Monday, February 8, 2016

The No- Fail Guide to Winning at Valentines Day

(Photo from Anthropologie)

So, Valentine's Day is on Sunday, and if you haven't made your plans or purchased a thing, you are like most people and shouldn't feel ashamed. 

However, we are now coming down to the wire and its do or die time. But not to worry! It's not too late to snag a beautiful gift for your lady. And, of course in typical Reclaimed style, you can do so without breaking the bank.

Just the fact that you're reading this post shows how much you are for this girl. I mean cmon, as far as holidays go, Valentine's Day is not top priority, and yet it really mean a lot to receive even a card on V-Day. So, you big sweetheart, instead of going typical (you know, red roses, chocolates, or some sort of lame stuffed animal) lets do something outstanding, something different, something she will love and love you for getting for her.

Below are twenty different gifts for your gal. These are gifts that spoil, gifts that pamper, gifts that sparkle, and that are all either $50 or under. Trust me, she will appreciate way more than another teddy bear or flowers that will die in a week. 

Here's to a romantic and thoughtful V-Day!
The No- Fail Guide to Winning at Valentines Day