Friday, September 5, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, September 5th

Happy Friday readers!

Today's features show us fun ways to save money, 12 unique and awesome hairstyles, why the desire to be famous isn't a bad thing, the only 8 things you must have in your bag, a detailed autumn trend and shopping guide, the 5 dresses every woman should own, and 13 fall ready (and semi comfy) heels.

Byrdie: 5 easy work day styles to take into the weekend and 7 perf braid styles for fall
WhoWhatWear: The only 8 things you need in your bag, a seriously in depth fall shopping and trends guide, and 5 dress styles every woman should own
Refinery 29: How to make saving your money not suck, and 13 autumn ready heels to save your feet
Relevant Mag: Why wanting to be famous is ok