Friday, November 28, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, November 28th

Happy Post-Turkey Day all! Hope you've all had a fun, festive and food-filled Thanksgiving.

Today's Readables include cheap and chic gifts from the bullseye boutique, how to wear oversize without drowning in fabric, the Thanksgiving day detox, ways to keep your favorite shoes less smelly, a complete alphabetical guide to Cyber Monday, and the best loyalty programs you may not know about.

The Budget Babe: Perfectly chic off the rack gifts from Target
Refinery 29: The times oversize clothes were better than fitted
Byrdie: Lazy girl's guide to Thanksgiving detox
WhoWhatWear: #Stylehack: 3 ways to deodorize your fave shoes
The Cut: The complete alphabetical guide to shopping Cyber Monday
Refinery 29: The best loyalty programs