Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Find: So, I finally went to Primark

A few weeks ago, I blew up my socials with an epic and fun Fashion Show courtesy of one of my favorite social sites, Refinery 29, and Primark, a bad ass British brand opening its second store here in the U.S. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with Primark, it's akin to stores like H&M and Forever 21, but cheaper. Like, way.)

Well, in addition to all the fun fun going on that night, show attendees received swag bags with a $50 gift card. This past weekend, I finally went. 
First of all, Primark Philly is more like a mall unto itself. 

It's huge. 



Like 2 floors, almost 100 dressing rooms, over 60 checkout counters, over 80. Thousand. Feet. type big. 

There is literally walls of beautiful and affordable priced merchandise. 


And where there isn't, there's some sort of stylish display of the newest seasonal items. 

This was one piece I wanted in every color.

Oh, and did I mention they sell makeup?

They sell makeup, y'all. And not just reasonably priced make up, but CHEAP make up. I'm talking the season's top lipstick shades for 90 cents. Yeah, 90 pennies.

Primark doesn't only sell women's and beauty, but they also sell men's, children and infants, even housewares, all for pretty cheap. And when I say it's cheap, you know it's cheap. 
So, of course, I snagged a few things...

Oh, okay, maybe more than a "few" things. 
Okay, okay, so the haul (for me) was pretty mighty (don't worry, Earl also got some stuff, and we didn't even break $70
I seriously think I've found my newest favorite trendy store. 

Now while I wouldn't purchase my staple pieces here (it's fast fashion, guys) Primark is a great place to snag your trendy items without ever coming near to breaking the bank. 

Don't believe it's as great as I say? Check Primark out for yourself. You might just catch Primania. 

Happy Friday loves.