Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My New Favorite Consign Find

I never thought it would happen, but it seems my favorite find has been dethroned by probably the most epic find of my thrifting/ consigning/ resaling hobby.

I've never been one to brag about the stuff I somehow keep finding. But I've sat on this one for almost a year now, and the longer I own it, the more I love it. 

Last year in the spring, while stopping into Greene Street Consignment needing to waste some time. My usual plan is to head straight for the sale rack (because who doesn't like a deal on top of a lower price?) On an accessories shelf, an orange tote caught my attention. Heading to the bag, I went to lift it, surprised by its light weight.  

I also noticed the bag had a matching pouch with it. Then, I noticed the price; $10. "Ok", I reasoned with myself, "you do need a nice roomy tote." I had been trying to find a Neverfull in my price range, but had no luck and had just decided to give up on finding one. This one was large enough, roomy enough, and priced low enough for me to think it was a good buy. 

But then I felt the pebbled texture, the absence of weight in the bag, the use of waterproof canvas instead of leather,  and the almost 3-D of the pattern and it reminded me of a brand I had only seen a few times:
And after a quick search online (okay, not so quick. It may have only been 10 bucks, but I'd rather walk away with that money in my wallet then buy a fake anything.) and after I was very comfortable, I was walking out of the store, this bag in hand. 

Yep, it's the St Louis tote by Goyard. An authentic bag that is worth over $1400. And. I. Paid. $10. 
Just to be clear, find like this don't happen. Sure I found vintage Fendi for $25 a bag, a pair of Prada pumps for $9.50, and Ray-Ban's virtually sitting waiting for me, but find a ultra rare, stand out bag in a cool color.

Let me put it into perspective: to even get a Aithentic Goyard bag, you must either buy from a reputable online seller or go to the Goyard Paris. Unlike Louis Vuitton that you can find anywhere and everywhere, Goyard prides itself on being hard to find. You won't find Goyard posters or see Goyard adds. Seems that they believe that the best advertisement is witnessing one of their well made art works called a bag.
And I am a new and very excited believer.

Do you thrift shop or go consigning?What was the best thing you've found yet? Comment below!