Wednesday, September 10, 2014

UNIQLO loves Philly the most...

UNIQLO isn't like the other fast fashion brands. 

Unlike H&M or Target, instead of dangling the carrot of an amazing collaboration before the noses of us, their fashion loving clientele, UNIQLO gets directly to the point. The same week that they announced a collaboration with Helmut Lang, they dropped their look book. In the same fashion, UNIQLO has once again surprised us with a pleasent revival.

A favored but gone collection of the brand, Uniqlo x Jil Sander, +J brand will be revived for a special collection of what UNIQLO is calling it's "greatest hits". 
Uniqlo carried +J Brand for five seasons before terminating the epic collaboration in Spring 2011. 

While Jil Sander is not involved in this revival, collection will consist of 42 pieces UNIQLO considers the best of all of the collections combined, including 27 men's pieces and 15 women's pieces all priced between $39.90 up to $229.90.

And why does UNIQLO love Philly the most. Well, +J will launch exclusively in the U.S. at the soon to be opened UNIQLO Philaldephia store, on October 3. The rest of the US and even will have to wait for the collection until October 10th.