Friday, October 10, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, October 10th

Happy Friday you gorgeous thing you!

Today's links feature 5 trends curvy girls should embrace, how to decode your beauty products actual ingredients, 12 essential lingerie terms, killer non-gym sweatpant outfits, the "nonchalant" shirt tuck, and easy ways to fancy up your fall jumpsuit. 

Happy weekend all!

WhoWhatWear: 5 trends us curvy girls can (and should) embrace
The Coveteur: 12 need to know lingerie terms
Byrdie: Fool proof way of decoding your beauty product ingredients
The Zoe Report: How to style those sweatpants (and not for the gym)
The Cut: Master the nonchalant shirt tuck
Huff Post Style: Fancy up your jumpsuit