Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Skin Deep Natural Bodycare

I'm a sucker for good body care products. Having super dry skin has forced me to seek out products that keep me moisturizer for hours. And being a woman, if I'm going to wear it all daggone day, it needs to smell nice.

Unfortunately, I've had a lot of products that either kept my skin supple but smelled like a medicine cabinet or smelled terrific but might as well have been labeled creamy perfumes instead of moisturizers.

Then my bestie drew my attention to Skin Deep Natural Bodycare. She brought me back some of Skin Deep's Jasmine Soufflé. 

And I'm in love. It's a light and feminine smell of jasmine combined with the intense moisturizers make for the perfect body moisturizer. 

And Skin Deep isn't just moisturizers. I was also given a lovely jasmine body scrub that gently polished my skin. 

And with lemon grass, almond, and even unscented versions of these and other natural products (at quite reasons prices) you can find your ideal products

Visit Skin Deep Natural Bodycare for the full range of products.