Friday, January 22, 2016

Stuff to do when you're snowed in for 48 hours

Snowstorm Jonas is slated to cover over many states in feet of snow for about 24 hours starting tonight. That means a lot of time stuck in doors. And while many of us ran out to grab bread and milk, a lot of us didn't prepare for boredom.

Well no more! Here are almost 40 activities to take up a lot of time, yes, but also help you be productive, have more fun, and pamper yourself. So dive in, and happy snow day!

Treat Yo'self:
Do a facial/mask
Give yourself a pedi
Do a fancy mani
Take a long Bubble Bath

Be productive: 
Balance Finances
Groom your pet
Clean your house
Shred junk mail
Declutter your computer/tablets/phone
Clean your electronics

Find a good tutorial and learn how to do something new
Toss old/expired/ineffective products

Work on Your Wardobe:
Polish your jewelry
Make old jeans instantly trendy by taking the hems out of the ankles
Declutter your home
Purge your wardrobe

Make Some Money:
List some of the stuff you purged from your wardrobe on resale sites
Surveys anyone?

Game On: 
Word Games

Let's Eat:
Fix yourself a big breakfast
Make fancy hot chocolate 
Meal Prep for Next Week

Get Creative:
Vision Boards
Make candle holders into containers 
DIY a lip scrub using sugar, vanilla oil, and either Jello or Kool Aid
When in doubt, Pinterest

Get Physical:
Have a mini dance party

Chill Out: 
Cozy up with your favorite book(s)
Binge watch a show or favorite movie series
Sleep in

What are your plans for the snow day?