'm going to be a little transparent with you: I'm nervous about crop tops. I see them everywhere both done oh so right and horribly wrong. I've seen everything from none thin Tweens to far less boney but way too showy adults rocking the trend. But what I don't see is a lot of middle of the road, fellow curvy girls trying the trend.

If there is one piece of warm weather clothing a lot of curvy women run from, it would be crop tops. The idea of our bare midsection showing to the world makes a lot of us uncomfortable. The rest of us simply don't know how to wear the crop top in a mature and sophisticated way.

But paired with a high waisted option, the crop shows just enough skin to be interesting without too much to be potentially unflattering. By finding a grown up looking crop and adding it to high waisted pants or skirt, the crop instantly looks polished and mature.

Here are 8 such tops, of various prints and styles, all ready for you to try the trend.

Curvy Worthy Crop Tops

Wrap top

River Island crop top
$37 -

ONLY polyester shirt
$36 -

Vero Moda sleeveless top
$27 -