Friday, November 27, 2015

Reclaimed Readables, November 27th

Happy Friday, loves!

In the continued spirit of Thanksgiving, here is a double size helping of Readables featuring how to survive Black Friday, ways to beat thanksgiving bloat, how to entertain through party disasters, DIY copper candle holders, yummy leftover ideas, the actual history of Thanksgiving, 20 chic women talk style, luxurious gifts for under $100, how to care for your fave clothes, great holiday shopping apps, what to buy at Zara for $20, and easy ways to add style to your tee and jeans. 

WhoWhatWear: What to buy at Zara for $20, adding style to tees and jeans
The Zoe Report: Luxe gifts for under $100, caring for your favorite clothes, 8 holiday shopping apps
Byrdie: Ways to beat Turkey day bloat
Refinery 29: Leftover turkey sandwich ideas, 20 women talk style, the weird history of Thanksgiving
Career Girl Daily: How to survive Black Friday
A Pair and A Spare: DIY copper candle holders
My Domaine: Entertaining through party disasters