Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, October 28th

Happy Tuesday beautiful people! Wanna change up your style? Today is the day to start. From sharp outfits using sweatpants, fashion rules you SHOULD be breaking, 35 reasons to style bold, how to destroy skin discoloration, and the pitfalls of being a fashion girl. Also featured today: Tyra Banks new cosmetic line, and why Beyoncé for Topshop is NOT a collaboration. 

Refinery 29: 30 non- shlubby sweatpant looks
WhoWhatWear: Don't call it a collaboration- why Beyoncé and Topshop are different
Byrdie: Tyra Bank's on a 3 minute routine, her new beauty line, and other Tyra stuff
The Zoe Report: fashion rules that should be broken
WhoWhatWear: 11 problems of being a fashion girl
Refinery 29: 35 bold styling ideas
Birdie: Brown Girl beauty- destroy discoloration