Saturday, January 30, 2016

Do me a favor...don't gossip

"Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people." Socrates

Confession: I HATE gossip. I always have. I probably always will. There is nothing appealing to me about sitting around and doing nothing but talking bad about others. 

Recently, I was the victim of gossip.

I'm not talking your run of the mill, first girl doesn't like other girl so first girl makes up stories about other girl to make herself look good.

I'm talking slander. 

I'm talking a former (not recent former, but distant former) close friend that has since been well deposed from my circle rearing her mouth full of venom and lies against not only myself, but on the ones I love the most.

And that pissed me off. Oh I was so angry. I get a little crazy when it comes to those I love. I take the reputations of those in my heart seriously and I go hard to defend them.

And I wanted to confront her. I wanted to tell her how I really felt about her. But after some prayer and deep breaths (and a barrage of cuss words...and a hot shower), I decided not to even entertain it.

After all, gossip is centered on a bunch of nastiness; it's a cesspool of hearsay and lies with a drop of truth mixed in. And who wants to even get into that? Gross.

Let me tell you guys somethings about gossip:

-Gossip is the sad deposit of a poor life poorly lived about lives that are well lived. Like seriously, who even has the time to talk about what others are doing? I barely have enough time in the day to get done what I need to everyday. I don't have time to concoct any stories or even listen to any stories about other people when I'm trying to live my best life. Time is short. Time is fleeting. Time is life. Time, when wasted, is lost. Therefore, I'm going to waste my most valuable asset on things that at the end of the day A) don't matter and B) don't better me.

-The root of most gossip is usually some form of jealousy. Most times when people are gossiping, it is because something within them is jealous about the person they are gossiping about, and they feel that they have finally found something wrong with that person. Does that sound appealing? No, no one wants to be that jealous person. 

-Gossip is also a form of cowardice. Think about it: if you have SUCH a big problem with what a particular individual is doing, why not go directly to that person? Seriously. Why talk about people behind their back if you've got the guts to go talk to their face? See my problem?

Gossip is not the language of winners, it is the uttering a of losers.

Don't be a loser.

Don't gossip. 

Be grown up and either keep it at the source or keep your mouth shut. 

Have you been a victim of gossip? Let's talk about it! Comment below.