Monday, October 27, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, October 27th

Happy Monday readers!

This #ManCrushMonday we are talking 10 pieces every gentleman has in his wardrobe, the newest fast fashion brand strictly for dudes, how to choose your cooler weather shoes, 5 different ways to style your sport coats, high end sales (because who doesn't like that), and skin care for tough guys.

The Three F: 10 pieces every gentleman has in his closet
Racked: The newest, dude only, fast (and cheap) fashion brand 
Menswear Style: How to choose your cold weather shoes
Style Girlfriend: 5 days; 5 ways to wear that sport coat
Dappered: Sales! (Because why not?)
Menswear Style: hey you! You need to take better care of your skin (here's why)