Saturday, December 5, 2015

Choosing Your Uniform

There is been a lot of talk about this concept of choosing a uniform, but as with most things related to style and fashion, too many people have complicate matters, making the process sound more like rocket science rather than the basic math that it is. It's way easier than a lot of people are making it out to be, and I am back encourage each of you to choose your own uniform.

All a uniform, in the style sense is is an outfit pattern that works for your body and your style preferences. That's it. (told you it was easy). Uniforms are a means in simplifying The shopping and dressing experience most women fun cumbersome and in some cases intense.

My uniforms vary based upon the activities or the season. For example, my usual church uniform usually consists of some type of blouse or light knit sweater and a pencil skirt with some type of heels or boots. My work uniform, however, usually consist of a pair of skinny leg jeans or jeggings, a long sweater or sweat shirt, and cozy footwear, whether it be my shearling lined Toms (yes, they are as glorious as they sound) or some comfy boots. please note that these are all the selections for fall and early winter where the uniform will probably change with the season.

Step One: Know your body. 
Let's face it; not every thing looks good on everybody. In fact, some things were made specifically for certain body types. And that's OK. There is nothing worse than seeing a woman attempting to squeeze into a piece that was not meant for her because it's the trend (you guys remember when everyone was wearing a low-cut jeans. I've never seen so many thongs outside of the lingerie shop in my life. ) or seeing a woman hide her body beneath a piece that is definitely unflattering. By simply knowing your body type, it makes it way easier to find pieces that are perfect for you by simply eliminating the pieces that aren't.

Step Two: Know your pieces.
As I've said above, certain pieces are made specifically with certain body types in mind. And while fashion may not discriminate, style is very discriminatory. Knowing which pieces to say yes and no to determine the difference between a trend follower and a trend setter. For example, while some ladies opt for very wide on the slouchy tops and sweaters that are perfect for the season, I steer clear of baggier tops as they make me look wider than I am. However, there are very few body types that can successfully pull off curvier pieces without their frames looking more boyish a boxy. Mine is not one of those by types, in fact I am drawn to pieces that accentuate the natural curves of my body such as pencil skirts and body con dresses. But what you will also notice about the pieces that I choose for myself is that I keep the lines of my dresses and skirts relatively long, usually at knee level. Simply by knowing my body and knowing which pieces work for me, it simplifies things, which is the entire point of selecting uniforms in the first place.

Step Three: HAVE FUN
Once you've nailed down step one and two, step three is probably the most important. Seriously. Have fun with your look and with your style. Place trendier pieces with classic pieces to create a modern yet timeless look. Play around with colors. Place more expensive items with inexpensive items. Create something that is all your own. Have serious fun!

I hope this post has helped you in crafting your own looks. In fact, I want to see them! Please feel free to share them with me on Instagram (@TheReclaimed) or send me an email ( and I will repost the best uniform looks on my page.