Thursday, February 4, 2016

Now On Sale: February 4th

Thanks for all of you how came and checked out my eBay Closet Cleanout. I've already sent some gorgeous pieces out to some very stylish and money savvy ladies (shout out to each of you!) in fact, the items above were a few of the pieces that now have new homes.

However, the closet (and the bedroom chair, coat closet, shoe rack, jewelry box...) is still too full for my growing minimalistic sensibilities. Therefore, this week, there are all new pieces listed in addition to a few repeaters.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Tiffany&Co Silver Infinity Necklace

J Crew Fabric Rhinestone Necklace

Betsey Johnson Cuff Watch

Citizens Moon Phase Watch

Lululemon Sports Bra

Lululemon Pants

Marc Jacobs Shades

Coach Blue Medium Soho Tote

I will be listing more between tonight and this weekend so stay tuned for more gently used (or brand new) goodies!