Friday, December 12, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, December 12th

It's Friday! Cue all of the fun and goofy dances you want to do in order to celebrate the end of a busy workweek.

Today's Readables feature over 20 different ways to jazz up your bedroom, 9 things keeping you from dazzling white teeth, how to both throw an epic (in the classy adult sense and not in the drunken collegiate sense) party according to Drew Barrymore and how to be a great attendee (read: how to get invited to more parties), a very good read from Elle on the "hyper-educated poor", your work/life problem now solved, and 10 different ways to be more photogenic (Umm you've got big parties to attend, so, you know, look good and say cheese.)

Elle Mag: The hypereducated poor
WhoWhatWear: Holiday Party Etiquette 101
Refinery 29: How to host an epic party, according to Drew Barrymore
Byrdie: 9 things keeping you from whiter teeth
Apartment Therapy: Over 20 different ways to perk up your bedroom look
WhoWhatWear: 10 steps to your most photogenic self
Refinery 29: Your work/life integration problem=Solved