Thursday, December 18, 2014

Reclaimed Readables; December 18th

Happy Thursday yall! Today's links feature 50 major ootd inspirations, 11 things your beautician wished you knew, why being busy is nothing to be proud of,   the best plus size moments of 2014, we play "buy now/ wait for the sale", DIY your own super gorg party shoes, and talk about why it's actually healthy to zone out. 

WhoWhatWear: 50 outfit ideas from Pose
Byrdie: 11 things your hairdresser wished you knew
Relevant Mag: Don't be too proud of how busy you are
Huff Post Style: Proud plus moments of 2014
WhoWhatWear: Buy it now or wait for the sale?
Honestly WTF: DIY Crystal confetti party shoes
Refinery 29: The health benefits of Zoning out