Friday, September 26, 2014

Reclaimed Readables,September 26th

It's Friday! Time to kick back and turn up after a long work week. 

Start off the weekend right. Fall is the best, and featured are 6 reasons why. Also featured today are tips to help you never buy the wrong foundation again, how to master the seasons trickiest trends, the only 10 beauty items you need in your bag at a time, and 13 chic pieces to own and wear for the rest of your life.

WhoWhatWear: 6 compelling reasons why fall is the best
Byrdie: Never buy the wrong foundation again
Refinery 29: Fall's trickiest trends and how to master them
The Zoe Report: The only 10 beauty items you need in your purse
WhoWhatWear: 13 timeless pieces to wear all your life