Friday, October 17, 2014

The Friday Find: Chic Saddle Bags

It has been made known that the bag to carry is the Chloe Saddle bag. Celebrities, super chic, and fashionistas in the know are toting around this work of art in leather form as the perfect weekend out bag. What's great is that it not only comes in a larger tote crossbody size, but also a smaller, essentials only size.

But what stinks is that both bags can cost you a pretty penny (they are Chloe after all) The small size alone is more than a rent payment! 

Not to worry, faithful reader. I have found the perfect alternative. Enter Daily Look's saddle bag. Talk about your inspirations, this bag wonder looks almost identical to the Chloe saddle bag, even down to certain stitching detail, but with a sweeter price of only 50 bucks. Enjoy this week's Friday Find!

Real VS Deal: Chic Saddle Bags