Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, December 17th

Happy hump day you cool reader, you! Today's links feature delicate jewelry for your daily wear, a super stylish DIY blanket cape, the new controversy in-betweener, when being authentic means being more than honest, 50 chic gifts under 50 bucks, 10 home tools to keep your home winter happy, and stylish (and affordable) stocking stuffers for a happy holiday.

The Cut: Delicate jewelry to wear everyday
A Pair and A Spare: DIY blanket cape
WhoWhatWear: Between size 4 and 12? You're an" in-betweener"
Revelant Mag: How being authentic is more than just being honest
The Cut: Last minute super chic gifts under $50
WhoWhatWear: Don't forget the stocking stuffers
Refinery 29: 10 home tools to make winter super easy